‘No-go zone’ hate signs in Savile Town ‘erected to fuel tension’

‘No-go zone’ hate signs in Savile Town ‘erected to fuel tension’

POLICE say that signs put up over the weekend by a far-right group, labelling an area of Dewsbury a ‘third-world no-go zone’, have been recorded as a hate incident.

Two yellow ‘warning’ signs which read, “You are now entering a third-world no-go zone. You are 8x more likely to be the victim of crime in Savile Town than in the rest of the UK”, were erected on Savile Road in Savile Town.

They were spotted on Easter Sunday afternoon but could have been put up earlier than that.

Despite residents reporting the content of the signs as a hate crime, West Yorkshire Police confirmed it is not being investigated as a criminal offence.

A spokesman said: “West Yorkshire Police is aware of the incident and have recovered the signs.

“The content does not constitute a criminal offence but a hate incident has been recorded and will be investigated.

“Members of the public are encouraged to report any incidents to the police so they can be investigated.”

Pictures posted on the Twitter page of the far-right Genera-tion Identity movement showed members of the group, who were also identified on social media, pinning the signs to lampposts.

Dewsbury South Councillor Nosheen Dad said the signs were erected to “stir up community tensions”.

She said: “I do understand that some local residents have since reported it to the police as a hate crime.

“I have seen an increased police presence in the area.

“I don’t think anything like this comes without wanting to stir up community tensions.

“I have full confidence in the community of Savile Town that this will be just another moment that defines the community for the better.

“It’s not going to help them (Generation Identity England) achieve their goal.”

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