Amanda Stubley leaves Labour after suspension

Amanda Stubley leaves Labour after suspension

A KIRKLEES councillor says she has quit the Labour Party after being suspended last year. 

Coun Amanda Stubley (Batley East) was filmed clashing with right-wing activists supporters in the run-up to the Batley and Spen by-election in October last year.

The exchange with the English Democrats in Batley Market Place was caught by TV cameras and later broadcast on Channel Four News.

She has been suspended by the regional Labour Party since November 2016 for the row, and also for posting provocative and inappropriate messages on social media.

However Coun Stubley now says she has taken the decision to leave the Labour Party voluntarily.

She said: “After all this time it’s still not been sorted out and I have had enough of the Labour Party. They just don’t care.

“I have heard nothing and I am still suspended.

“I have made 35 phone calls and not one has been returned. It absolutely stinks.

“I have resigned. I am disgusted by the way I have been treated.”

Coun Stubley, 46, was first elected as a Kirklees councillor for the Batley East ward in 2011 and held the seat comfortably in 2015.

During the row with the English Democrats, she claimed that the seat was hers “for life”.

The mother-of-two is currently on sick leave from her council duties and she said that the whole affair had made her ill.

“I have just come out of hospital,” she said. “I have multiple sclerosis and I have had a relapse.

“That’s what the Labour Party has caused.”

Coun Stubley said she intended to remain a Kirklees councillor for the remainder of her term, which runs until May 2018.

In social media posts she recently also threatened to stand against current Batley and Spen MP Tracy Brabin at the next General Election.

But she claims she is now “open to offers” from rival political parties.

“I am disgusted with what Jeremy Corbyn has done to Labour,” she said.

“I might join the Conservatives.

“I am open to offers from all the other parties but I certainly wouldn’t join the Liberal Democrats because they have gone now. There’s really only two parties now.”

She said she had quit the party verbally by ringing the national Labour Party in London and had also told senior Kirklees colleagues.

“I love Labour but I can’t stay with them any longer,” she added.

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