Ed Lines - November 2, 2018

Ed Lines - November 2, 2018


I GREATLY admire the courage and occasional wisdom of Nazir Afzal, the Muslim lawyer who spearheaded the ground-breaking Rochdale grooming gang prosecutions, and has been an outspoken critic of violent misogyny in their communities.

Mr Afzal came under fire last week when he said the problem had no roots in culture or religion; that it was more about archaic male attitudes towards women.

In his defence, he has bravely condemned some Muslim/Pakistani attitudes towards the problem, and indeed has been hounded out of the top job at the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners for being so outspoken.

He is a man who possesses a greater insight into the problem than possibly any public figure in the UK.

His main job now is advising on women’s rights in Wales which may well be a different problem – I always thought the sheep were more in danger in the valleys, boyo. Ok, I suppose this isn’t a laughing matter.

However the outcry against Mr Afzal came as 20 more south Asian rapists and traffickers were put away at Leeds Crown Court – four more were up for sentencing yesterday – accompanied by the typically in-denial, neo- liberals squealing that white British men constitute the far greater number of paedophiles and abusers, so stop victimising poor Muslims you racists.

I fear the point is being mischievously missed in both instances.

Whether downloading sick porn or trying to groom children from behind false social media profiles, I would not be surprised if white British paedophiles account for the greater number of sex crimes in this country. Evil is evil and perverts are perverts, regardless of colour or creed.

But what I do know, is that the police and all powers of the state are rightly unceasing in pursuing those sick souls. If only we could say that about every other form of abhorrent criminality.

However, faced with the Rochdale scandal as the north-west’s then-chief prosecutor, Nazir Afzal overturned prior CPS decisions not to prosecute some of those sadistic predators.

He ensured those men faced justice and to me the man earned his OBE for that alone – because you do wonder if a white, middle-class prosecutor would have pursued those creatures with such vigour.

All of the evidence from Rochdale to Rotherham, from Oxford to now Kirklees, is that police, social services, councils and all their affiliated agencies spent years condeming a generation of children to sadistic, bestial, sex abuse. And they did it knowingly, in the name of Political Correctness and covering their own pathetic backsides.

That’s the difference and to my mind, that’s the greater crime in all of this.
There is some justice, if not reparation, in seeing these animals caged in Leeds, with 30 more Kirklees accused due in court yesterday, plus the four being sentenced as I write.

But until police, council and social services chiefs are shamed and punished – and yes, imprisoned wherever appropriate – there will be no meaningful justice.

I always wondered why former Chief Executive of Kirklees Council, Adrian Lythgo, jumped ship last year having been in situ since 2009, a period during which much of the abuse now being revealed was happening on his doorstep.

The fact of Kirklees’s children’s services being placed in special measure suddenly makes an awful lot of sense – and I am reminded, painfully, of a long, self-congratulatory briefing the council execs shared amongst themselves a few years back, that they’d avoided the kind of scandals hitting Rochdale and Rotherham.

I would suggest that Adrian Lythgo should be first to give evidence to the independent inquiry that must take place.


THE fate of the jihadi brides, who fled to join the caliphate in Iraq and Syria and cheered as innocent men were beheaded or burned alive, but now – sob, sob – want to be ‘home’ for Christmas, is not as clear-cut as it should be.

Hands up everyone who wouldn’t mind dropping their captors a few Kurdish shekels to just take them out back and apply some instant justice? Problem solved (and just picture their faces when they arrived in paradise to find the old feller up to his gonads in 72 virgins!)

Except problem not solved, unfortunately, because so many of those women either took children with them, or were impregnated by their warrior husbands amidst the desert carnage.

I dread to think what those children saw, how they were traumatised – and let alone how a woman could do that to a child – but the fact remains, it’s a huge quandary.

Whatever understandable baggage those children now have, the decision to travel to that hellhole was not their doing and many will be British citizens. We have a duty of care.

Lock the women up if they do return, for sure – but then who cares for the kids? And what resentment – and future violence against the British state – will that breed if and when their families are torn apart?

So should we let them just return, give them a home and benefits, let them find a new ‘husband’ to keep using them as breeding mares? You need either the wisdom of Solomon or the thick skin (and brain) of Donald Trump to sort this one out. I certainly haven’t an answer.


I KNOW people who, for a variety of principles, refuse to eat halal meat. I’m not strictly speaking one of them, because I’m aware that most halal is humanely slaughtered – as in the 21st century, all animals should be treated. And I do enjoy a good curry.

But the story on our front page today tells you everything about the Politically Correct insanity that is endemic across many departments of Kirklees Council.

These officers play God – sorry, Allah – with the lives of people they consider beneath them. And that will be the white Christian population of Kirklees, over whose reasonable sensitivities and concerns they ride roughshod.

You can draw a direct line from the rape and trafficking gangs currently weighing down our court system to the neo-liberal arrogance of these people. They simply decide the district’s children will all consume food that suits the minority ultra-orthodox Muslim community and don’t think their political ‘bosses’ (and there’s a laugh) need to know, the same way they don’t think parents or children – or on the face of it, possibly even the schools themselves – need to know.

They see themselves as the moral arbiters of all that’s good for society.

In the same way that usually white, left-wing members of the establishment turned a blind eye for fear of ‘offending’ some pretty offensive creatures who were abusing our children, so this self-righteous arrogance infects most other areas of local authorities.

Kirklees spent three days running around like headless chickens (pun intended) trying to work out was going on in their own council before coming up with a lame holding statement, no doubt to wait and see what damage limitation they might have to conjure up next.

Officers should be named, shamed and sacked. They won’t be.

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