£100,000 mercy mission

£100,000 mercy mission

A GROUP of volunteers from a Dewsbury charity raised over £100,000 to help the poor and needy in Pakistan.

Shakeel Faraz and a team from SKT Welfare funded their own trip to the city of Muzaffargarh to deliver thousands of food parcels during the month of Ramadan – and had to contend with 48-degree heat.

The charity runs various projects across the world to help vulnerable adults and children in places like Myanmar, Syria and Turkey.

The group spent two weeks before the trip fundraising by holding auctions, collections and doing a car wash – all to fund the aid packages that they distributed.

Shakeel, the international deployment manager at SKT, said: "Muzaffargarh and the villages in the rural areas surrounding it are extremely poor and much of the population suffers from malnutrition, water-borne disease and poor health. 

"Coupled with such a weakness in its infrastructure the area also falls victim to alarmingly high illiteracy levels. This area became the subject of our deployment and we decided to visit in the middle of the month of Ramadan. 

"The temperature was 48 degrees celsius and this particular deployment was extremely difficult on both the mind and body. 

"However, seeing thousands of weak and poor beneficiaries daily soon put our struggles and daily sacrifice into context. Aid was being delivered daily, during the month of Ramadan, and we saw people fasting in the burning heat and going about their daily routines, working, farming and not complaining.

"The experience was humbling and reminded me of how the world needs to start sharing and coming together regardless of creed, colour and race because human is just too precious and we are all individuals with a story and shouldn’t just be a statistic or a number."

Shakeel has also set up another charity called The Magic Wishing Well, which will help the homeless and needy in the UK while SKT continues to aid those abroad.

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