Abuser's tough sentence 'puts white girls at even more risk'

WHITE girls may be targeted more by child molesters after a longer sentence was given to a Liversedge man for abusing Asian victims.

That is the view of campaigner Tanweer Khan – who dubbed a decision by appeal court judges “mind-boggling”.

Jamal Muhammed Raheem Ul Nasir, 32, of Firthcliffe Grove, lost an appeal last week after attacking two Asian girls aged nine and 14.

When initially jailing him, judge Sally Cahill QC said the ethnicity of the victims was an “aggravating feature”.

Judges at London’s Criminal Appeal Court rejected claims that the seven-year jail sentence she imposed had been unfairly inflated.

Mr Khan, of the Pakistani Anti-Grooming and Abuse League (PAGAL), believes the decision sends a worrying message.

He said: “Why judges see fit to bestow harsher sentences to those that abuse girls from Asian backgrounds is mind-boggling to say the least.

“A paedophile abuses a girl for his own depravity and sexual gratification – he doesn’t really care what background the victim comes from.

“One thing this ruling does is send a very clear message to paedophiles that if they abuse non-Asian girls, the penalties won’t be as severe.

“In our opinion, that decision is totally discriminatory and doesn’t provide the appropriate level of justice to non-Asian girls.”

PAGAL have raised their concerns with Home Secretrary Theresa May and the Lord Chief Justice.

Mr Khan added: “When it comes to the sentencing of these heinous criminals, judges must be impartial and consistent.

“...the state mustn’t under any circumstance whatsoever discriminate in any way, shape or form when it comes to sentencing paedophiles.”

Mr Khan continued: “Every young girl that is sexually abused goes through a life-changing experience.

“In some cases this leads to them joining gangs and becoming involved in a culture of drugs, alcohol, theft, prostitution and self-harm and may culminate in them being sent to prison. Some girls may well have already committed suicide by this stage.

“For the sake of completeness and clarity, we’re not asking for the sentence in this particular case to be reduced.

“We just fundamentally disagree with the notion that Asian girls suffer more as child sexual abuse victims when compared to non-Asian girls.”

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