Attack dog 'was lethal weapon', says victim

Attack dog 'was lethal weapon', says victim

A NURSE who was attacked by a vicious dog said it was like a lethal weapon.

Jayne Holmes was walking her own dog through Dewsbury’s Crow Nest Park with 13-year-old daughter Holly on Sunday afternoon when the Staffordshire bull terrier came bounding towards them.

She attempted to protect herself and her little Yorkshire terrier by standing on a park bench but the Staffy jumped several feet in the air and bit her arm twice.

The 49-year-old, who is a nurse at Dewsbury Hospital, said: “It was like a hot knife cutting through my arm. It jumped up twice and it felt like 20 minutes but it was probably only a few moments.

“It was a vicious dog, it was a lethal weapon that day – worse than a knife or gun.

“The dog gave up and I got down, but then it had hold of my friend’s dog.

“If the Staffy had approached us before we realised it was coming one of our dogs would have been ripped to shreds.”

Jayne claimed that the owner had let the dog off its lead as soon as he walked into the park, “without assessing the situation or looking to see who was about”.

She added: “He said he’d only had the dog two weeks so he didn’t really know the dog so he shouldn’t have let it off the lead anyway. 

“The owner apologised and walked off and that was it.”

Jayne called the police as soon as the attack happened and said they had been to take a statement.

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police confirmed enquiries are ongoing.

He said: “Anyone with any information about this incident, or witnessed anything in Crow Nest Park, is asked to contact the police via 101, quoting crime reference number 13180270171.”

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