Ed Lines – May 4, 2018

Ed Lines – May 4, 2018

NEW Home Secretary Sajid Javid doesn’t have much of an act to follow after hapless Amber Rudd finally succumbed to the inevitable and fell on her sword.

The only wonder is that she didn’t miss the sword altogether and just bash her nose wide open. Less than useless, that woman.

Ms Rudd didn’t go because of the Windrush scandal, a predictably bureaucratic concoction of cock-ups which Britain will beat itself up over for decades to come.

No one died. I’m not sure they’ve even found anyone who was deported. But a lot of people were unfairly maligned and it’s right and fair that recompense be made.

Mind you, if it’s anything like Grenfell, there will be ‘victims’ from all four corners of the globe coming forth for some compo. And knowing the breast-beating, pathetic nature of our civil servants, they’ll get it.

The choice of Javid to replace Amber Rudderless was inspired on a number of levels, if not for his mastery of geography. At the height of the Windrush storm he plaintively bleated “that could have been my family!”

Like the moronic Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, Javid is the son of a Pakistani bus driver, who clearly didn’t imbue his lad with his own acute sense of direction. 

The good ship Empire Windrush would have had to be blown quite some way off course to pick up the Javid family from Karachi.

Still I get his point, as unnecessary as the contribution was.

As to his appointment as Home Secretary, Javid was the managing director of Deutsche Bank – a seriously notable achievement.

Compare that with London Mayor Sadiq Khan, a jobs-worth human rights solicitor who befriended hate preachers and terrorist sympathisers. Big difference.

The appointment also helped highlight the blatantly racist nature of the new Labour ultras, the hate-filled Corbynistas, who were swift to brand Javid a “coconut” and “uncle Tom”.

Steve Brookstein is a former X Factor winner and big Jezza fan. He called the Home Secretary ‘uncle Tom’ implying that he’s a person of colour, subservient to the white man, and a human shield for Theresa May. Nice.

Labour activist Tariq Mahmood’s ‘coconut’ slur implied Javid is brown on the outside, white on the inside. So why haven’t they been arrested for a race hate crime? (We all know the answer to that).

Javid’s ‘problem’, which I find heartening, is that although he’s of Muslim descent, he’s married to a Christian woman and practises no faith. 

So the real point here is that he’s not much good to the Muslim brotherhood and fair game for every which colour of insult. It speaks volumes about the mess this country’s in.

ALL OF which distracted nicely from the core point – illegal immigration. Have you tried getting into the USA lately? Thought of overstaying either there or Australia? Good luck having another holiday in Florida or Sydney.

Deliberately confusing the Windrush victims with the bigger plague of mass illegal migration is classic modern British politics. Nothing about finding grown up solutions, all about name-calling, smears and damage.

It would be easy to tire of repeating these simple facts, but they appear beyond the comprehension of the left-wing fascists.

There’s an NHS crisis – are we all agreed? 

There’s a housing shortage – are you fine with that too? 

The police are swamped by street crime – surely no argument there? 

Schools can’t cope with the number of children and variety of languages lumped on them – okay with that?

So what part of trying to get to grips with the hundreds of thousands of people who have no right to be here,  putting pressure on all those services, doesn’t make sense?

Are you crying over those Syrian ‘children’ (who look about 25) jumping out of the back of a lorry? Then house them and feed them at your place, why don’t you?

If it’s good enough for Bob Geldof and Lily Allen, surely it’s good enough for you other bleeding hearts. What’s that? Oh, despite their public proclamations they never actually took any ‘refugees’ in. Slap my thigh!

Soft-headed Sunday Times writer Lynn Barber did – and paid for it. Her ‘guest’ Mohammed Ahmed not only took her for a ride, but reported her to the press regulator for writing about it!

“I am not a refugee, I am a political leader – my family is rich!” he screamed at her before departing. No doubt he has lawyers fighting his deportation on the grounds that he’d be persecuted back home if deported.

Are you happy paying for that too? Because I’d be happy if you did, and not me. 

Or the 17.4 million people who voted to take back control of our borders.

Because that’s not going away either, snowflakes.

THERE was something of a storm in a political teacup this week with senior Tory politicians smearing young independent Aleks Lukic over the two-page advertorial he took out in this paper.

That’s a real backhanded compliment by the way, for Aleks.

The barely coded accusation was that he must have breached strict spending guidelines. Shame they didn’t bother checking with me – because he could have run the feature again and still had plenty left in his piggy bank.

The dying Reporter Group however would have been a bit different – judging by what they quoted a lady for a recruitment advert recently, it could have cost him £47,430 to go in their papers.

I kid you not. Which works out by my rough mathematics at about a fiver per reader. 

You could have got them all taxis to the polling station for that – and bought them a pint!

Their big boss at Johnston Press, Ashen Highfield, resigned this week to huge acclaim from his board despite having shoved the business down a toilet bowl and kept on flushing for the past five years.

With their shares basically worthless and a massive bank debt due to be paid, JP pretending that small businessmen and women in Dewsbury and Batley are all lunatic millionaires seems to be their masterplan for survival.

Keep up the good work, folks!

ANYONE who has driven a car round this district in the last 15 years or more will be painfully aware of the scourge of young male drivers with no regard for either the laws of the road or other users of it.

They are a nuisance, death on four wheels just waiting to happen. 

And having read the horror story on page three today, my first reaction to the sentence passed by Her Honour Judge Penelope Belcher, was that she needs pushing in front of one of them. 

A bit better perspective now, Your Honour? Bit scary, eh? Because the woman clearly has no idea what kind of a passport to carnage she has given people like Faisal Kadia, who mowed down and killed a mum of three.

No driving licence? No insurance? No problem, because we own these roads, these towns and who do you think you’re looking at? One phone call and you’re facing a mob. Kadia had been on curfew for affray. 

He even kept driving after killing that lady. And Belcher gave him a two-year slap on the wrist? In mitigation his lawyer said he was sorry. Oh that’s okay then. 

The sorriest part of this sorry affair is the suitability of that judge to preside over such crimes.

NO SURPRISE over the quiet uproar (they keep it as private as possible) amongst the Muslim community over the closing of the Zakaria Girls’ High School.

Remember me predicting that a major Batley landmark was going up in flames? I knew it was the old hospital – and who the governors of the Zakaria had reportedly done a deal with. Sure enough it did, though perhaps not as devastatingly as hoped.

Why no word from the law? They probably haven’t asked permission to investigate, what with award-winning Inspector Mohammed Rauf having hightailed it out of town, no doubt thanking his lucky stars.

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