£100,000 drug smuggling pair are jailed

£100,000 drug smuggling pair are jailed

TWO DEWSBURY men have been jailed for eight years for their part in smuggling almost £100,000 worth of heroin from Afghanistan.

Arfan Hussain and Akmal Afzal were involved in delivering a package – containing 1.94kg of heroin – to an address in Dewsbury Moor.

That amount of heroin would be worth £97,000 if sold in normal street deals, Leeds Crown Court heard.

The parcel, which supposedly only contained children’s clothes and handbags, was intercepted in Coventry on August 9, 2013. 

When it was opened at a parcel hub, it did have both clothing and bags but also the Class A drug.

The package was resealed and an undercover officer delivered it to the address on Moorcroft Drive. While there was nobody there at the time the parcel was delivered, subsequent arrangements were made and both Hussain and Afzal were at the address to collect it on August 15.

The pair then took the package to an address on Pilgrim Crescent, Dewsbury, before they were arrested.

The court heard that a third man known as Zahoor was involved in the conspiracy but has not been traced.

Jonathan Turner, representing 26-year-old Afzal, said that he had been persuaded to take part for a small amount of money. 

He knew that drugs were involved but not to the extent they were.

Both men had spent time on bail and had kept out of trouble for the past four years.

Afzal, of Church Lane, Dewsbury Moor, and Hussain, 31, of West Street, Savile Town, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to evade importation restrictions.

Judge Mushtaq Khokhar said: “Courts are particularly concerned about the spread of Class A drugs in their community.”

They were jailed for eight years each after they appeared in court.

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