10,000 back teacher’s call to save exam course

10,000 back teacher’s call to save exam course

AXING courses in information and communications technology (ICT) will hit female students hard, a teacher has warned.

Aleks Lukic, right, is fighting to keep the subject at GCSE and A-Level after the Government announced its removal from 2017.

In future pupils will only be able to study computing – a subject traditionally favoured by boys.

Heckmondwike Grammar ICT and computer science teacher Mr Lukic has launched an online petition.

It has already been signed by 10,000 people, which means the Government will have to respond.

Mr Lukic, UKIP candidate for Batley and Spen at May’s general election, said ICT and computing are different.

He said: “Computer science is the study of how computers work in terms of hardware and coding.

“ICT focuses on how we use technology in the world and teaches business-orientated skills.”

Mr Lukic added that 111,934 children sat ICT at GCSE this year, while 35,414 took computing.

Most pupils studying ICT are girls and Mr Lukic said they outnumber female pupils doing computing by eight to one.

Mr Lukic said: “This is a bad decision that will drastically narrow the curriculum for children aged 14 to 18.

“It will particularly affect girls, who are far more likely to choose to study ICT than computer science.

“ICT and computer science are distinct qualifications with very little overlap in content.

“If this is allowed to happen, many more students will leave education without any computing qualifications at all.

“The knowledge and skills students gain with ICT are invaluable in today’s economy. The Government needs to look again at this.”

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