‘Stop the cuts’: Head joins MP in plea to end school funding decline

‘Stop the cuts’: Head joins MP in plea to end school funding decline

THE headteacher of a Batley school has joined MP Tracy Brabin in calling for an end to education cuts which she believes are putting children’s futures at risk.

Samantha Vickers, head at Upper Batley High School, says cuts are making it “practically impossible” to offer high levels of education.

Figures show that by 2020 Batley & Spen’s 45 state-funded schools will be £4.36 million worse off in real terms than in 2015.

And across Kirklees as a whole, £6.2m will have been cut from school budgets.

Ms Vickers said: “Our staff team have worked tremendously hard in ensuring that despite a loss of funding there will be no loss of provision for our children.

“We refuse to cut our curriculum offer because subjects like art, music, design technology etc, offer valuable skills for learners but are also enriching learning experiences that inspire, motivate and engage young people.

“Staff have donated hours of their time, for free, in running after school classes, clubs, trips, visits, charity projects and other enrichment activities.

“Staff have even funded breakfast clubs and purchased uniform and equipment for our most vulnerable learners from their own pockets.

“Class sizes have increased and they cannot increase any further. 

“We must ensure that action is taken to fund schools effectively and efficiently so that every child receives the very best education.”

Batley & Spen MP Ms Brabin said the cuts are “putting unbelievable pressure on teachers, headteachers and support staff and putting our children’s futures at risk”.

She added: “It is time for the government to listen to the dire warnings, face facts and fund one of the most important parts of our society.”

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