A father’s anguish for his son

IT WAS a tackle which would turn Ryan Glynn’s world upside down – and dad Mick knew immediately that something was very wrong.

For the first time since Ryan’s release from hospital, Mick has described the anguish he felt for his son.

The 45-year-old says Ryan was “petrified” after the collision.

“I knew something was wrong straight away,” he said. “I knew from the second the tackle was made.

“I have seen Ryan get injured before and I know how he reacts. But this was totally different. He was absolutely petrified.

He said Ryan has no intention of being “wheelchaired” back to fitness.

“There have been tears, a hell of a lot of tears,” he added, “but everything people did at the time has helped Ryan get to where he is.

“It is now all down to him, but he is very strong-willed and extremely determined.

“His girlfriend Amy has been tremendous. They were talking about mortgages and houses before all this happened and that isn’t going to change.

“He will get through this I’m sure but I know it will be hard for Ryan to get over the fact he can never run onto a rugby field again.”

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