‘Don’t waste your time reporting fly-tipping’, fumes angry trader

A BIRSTALL trader has warned people not to bother wasting their time reporting fly-tipping – because he claims Kirklees “can’t be bothered” to catch the perpetrators.

David Exley, vice-chairman of Birstall Chamber of Trade, said he informed the council that a fridge freezer had been dumped in a car park in the centre of Birstall last week.

He said: “I did as we’re instructed. I reported it online to Kirklees and left my name, number, email address and all the information about what time it happened and that I’d got CCTV footage.”

Mr Exley hoped that a CCTV recording from his house looking onto the High Street car park would help in prosecuting the two men he said had abandoned the fridge last Sunday afternoon.

But he claimed that Kirklees rang him the following day and said there wasn’t anything they could do without names or a vehicle registration number.

He said: “I can’t believe it. We keep being told it’s costing thousands and thousands of pounds a year to clear up fly-tipping, they’ve got an opportunity to catch somebody, get a fine which will recoup some of that money, and they can’t be bothered.

“My message to people would be, don’t bother wasting your time.

“It’s a massive problem for Kirklees to tidy it up and it’s a massive problem for us as a community because it makes our little village look rubbish.

“They need to come along, look at the footage, go down and have a look in the bins behind where the shops are and see who’s got some packaging for a new fridge freezer. It wouldn’t take much. I really am wound up about it.

“I’ve done everything that we are time and time again told to do, but there’s absolutely no point in doing that because they’re not bothered.”

Kirklees did remove the fridge from the car park on Friday – five days after it was first reported.

Karl Battersby, strategic director for economy and infrastructure, said: “Where we can clearly identify fly-tippers, either by name or by visible vehicle registration plates, we will always investigate and pursue perpetrators.

“Last year, the gentleman provided evidence of an incident of littering where the offender was successfully prosecuted.

“Unfortunately, in this instance, this was not possible. We are happy to review the CCTV footage again.

“We welcome all reports of fly-tipping and littering where evidence to allow investigation is available.”

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