£1,500 could save a life ...

£1,500 could save  a life ...

A FOURTH defibrillator is available for community use in Mirfield thanks to a £1,500 investment.

The Birstall Woodturning Club now has a machine at its Holme Bank Mills premises for the many groups who meet there.

Scouts, girl guide rangers and youngsters taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme use Holme Bank Mills.

Mirfield Town Council and Mirfield Round Table combined to put three defibrillators in the town centre.

The woodturning club joined in for the peace of mind of members and groups who use their premises.

A raffle in April raised £500, with the rest added by members, leading to a hand-over ceremony at the club last Friday.

The club, which has more than 100 enthusiasts, makes everything from pens to decorative plates.

Committee member Michael Brannan said: “It’s astonishing how easy they are to use.

“They won’t allow you to deliver a charge to anyone who has a heartbeat of any description.

“And if you’re doing CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) it tells if you’re doing it too hard or not enough.

“But while we hope most things the club purchases are well used, in this case I hope it never needs to be used.”

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