Artists on display at Howland Centre

Artists on display at Howland Centre

DISABLED people in Dewsbury showcased their amazing artwork as part of a charity’s open week.

The Howland Centre on School Street welcomed visitors from Monday to see  how they help members who can be profoundly disabled.

Therapy includes activities like painting and crafts thanks to artist-in-residence Deborah Hall.

One of the centre’s talents is Josephine Prokurat, who has cerebral palsy but paints abstract art using her feet.

A Howland Centre member for more than 30 years, she grips brushes with toes to paint on canvases propped up on the floor.

Another talent is 78-year-old former nurse Jane Sailsbury, of Fieldhead Gardens, Shaw Cross.

She paints in bright, clear colours having become a Howland Centre member seven years ago.

Jane was previously house-bound after suffering a horrific spinal injury, but the Howland Centre changed her life.

She said: “I was stuck at home before, but when I came here I made lots of new friends.

“And Deborah’s great. She’s opened me up to many different ways of painting, from watercolours to acrylics.”

The Howland Centre relies on donations to keep going as they get no Kirklees Council or other grant funding.

New members are welcome. Anyone interested in fundraising can call the centre on 01924 463693 or email

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