Ed Lines – September 20, 2019

Ed Lines – September 20, 2019

BULLYING comes in all shapes and sizes and I occasionally wonder if the bullies themselves know exactly what it is they’re doing, and at what point they cross the line from being fun or funny, to being simply cruel.

I was reminded of a couple of incidents from my schooldays this week, back when I was a runty asthmatic with a mouth and attitude my feeble physique couldn’t back up.

On both occasions the bullies – probably thinking it was just funny – goaded another youngster into giving me a whack. When I retaliated, the gang descended on me. My, how they laughed…

Sometimes the cost is rather more than a bloody nose and tears. When former Tory councillor Jonathan Scott was the subject of and witness to Labour Party bullying and intimidation on voting day in Savile Town, with MP Shahid Malik present, he wrote a letter complaining to both The Press and Dewsbury Reporter.

Given the electoral corruption endemic in Savile Town, it wasn’t even news, but predictably when Malik stamped his feet with the national Labour Party’s lawyers throwing their expensive weight around, the Reporter crawled off into a corner sucking its thumb. Mission accomplished for the MP, in part at least. 

By the time we saw Malik off after a bruising ordeal at the High Court in London, it had cost us the thick end of £100,000 and two years of sleepless nights. 

I wouldn’t choose to go through that again, but still, here we are, all these years on with the Reporter still sucking its thumb – and Malik? Who knows? Who cares?

Which brings me to Luxembourg. Mighty Luxembourg, most historically notable for Adolf Hitler and his Nazis using it as their latrine from 1939 onwards, just as Kaiser Bill had in 1914. And the Germans (and recently the French) have been wiping their backsides on Luxembourg pretty much ever since.

Can you picture the flag of Luxembourg? Me neither, but I imagine it would be a pair of white hands held up in the air, on a white background. It gets waved a lot when passing strangers stamp their feet. 

The national anthem? Ditto, no idea. It probably features much use of the French, German and Luxembourgian translations of ‘We surrender’.

There are benefits to being the EU’s doormat though. This fully-fledged member state (despite having a smaller population than Leeds) has one of the highest per capita incomes in the world, which implies there is value in being the bullies’ bitch. 

Indeed, its over-promoted former Prime Minister is the soon-to-retire President of the EU Commission, that lecherous drunk, Jean Claude Juncker.

And those puny Luxembourgians were in their element this week, when their EU masters had them publicly humiliate the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

Johnson travelled into the heart of the EU in good faith to explore prospects of reaching a withdrawal agreement before October 31.

What he got instead was a stage-managed ambush, with a mob of ex-pat British Remoaners hurling dogs’ abuse at our PM.

And when Mr Johnson quite rightly declined to stand and be humiliated, Luxembourg’s non-entity of a PM, Xavier Bettel – nope, never heard of him, either – launched into a full-on tirade of insults against the British people. 

He wasn’t speaking German or wearing a swastika on his sleeve, but he would have been except for the sacrifice of the people he scorned and belittled. He could, because he had the bigger bullies of France, Germany and Brussels at his back, goading him on.

And those are our friends? Our allies? You’ll forgive me if I insist that they’re not my friends, or that I consider them friends of our country and our people. 

And if it costs me a few quid and a couple of months with an avocado shortage, that’s fine and dandy.

Around the world, political leaders are wondering what the heck Britons are worried about. I know what our treasonous MPs should be worried about, and it’s not No Deal. It’s the voice of 17.4 million people (a number that’s growing by the day) who really don’t like bullies.

THE most amiable, mild mannered and long-suffering person I’ve met in local politics has to be Dewsbury Liberal Democrat diehard and solicitor Bernard Disken. 

Bernard and I go back nearly 50 years and I can’t remember a cross word passing his lips (though I’ll stop short of calling him a Saint Bernard).

A few exasperated words, undoubtedly, because that’s the price of being a doughty carrier of the Dim Libs’ cross. But now a new burden has been foisted on the shoulders of Bernard and his well-meaning, socially conscious compatriots – the label of fascists. Welcome aboard the ‘extremist’ train, folks.

Yup. The ‘Democrat’ in Liberal Democrat now equates very fairly to that of the German Democratic Republic – the East Germany of the infamous Stasi, nominally Communist but in every demeanour dictatorial fascists. The anti-Democrats. Like the Lib Dems.

I wouldn’t allow their latest party leader Jo Swinson to cross the road without a grown-up to supervise and after her over-excited party conference performance this week you can see why. She must have consumed a six pack of full-fat Coca-Cola and bags full of hype-inducing sweeties before announcing to the world that, ‘sod a People’s Vote, we’re going to overturn Brexit entirely!’

Wow. Where’s the ‘democracy’ in that? Because I doubt it sits comfortably with conviction Liberal Democrats – intelligent, reasonable people like Bernard Disken.

Sugar-rush Swinson, swallowing whole the BS of her party’s ‘B******* to Brexit’ minor successes in the European elections, is actually gambling all-in on winning the arch-Remoaners’ support at the next election. It’s cynical and her brazen attempt to whip up her own army of Brownshirts is dangerous – a new low point in this now exposed plot to crush the will of 17.4m patriots. To this day they remain the only legitimate voice in this sorry mess.

Still, I expect that anti-democracy fascist Swinson will go the way of those other quasi fascists Corbyn, McDonnell and friends, eventually. Those 17.4 million (and counting!) British people are not going away any time soon.

I’VE been reasonably impressed with Dewsbury’s Conservative Parliamentary candidate Mark Eastwood’s energy and efforts in defending plans to concrete over green belt in the Chidswell area.

It almost makes up for his rather cowardly character assassination of independent council candidate Aleks Lukic a while back.

It would be naive to expect Eastwood – or any politician – to avoid playing the Muslim card with a general election in the air, but for some reason he hasn’t sent us a press release about his “speech on freedom and human rights” at a pro-Kashmir rally in Dewsbury on Saturday. 

Labour’s Pakistani-flag waving MPs Paula Sherriff and Tracy Brabin were there too, so I suppose he would have been daft to forego the opportunity to at least cling by a fingernail to that bandwagon.

But hold on a minute – freedom and human rights? In Pakistan? Eastwood should see if Ms Brabin will lend him a frock and one of her collection of hijabs; he can daub a bit of the wife’s lippy on his mush, go parade around Peshawar and post a lovely photo on social media of the view from the top of a high building – right before a mob throws him off.

Still, it did give me a chuckle. These politicians are probably completely ignorant of the fact that most Savile Town Muslims, and certainly the most influential citizens, have their roots in Gujarat province – which is Indian, as in the ‘wrong’ side of the Kashmiri dispute and the country at which Saturday’s protest was primarily aimed.

It’s tragically funny. If the Kashmiri affront had been on the other (Indian) foot and they’d been the ones protesting in Dewsbury town centre, the Pakistani Kashmiris would have kept quiet – and our stooges would still have danced to whatever tune was being played.

How they must laugh behind these political pygmies’ backs.

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