Abused Paul still waiting for justice

A DRIVING instructor who was subjected to a race attack while out on a lesson is still waiting for justice to be done five months on.

Paul Berry, 41, of Earlsheaton, was branded white scum by two carloads of Asian youths who tried to drive him off the road.

Despite giving the police the address of the main culprit, his mobile phone number and his car registration details no one has yet been charged.

Last month Mr Berry contacted The Press again when he was getting no response from the police.

It was only after we spoke to the police that officers came back to Mr Berry and asked him to do a DVD identification almost five months later.

Mr Berry said: I gave them all the evidence they could possibly need. What more do they want?

I gave them a statement and so did the student who was in the car with me.

Then to ask me to identify this youth after five months is ridiculous.

Mr Berry was on a lesson with a young white male student in Hanging Heaton, just after 8pm on Friday October 12 last year.

The Peugeot 307 stopped at the junction of Kirkgate and High Street, next to the junior school, waiting to turn right into High Street.

As they waited a distinctive BMW convertible shot past them from behind on the wrong side of the road, cutting them up.

As they pulled out a Nissan Micra came up behind and the two cars slowed and pulled away again, sandwiching the terrified student.

The BMW shot away at speed and stopped and the youths inside, as many as five, made as if they were going to get baseball bats from the boot.

The student managed to drive off to the nearby Hanging Heaton Working Mens Club where some people were outside smoking.

The two cars then drove off. But one of the youths phoned Mr Berry on his mobile sending his own mobile number and taunted him calling him white scum.

They got Mr Berrys number from the sign on top of his car.

Mr Berry had seen the same car earlier and reported the address to police.

The Press published a story at the time and Mr Berry contacted us again last month because he was getting no response from the police.

I kept ringing them and they said they couldnt help because they didnt have a crime number, said Mr Berry.

It was a week after The Press contacted them that they came back to me and asked me to do this identification.

I didnt get a good look at this lad and, in any case, it is five months ago and memories fade and peoples appearances change. The police are just clutching at straws, he said. I think they will just get away with it.

A police spokesman said an arrest had been made and inquiries were continuing.

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