Ed Lines – November 16, 2018

Ed Lines – November 16, 2018

SUCH is the complete chaos and the sheer ‘good God what next?’ atmosphere in Westminster, that I was tempted to leave Brexit well alone today. How on earth do you make sense of this splattering blancmange?

But by the same token, how can you ignore it? Watching Theresa May’s abject surrender and not commenting, would be like witnessing a plane hurtle into the Twin Towers and saying “I think he’s a bit off course”.

No, I know it’s not funny. It really isn’t, because not since Harold took one in the eye at Hastings in 1066 has the enslavement of our island race looked so likely.

As desperate as things got in 1940, Britain had the bravest, most insightful statesman in political history at its helm. 

In Winston Churchill we had a patriot, an experienced soldier, and both a reader and a leader of men.

Reverse the roles and Theresa May would be wearing a swastika armband, handing the keys of No.10 to Adolf. 

The hapless Prime Minister believes that paying £39 billion to obey EU rules, with a hefty dollop of European Court of Justice oversight, to basically remain in the EU forever, but without any of the membership benefits, is the only palatable solution.

I never liked the taste of cough syrup but it made me better. This makes everyone sick.

Sure, if we put our hands up and ask nicely, we’ll be allowed to go to the toilet. But we can’t even pull the chain and flush ourselves down it, if we lose the will to live.

The Bible had just the place Theresa May wants to ‘lead’ us – limbo. 

Having prostrated herself before spiteful, vindictive Eurocrats, May remains stupid enough to believe that having not yielded an inch in two years, the EU will negotiate a fair relationship once we’ve surrendered, written the cheque and handcuffed ourselves to a Brussels lavatory door.

May’s deranged and it’s sad for them and possibly tragic for the country, that she’s single-handedly destroying the Conservative Party … oops hold the front page (9am, Thursday) … Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has just resigned!

See? That’s why I didn’t want to start on this subject. By the time you get your paper on Friday, Screaming Lord Sutch could be the Brexit Secretary.

So I’m going to walk the dog and see if open war’s been declared by the time I return…

(Sound of door opening and closing, labrador Arthur wipes his muddy feet on the hallway carpet, dad sits back down at computer).

… and already another minister, Esther McVey has gone (we like Esther, she could stuff my ballot box – and I’ll probably get arrested for saying that). Three more junior ministers have jumped too, just in time for Theresa to address the House of Commons.

It’s pointless speculating on what happens next. How many more will jump? Can May survive? Could the Tories stomach a Boris Johnson leadership? Is there a Santa Claus?

All we can say with clarity is that just as I (indeed many) predicted months ago, the Franco-German Brit-haters in Brussels have offered nothing, will offer nothing, and are delighting in ripping apart the fabric of our political establishment. They are gambling everything on forcing a second referendum and if it leads to civil strife on British streets, that’s a Brucie bonus for them.

And yet we have millions of Snowflakes who still want to be ruled by an unelected elite that brazenly despises them – all in the very week that Angela Merkel insisted we must have an EU army!

This is a shameful day in our history and coming in the week that it does, a generation of men who gave their lives to defy tyranny, must be turning in their graves.

GIVEN the recent fuss we’ve generated over halal meat amongst other things, I note that Kirklees is advertising for a £65,000 PR gopher – or ‘Head of Strategic Communications’ as they prefer it. Someone with political nous (because there’s clearly none in the Cabinet or the executive).

Talk about wasting money. Kirklees Council has a perfectly able media team, the actual problem being that I suspect no-one listens to their advice – so instead they’ll pay a king’s ransom for someone to tell them what they want to hear. Typical.

Two quick recent examples. It took the council two weeks to contrive an answer to our halal story (see page 3). If Shabir Pandor, Masood Ahmed, or a senior officer, picks the phone up and explains things when asked, it isn’t half the story. Problem solved.

If Fazila Loonat replies to our questions last week, a situation is explained, the bite goes out of my response. It’s easy. It’s called honesty, transparency … communication.

I know the KMC executive considers me the devil incarnate, and they can’t understand why it’s got to this. So they throw £65k at a snake-oil salesman to blow more smoke up their backsides and reinforce the barriers that actually ARE the problem.

I thought about applying for the job for a laugh, but I’m not taking a 50% wage cut for anyone…

Anyway. If chief exec Jacqui Gedman and friends want to swallow their pride and buy me a coffee, I’m happy to sit down and explain how to sort all their PR/communications problems – for free.

WE RECEIVED an interesting email from a local Muslim mum this week, in light of my admittedly brutal comments about Batley East councillor, Fazila Loonat.

(And a quick message to Fazila – it’s not personal, but if you want to be in politics, you can’t throw muck then run and hide and hope no-one either notices or throws it back).

Our email didn’t come from one of her Momentum friends, obviously. They were too busy wetting their oversized nappies and proving my point on Facebook.

Briefly, I respect Fazila and Momentum’s rights to their opinions. We deny no-one’s voices in this paper, but we do reserve the right to test and at times ridicule them.

That’s the whole point here – equal freedoms for all.

Which brings me to our email and also to a real opportunity for Fazila and friends.

Our email correspondent actually wrote in support of last week’s Ed Lines. She was also critical of an event held yesterday (Thursday) at the Al Hikmah Centre in Track Road, Batley, called ‘Faithful Women’.

It’s a social, multi-faith gathering for local women, organised by a lady named Mashuda Shaikh who is Kirklees Council’s ‘Faith and Integration Manager’ (and who needs libraries and youth clubs when you can have a Faith and Integration Manager?).

Our Batley East Muslim mum was not impressed by this use of public funds. She’s angry at cuts in public services, anti-social behaviour on her doorstep – she raised cross-community concerns and claimed that Coun Fazila Loonat specifically doesn’t do enough in that regard.

Well, I can’t speak to that, but I can offer a suggestion to Mashuda Shaikh, Fazila and everyone at yesterday’s Faithful Women affair.

In Pakistan, right now, there’s a Christian woman named Asia Bibi. Despite their supreme court overturning a death sentence against her for blasphemy – she drank water from the same well as Muslims and got into a row – hundreds of thousands of men are engaged in violent demonstrations. They want her executed. Indeed two politicians who supported her have been assassinated.

Very multi-faith, eh?

But what an opportunity for the Faithful Women movement – put down the teacups ladies, take up the pen, and speak up for Asia Bibi. A British, multi-faith sisterhood, led by empowered Muslim women like Mashuda and Fazila! Such a powerful message.

Our government is too cowardly to offer this poor woman asylum. They have plenty council houses, benefits and anonymity for returning jihadis, but no safe haven for a vulnerable woman of honest conscience. 

It’s truly shameful, but it doesn’t have to be because ladies, you could rouse the nation’s women as one, speak a message to resound around the world. Enlist your men to the cause too and begin a powerful, cross-community global movement.

We’ll help you start it, so come on Fazila, put away the bottom lip and Mashuda put away the leaflets and fight together for a sister desperate for your help.

Show not just the world, but the doubting people of Kirklees, that you’re more than tokens yourselves.

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