A&E faster and more efficient, says Trust

HEALTH chiefs insist they are on top of A&E waiting times following more criticism of delays.

Labour’s parliamentary candidate Paula Sherriff last week called for an halt to plans to cut some services at Dewsbury District Hospital.

She spoke out after figures showed hundreds of people are waiting for more than four hours to be seen at A&E.

But the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust claim the data, which is for May, shows this is a fraction of the 4,500 patients seen on average each week. They say some 95 per cent of people were seen, assessed and then either discharged or admitted within four hours.

Mid Yorkshire, which has the fifth-busiest A&Es in the country, is ranked second nationally on waiting times.

In the week beginning May 19, the rate was 98.2 per cent, more than six per cent above the national average.

Dewsbury's A&E faces being downgraded to a minor injuries unit under a planned reorganisation.

The Press reported in January that backlogs of A&E admissions over the winter had led Mid Yorkshire to form a hit squad, with more doctors and seven-day working in some key areas.

Jim McManus, lead nurse at Dewsbury’s A&E, said: “Everybody has worked incredibly hard to achieve these figures.

“It’s a great success not only for A&E but for the wider hospital services that play a vital role in the efficient delivery of the service.

“Good communication and a will by staff to provide only the very best service for our patients is at the heart of what we do.”

Meanwhile, the Trust’s lead emergency medicine consultant Dr Sarah Robertshaw detailed the actions taken to cut A&E waiting times.

One move is giving GPs access to consultant advice to direct patients to the right area before they arrive at hospital.

Waits for x-rays, the time it takes for treatment to start and access specialist help have been cut.

She added: “We've reduced the amount of time patients waste waiting for things to happen.

“It starts at the front door of all three of our emergency departments.

“By changing the way we work we’re creating a faster, more efficient service.”


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