Ed Lines – September 1, 2017

Ed Lines – September 1, 2017

WHERE’S Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday when you need them, because somebody needs to do a ‘Tombstone’ round here.

Dewsbury’s current enforcers of law and order – no, don’t laugh, they’re doing their best – wouldn’t be much good during a shoot-out at the OK Corral, because their speciality is slamming shut stable doors once the horse has bolted (someone yell ‘stampede!’)

In fact I’d go so far as to suggest that most members of Kirklees Police would be late for their own bad-back early retirement parties.

When a car rammed into the back entrance of Dewsbury cop shop on Monday night and shots were fired, the officers up front of the building probably needed to put it in their sat navs to find out how to get there – but not before they rang for help from the big boys over in Leeds and Wakefield.

Unfair on the local plods, you say? A bit harsh?

Well, if the big pointy cap fits, they can all wear it for my money, because the lawless violence that is infesting and infecting our more downtrodden neighbourhoods is a direct result of years – nay, decades – of the police whitewashing the problems of the criminal gangs who run this district.

Remember the Asian bed businessman who was relieved of thousands in cash and a bullet fired into his car headrest in Savile Town? The lorry driver shot in the leg and robbed by Asian youths in Ravensthorpe? The shots fired into a Westtown takeaway? 

Those incidents were nearly 15 years ago. If anyone was ever arrested or successfully prosecuted in those (and many other) cases, then it never came to our attention.

I recall the petrol-bombing of a Batley snooker club around the same time gangsters were running round Staincliffe taking pot shots.

It took police another seven years to nail the drug dealer at the centre of that violence – a bloke who used to deal from his personalised-plated Merc in the car park at the back of Dewsbury police station, ironically.

There were bodies on one occasion, when a Bradford drugs gang faced off with their Savile Town oppos and then Labour councillor Gulfam Asif (since redeemed, heaven knows how) claimed that it was righteous local youths keeping their streets clean. Course it was. Pull the other one pal, it will ring the Hallalujah chorus.

What’s the old saying, “there’s none so blind as those who won’t see”?

Last year it was baseball bat-wielding gangs slugging it out in broad daylight in the streets of Ravy, not far from where a car was firebombed outside Mr Sparkles’ old family gaff. 

At least Sparkles finally got his come-uppance. He’d got so used to the Keystone Kops tripping themselves up despite his habitual criminality, he probably thought he was bulletproof. Pun intended. 

According to the local plod, if there are no bodies strewn around the place, then nowt happened. 

Only a few weeks ago Scout Hill residents reported shots fired during an early hours siege of a house. The police turned up, looked, talked and left. Move right along, folks, nothing to see here...

SUCH as there is mitigation of sorts for the police, it’s in the ‘omerta’ code of all such organised crime gangs. 

They tend to their own wounds and feuds and tend not to run to the law – except whoever it was that crashed into the station entrance on Monday, presumably trying to avoid the character(s) with the shooter.

But the wild west pit that parts of Dewsbury, Batley and Heckmondwike have become is a natural consequence of the police simply skimming over illegal activity unless and until it wakes them from their slumbers – in this case with gunshots and firebombs.

Drug dealing goes on in broad daylight, unimpeded, across the district and it has done for years and years. Dozens, scores of businesses are cash-fronts for laundering the proceeds.

Sure, the police can throw their hands up and complain about reduced budgets, austerity, Tory cuts. Pass me a hanky.

But that wasn’t always the case and just as they have continually papered over electoral fraud because of who’s doing it, so they have systematically turned a blind eye to industrial levels of criminality, because of who is doing it.

This is just a different PC – Politically Correct – invocation of the Rotherham and Rochdale syndrome, with the drugs trade instead of sex abuse.

Even this week, with the air ambulance whisking away a gunshot victim and armed police being drafted in for a few days to ensure calm is restored, the illusion of ‘nowt really happened’ is stoically maintained.

I’ve studied the official police statements. I think their remark that these are “unrelated incidents” is supposed to reassure the public.

Err, no. That means everyone’s apparently running around with guns, bombs and scores to settle.

DCI Nicola Bryar offered comfort saying there was no terror activity involved – and who for a second thought there was? – and glibly added “this is being related to ongoing local issues”. 

You don’t say, sweetheart.

Completely absent is any mention of the motives or the backgrounds of the characters involved. As usual.

IT SAYS something that our outrage over the case of a vulnerable young white Christian girl, aged just five, being sent to be fostered by a strict Muslim family should be so muted. 

We’re just not surprised by these dangerously warped public servants any longer. That’s scary.

Someone in the Tower Hamlets SS (that’s Social Services) – and probably all of them – will be miffed this week at their exercise in social engineering being thwarted.

The child was put under the control of a woman whose face she couldn’t see and barely spoke a word of English. Miffed? The cretins who dreamt that up should be drummed onto the dole queue.

Members of the child’s family had offered to take her, but no, because these people are modern equivalents of Hitler’s mad scientists who wanted to create an Aryan master race. In their case, they want to destroy one.

I would love to know how many children Social Services remove from Muslim families and place with white foster parents. I might have to put a Freedom of Information request in. Maybe I’d be surprised by the answers, but I doubt it.

What was no surprise at all was the total absence of even the mildest criticism, let alone outright condemnation, by a single Labour politician.

HEALTH experts tell us that a good walk is therapeutic. 

After Prime Minister Theresa May’s latest holiday marching up and down the Alps I’m not so sure.

It might have done her calf and thigh muscles some good, and even improved her lung capacity. It’s sent the woman doolally however – just like her Welsh wanderings earlier in the year when she came back and called a snap election.

Did I say snap? She broke the flaming country is all and now, refreshed and invigorated, she’s decided that like Mrs T she’s the woman to lead us into the future. Dearie me.

A month or two away from the Westminster frenzy is obviously too long. That or Mrs M is losing her memory. With autumn comes party conference season. That should bring her back to earth with a bump.

I’M HOLDING fire until the current round of Brexit talks reach a conclusion, but signs aren’t very encouraging.

Every time David Davies and his colleagues make a constructive suggestion, it is ridiculed by Eurocrats Michel Barnier and Jean-Claude Juncker. It’s a worrying pattern. 

You’d almost think they want to spike any possible agreement in the hope that the Remoaners get their way and a second referendum...

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