After six months, race attack case is dropped

A DRIVING instructor who was subjected to a race attack while out on a lesson has been told the case has been dropped.

Paul Berry, 41, of Earlsheaton, gave police the address, mobile phone number and registration number of the main culprit.

But now, more than six months later, the case has been rejected by the Crown Prosecution Service due to lack of evidence.

Mr Berry was left furious at how police had handled the inquiry and said: I had done the investigation for them and given them all his details but that still wasnt enough.

I dont know what it takes to get justice.

Back in October, The Press told how Mr Berry was out with a student when a car load of Asian youths threatened him.

His Peugeot 307 was overtaken by a distinctive BMW convertible in Hanging Heaton and then sandwiched by the BMW and a Nissan Micra which came up behind.

The BMW then sped away and stopped and the youths inside, as many as five, made as if they were going to get baseball bats from the boot.

Mr Berry told his student to drive to the nearby Hanging Heaton WMC and the two cars made off.

One of the youths, seeing Mr Berrys phone number advertised on top of his car, rang him, calling him white scum.

Mr Berry had seen the same car earlier and reported the address to police.

The youth had also sent his own mobile number by making the abusive call.

It was March before police asked Mr Berry to do a DVD identification.

Mr Berry said: The police have spoken to this lad and asked him why he phoned me and he said he rang because I had stopped in the middle of the road.

If that was the case why didnt he just drive round me? He wasnt going to admit what happened but the police dont want to take it any further.

The policewoman I spoke to said dont hesitate to report it if it happens again but whats the point?

I have no faith in the police any more.

A police spokesman said: Two men, a 23yearold and a 21yearold, were arrested in connection with this incident, however the complainant was unable to pick out a suspect on a police computer identification system.

A file was submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service on April 9 and they subsequently decided there was insufficient evidence to take this case further.

An officer spoke to the complainant later the same day to explain the situation to him.

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