Ed Lines – September 22, 2017

Ed Lines – September 22, 2017

I SEE the MP for Savile Town was out banging the drum of voter power in the laughable name of ‘democracy’ this week.

Well done Paula Sherriff … I wonder, did you turn up to protest Kirklees Council’s proposed increases in burial charges wearing the full Zorro outfit? No? The mosque committee still allows you out without wearing the veil? Wonders never cease. 

At least you were well chaperoned though. They like to keep a close eye on ‘their’ politicians.

I loved Miss Sherriff’s quote to Labour cabinet members on Tuesday in which she said the increase in burial fees “disproportionately affects Muslim, Jewish and Catholic faiths.”

Oy vey, Paula! Do you mind if I ask how many Jewish people were prodding you in the back at the meeting, urging you to stick it to your Labour so-called colleagues?

Did you march through Huddersfield arm-in-arm with half a dozen exasperated priests and a platoon of angry nuns?

No? Just the usual suspects then.

The Muslim Burial Council of North Kirklees has launched a petition “questioning the morality of the burial fee changes”.

Now, hand on heart, I cannot be sure that this is the same cabal that ripped off Kirklees Council taxpayers for decades, while extorting money out of some hard-pressed Muslim families and depriving the exchequer of Lord knows how much tax revenue.

At times this lot are like the Monty Python crew from Life of Brian – the Judean People’s Front, People’s Front of Judea etc etc. 

I’m privately advised it’s the same umbrella group but given that their private goldmine at the top of Dewsbury Cemetery was reputedly full years ago, maybe they are now reduced to having to use official Kirklees plots. 

That would help explain why the land at the bottom of Dewsbury cemetery is filling up as though the plague had hit town. 

Just to remind people – disgraced former councillor Abdul Patel ran a private Muslim burial club alongside another ex-Labour councillor Ghulam Maniyar from Batley, plus a director of Ravensthorpe’s wealthy Community Centre, Lubsir Latif (who ran the Taleem/

Savile Town Community Centre at the height of its funding scams. Since then it’s been Ravensthorpe CC attracting cash from every public idiot with a giveaway budget).

Anyway, Patel, Maniyar and Latif owed around £50,000 in Kirklees bills and were sitting on a cash pile of £300,000 when we uncovered their scam.

Kirklees gave them six months to conjure up a previously (and illegally) non-existent burial register and otherwise cover their tracks, before the council blamed all its own staff – no names, pack drills or punishments naturally – for letting these shysters milk the system based on “cultural sensitivities”.

I suppose that was as close as we could ever expect KMC to come to ever ‘fessing up. 

That was before Paula Sherriff’s time, but the racket, the noise, the playing of the race card is exactly the same today. 

Her poor, poverty-stricken citizens? Paula, you do know that Savile Town has the highest proportion of outright home ownership in Yorkshire, don’t you? That it’s awash with cash?

What? But it has high levels of social deprivation? I won’t hold my breath waiting for the light to spark into life, once you work that contradiction out.

In the meantime stooges like the town’s MP and Heckmondwike’s very own version of Captain Corbyn, David Sheard, fall for it every time. 

As the Labour cabinet  halted the plans in their tracks and retreated faster than an Italian infantry regiment, Sheard said, sheepishly: “The fact there’s so many people here shows democracy is working.”

No it doesn’t, Trotsky Junior. Nothing of the sort. It shows that mob rule works and your club of cowards roll over for it every time.

And if you want to join the debate, Coun Sheard, then get your officers to actually announce how much (if any) of the fortune that Patel and friends stole from us was ever repaid, because they won’t tell me.

And here’s another thing. Kirklees is talking about increasing burial fees from £826 up to £1,524 over the next five years, hence the sound and fury (although it’s the £477 out of hours and £99 levy for Friday afternoon burials which is getting massively up the Muslim community’s nose).

But hold on a cotton-picking minute – if memory serves me right, Abdul Patel and friends were charging about £1,700 a time to their ‘friends’ all of five years ago – for plots they weren’t paying for and at a huge premium given how cheap it is to get a bloke with a digger in for an hour.

Plus there were Pakistani families, not part of that Savile Town and Mount Pleasant Gujarati in-crowd, who were being stung for in excess of £2,200. So much for being financially discriminated against, eh? 

So if you want to quiz your friends about that disgraceful episode Paula, I can dig the newspaper files out for you – literally show you where the bodies are buried.

No, not interested? Didn’t think so…

DO YOU remember 18 months ago when ISIS pledged to fill Europe with its suicide-mad soldiers, under cover of the mass exodus of ‘refugees’ across the Med? 

They weren’t kidding, were they? News that the main suspects in last week’s tube bombing trod exactly that path, taken in by well-meaning foster parents, does not surprise.

I read a tear-jerking newspaper article by a London journalist recently, one of the few bleeding heart liberals (unlike Bob Geldof, Lily Allen etc) who actually opened her arms, doors and bank account to one such young man. By the time she was in tears at how he abused her hospitality, friendship, generosity and her self-righteous idiocy, I was in tears too. Laugh? I nearly had a wetty.

Turns out he considered her a stupid, worthless woman who deserved all she got. 

And this poor, downtrodden, escapee from a war zone, who walked a million miles over broken glass to reach Britain’s promised land?

I should cocoa. He came from a privileged family, was neither who or how old he had claimed, and was busy with some conniving scheme while living off her deluded charity.

Now, I’m not saying he’ll be blowing himself up any time soon – more likely he is busy in the capital’s murky underground. But you never know – really, you never know until it’s rather too late.

Whatever that young man is up to (and yes, he’d passed himself as not much more than a boy), I think we can safely say he won’t be adding much to the cultural enrichment of the United Kingdom – although Bob Geldof and Lily Allen would no doubt beg to differ.

DO YOU REMEMBER, PT2 ... the days after last year’s EU referendum when a Polish man was killed in Harlow in Essex? 

Unwittingly, as the world held its breath awaiting the promised economic armageddon, Arkadiusz Jozwik became the overnight poster victim of the Remain camp.

This was a Brexit crime, a hate crime, the thuggish mob that had slaughtered the UK’s bright future in Europe at the ballot box, was already prowling the streets of Britain in person, killing eastern European migrants in random attacks.

Most of Fleet Street dived in head first, although as usual the BBC was already in the deep end. 

A Guardian writer wrote that Harlow had gone from being a New Labour to a Tory seat “which had an overwhelming support of 68%for leaving the EU”. 

Apparently some people felt “empowered … to express their racist and xenophobic views”. Two-plus-two = one dead Polish immigrant. Obviously.

Remember the hysteria, the headlines, the social media ravings about the nation of racist killers we had become overnight?

Except when a 16-year-old local boy was given 42 months in a young offenders institution for the manslaughter of Mr Jozwik recently, it became clear that it was no such thing. It was a random meeting and confrontation that is all too common on the streets of every town. A punch was thrown, a man went down, a head hit concrete. A tragic, needless death.

And not a headline reporting the actual sad truth to be found anywhere...

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