Age UK helper’s theft shame

A THIEF who stole money that a pensioner withdrew from a cash machine is an Age UK volunteer.

Opportunistic John Calcutt, 57, struck at Barclays in Dewsbury on February 18 when the victim got into difficulty.

The elderly man tried to withdraw £50 but struggled with the cash machine and walked away.

Marie Walsh, prosecuting at Kirklees Magistrates’ Court, said the victim did not take the money the machine dispensed.

It was then that Calcutt, of Old Bank Road, Dewsbury, took the notes and stuffed them down his trousers before leaving.

Mrs Walsh said: “The defendant should have been well aware the money belonged to that elderly gentleman.”

The victim took his cash machine problem to staff inside the Crackenedge Lane bank.

After presenting the receipt for his attempted transaction he was told records showed the cash machine had dispensed money.

Bank workers checked CCTV footage and it showed Calcutt committing the theft.

Rachel Smith, for Calcutt, said her client suffers from chronic depression and could not remember the incident.

She added that he is an Age UK volunteer and also cares for an elderly neighbour who is a double amputee.

Magistrates, who heard Calcutt is subject to a suspended prison term, sent the case to Leeds Crown Court for sentencing on Thursday July 2.

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