Ed Lines - September 27, 2019

Ed Lines - September 27, 2019

THERE were no tanks and armoured cars rolling down Whitehall on Tuesday morning; soldiers didn’t occupy Heathrow and Gatwick airports or storm Westminster and round-up dissident MPs. 

But make no mistake, what the United Kingdom experienced on Tuesday was a coup in everything but name.

A panel of judges, along with their ally in Parliament, Speaker of the House John Bercow, have overthrown the elected government and its Prime Minister in their brazen attempt to reverse the result of the 2016 referendum. 

I can’t see any other way to interpret it. 

And while the outside world either shakes its head in disbelief or rolls about laughing at how embarrassingly stupid the Brits are, the Brussels elite are heartily slapping each other on the backs and considering the sabotage of Brexit a job well done.

Why would Michel Barnier offer Boris Johnson’s negotiators anything except a diffident Gallic shrug, when the entire weight of the British establishment – Johnson and his beleaguered colleagues apart – is on the EU’s side?

Where on earth is Oliver Cromwell when you need him? 

Those 11 Supreme Court judges who decided they could read Boris Johnson’s mind and, based on that, essentially tear up centuries of executive protocol, must have been emboldened by seeing treasonous Bercow usurp Parliament.

Hey, if all bets are off, they reasoned, why don’t we make our own grab for power? Of course they didn’t consider the fact that as long as the UK is inside the EU, that Supreme Court remains anything but supreme. 

Those judges are already only top dogs in certain areas   of law and in others are little more than the EU’s lapdogs. 

Maybe that doddering old crow who presides over the unelected cabal, Baroness Brenda Hale, is lining up family members for a job in the European Court of Justice? You wouldn’t put it past this lot.

In fact wouldn’t it would be hilarious if Prime Minister Johnson tried appealing their ruling to the ECJ, if indeed it falls within their remit?

And so, where to now? The good Lord alone knows the answer to that. 

I guess we all stay transfixed, watching the three-ringed Westminster circus as it lurches from drama to pantomime and back again – until finally these clowns have to stand before the court of the British electorate, where millions of judges will pass their verdict.

I suspect most MPs won’t like the way that vote goes either, because as history shows us time and again, the people usually have the last word. 

And I sincerely hope the next government brings those egomaniac judges to heel – throwing them out on their backsides would be a good start as and when Boris hopefully has the people’s mandate.

THAT was some holier-than-thou pulpit MPs Sherriff and Brabin preached at Boris Johnson from on Wednesday. 

No doubt there were pats on the back all round in the bar afterwards.

And not a single word on their continued conceit about wanting to deliver Brexit – just not ‘no deal’ – that is wholly responsible for the divided and angry nation we now occupy.

SENDING our kids to private school was never an option, although given the experiences of some friends who did, I’m pleased our money was put to rather more pragmatic use like moving to a friendly English country village.

It isn’t just the Etons and Harrows that this week’s Labour Party conference said it would close, rob and pillage, but schools closer to home like QEGS and Silcoates, both excellent privately-funded educational institutions – though not necessarily any higher achieving than Heckmondwike Grammar, or the high school my children attended, Fulford in York.

But QEGS and Silcoates would be emptied out too by Comrade Corbyn’s state gangsters, while the organisation that without fear or favour tries to drive up school standards, Ofsted, would be thrown on their bonfire of vanities. Well, it stands to reason, doesn’t it? All children must be allowed to fail dismally in complete, impoverished equality...

I don’t get worked up by the principle of private education – at least not until it is targeted for annihilation by idiot hypocrites like Diane Abbott who famously sent her son to private school. Indeed, half the Labour front bench are tarred with the same hypocritical brush – do as we say, not as we do. 

The once-great Labour Party now stinks of poisonous envy; why work hard and achieve by merit, when they can send in their bullyboy bailiffs and just steal it?

And all of it screamed over and over throughout their conference in the name of “fairness and democracy”. 

A question arises however. If all private schools face closure, does that include the Markazi mosque’s globally renowned religious seminary, the nearby Paradise Primary or the many private Muslim schools across the district?

Or would there – as many people probably suspect – be a special case made in those instances?

WHEN the furious schoolgirl and ‘eco-princess’ Greta Thunberg has what seems an inevitable breakdown, I wonder who her lawyers will sue? 

Will it be BP and Shell, Ford and BMW? The rulers of arch global pollutants China (good luck with that)? Or everyone aged over 40 who has conspired to destroy ‘her' generation’s planet? 

Should our school-skipping, pre-pubescent climate protestors get their carbon-free planet and end up living ‘holistically’ in caves, you can just picture it: “Mum, there’s no wifi in here – I’m sorry I complained about having a diesel car...”

Greta Thunberg, the climate rebellion poster-child, is a troubled youngster anyway, suffering with Asperger’s, but I defy anyone who witnessed her raging, hate-filled speech at the United Nations this week, not to fear the worst for her.

I am not denying climate change, nor man’s potential impacts on it, but I am challenging the adult manipulation and exploitation of partly-formed youngsters like this girl, who should still be learning about how the world works, before preaching to us how to fix it.

I’VE banged heads with Kirklees Social Services several times over the years and on at least one occasion prevented their management from decimating good, honest people’s lives. 

It is a reeking failure of our country that these stories can rarely be made public and these corrupt or ideologically-poisoned people held to account.

I’m mired in an horrendous case right now, which if I reported it, would see me rapidly hauled before a judge. 

A child and its mother’s lives are being systematically destroyed by a combination of bent lawyers, a vain and stupid judge, the nasty autocrats and incompetent staff of Kirklees Social Services and a little known, but widely despised organisation called CAFCASS – the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service.

These people have innocent and vulnerable lives in their hands, but they act like demigods and are tragically, unthinkably, answerable to no one. If a parent challenges them they can pay for their audacity with their child’s very life.

People – survivors of domestic abuse – are trying to fight this broken system, and a rally aimed at dragging the sadistic actions of Cafcass officers particularly into the daylight, is being held in London on October 26.

To find out more and lend your support, go on Facebook and search for #thecourtsaid. 

As you read this at least one local child, a bright and intelligent youngster, is being forced to live in absolute misery – purely because its mother stood up to a lying Cafcass officer.

It is wrong on every imaginable level.

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