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Issue 700

Send in the (council) clowns...

Letter of the Week: K. Brown, Mirfield


Dear Sir,

Welcome to gridlocked Mirfield; utter chaos around the roads of Mirfield, queueing for ages to get in and out of town.

My journey time to and from work has been extended by 40 minutes, so, has everyone been inconvenienced as much as me? I think so.

Just to rub salt into the wounds the Mayoress, Kirklees and town councillor Vivien Lees-Hamilton has gone public to express her outrage at such chaos.

Don’t you believe it, no not for one minute.

As a Kirklees councillor, why were you unaware of the major roadworks?

It’s your job and duty to serve the people of Mirfield in a far more structured way.

Please don’t blame Kirklees Council your Ladyship, because you are paid by Kirklees, so blame yourself; we have already blamed you and your associated councillors: The buck should stop with you, councillors Bolt and Taylor.

Whilst I’m having another rant, what about the three of you rolling your sleeves up, going onto Knowle Park and knocking on the caravan doors to tell them what cads and bounders they all are – go on, I double dare you all.

Some of my friends have been cutting the grass up in the park so you lot don’t have to face a pay cut.

Bring back Billy Smart, bring back Charlie Cairoli, bring back Michael Hutchinson.

Come on lady Mayor, pull the other one, it’s got custard pie on it.


Don’t believe the EU lies

From: John Sheen, Dewsbury


The EU referendum will be the most important vote you will make in your life and it will shape your families’ wellbeing for the future.

What started as a “good idea” for improving trade links 42 years ago, as the Common Market has become the most despised European nightmare of modern times.

Successive Governments have betrayed the British people by stealth, signing away our sovereignty and erasing our identity without batting an eyelid, without any consultation or discussion with the electorate.

Our forefathers, many of whom died protecting our freedoms and democracy would turn in their graves. Don’t believe the lies and propaganda that the ‘big guns’ will use: “Jobs will be lost” or “We will lose trade if we leave”.

These are the words of desperate politicians hellbent on maintaining their six figure salaries, not forgetting mindblowing expenses. Just bear in mind the last 42 years of total subservience to Brussels.

Norway, Switzerland and indeed China, already do more business with Europe than we do without having the £66 million per day financial albatross around their necks.

Britain is the second largest contributor to the EU budget and that’s why many of the member states are enjoying this unprecedented new found wealth, much of it from the UK taxpayer.

Brussels, whilst hitting us with a multitude of EU Directives, continue to allow a “back door” immigration system where migrants,  with impunity, disregard the EU rule of claiming asylum in the first country they reach. They attempt to make their way to Britain with an estimated 70% success rate.

My greatest concern is an ever expanding European Community – Turkey, Montenegro, Kosova, Albania, Bosnia and Serbia.

The scale of Labour’s open door policy has left education and the NHS in crisis, plus a critical housing shortage.

Unless you want to see a continuation of this abject insanity and an ever expanding EU to the tune of 750 million people who cannot be excluded or deported, then you must vote NO when we get the EU referendum.

We want our sovereignty back.


Blooming brill display at pub

From: Doug Parkinson, Dewsbury

Dear Sir,

I saw an article in your paper last week about the Old Colonial Pub winning a National Bloom Award, so I went along to have a look.

I am a keen gardener and grower myself, but I did not expect what I saw on arrival; baskets, borders, pots, you name it, blooms, blooms, colour and more colour.

It’s the best display I have seen in many a year; well done! You should be on the tourist map; what a wonderful sight, you made our day.


Thanks from the Legion

From: Tim Wood, on behalf of Sean Guy fundraising R.B.L Mirfield

Dear Sir,

The Mirfield Branch of the Royal British Legion would like to extend their thanks to all those who attended last Sunday’s Mirfield Agricultural Show and visited our fundraising stall.

This year we provided a magic bottle cash grab, plus a welfare, recruitment and medal tracing and mounting service.

Over the years that we have attended the show we have noticed how organised, switched on and co-ordinated the committee and their associates have become, improvement on improvement, year after year.

Many thanks also to the cadets from 868 Sqdn ATC Mirfield, who helped us label up our offerings, and also the Army Cadets from the Mirfield Detachment of the Yorkshire Regiment for their assistance on the day.

Given when the Heaven’s opened up and the showground’s visitors left, we had a dozen or so customers sheltering under our stall, so we took the liberty of relieving them of any spare change they had left.

A great day’s fundraising, thanks to some very decent people all round.


Dave - a great ambassador

From: Residents of Westtown

Dear Sir,

I am referring to a wonderful man, Mr David Blakeley, who is a fantastic worker in our community; he is joyful and always willing to help people whenever he can.

Only a few weeks ago his picture was in the paper for a bike ride for a little lad who was suffering from a cancer. He took it in his way with a kind gesture and a superb effort.

We all think the world of our road sweeper, and he keeps our community clean, and what an ambassador. Well done for doing a great job.

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