Ed Lines – May 18, 2018

Ed Lines – May 18, 2018

IT’S bitterly ironic that the mother of Parliamentary democracy (that’s us – Magna Carta 1215) should, 800 years on, still be breastfeeding a veritable army of unelected overlords, who still treat us as thick ignorant serfs.

Thanks to the greed and the regularity with which the House of Lords is sucking poor Theresa May dry, it’s no wonder the bags under her eyes are level with everything else she has sagging right now, from her spirits to her … well, anyway.

The Lords are rabidly intent on sabotaging Brexit, if you hadn’t noticed. If it brings the Government down, bonus. If it brings civil strife to our streets, so be it. It’s only the rabble after all.

The big deal for me in voting Leave or Remain wasn’t rampant immigration – all of London, much of our farming industry and the NHS would fall apart without the man and womanpower of our European cousins. It wasn’t even the billions we throw at their wasteful and corrupt ways.

For me, Brexit came down basically to democracy. Who rules whom? The end of masters and servants.

(Which is pretty much why Jeremy Corbyn and all committed socialists despise the EU, whilst not quite daring to alert their young or dumb – circle as appropriate – but generally naïve support base to the fact).

For me, it isn’t just that with every passing year more of our sovereign rights were being stripped away or yielded to the EU – bad enough in itself. It’s more that the damn place is a de facto dictatorship.

Ah, but what about the European elections, I hear you protest? What about them? Meaningless! Your MEPs – anyone’s MEPs – cannot make law, whatsoever. 

In their masses they cost us fortunes, just to sit and squabble over the mountains of busybodying legislation dreamt up by the EU Commissioners, whose prime motive is to concentrate more and more power on themselves.

Do the Remainers not understand that, or just not care?

The untouchable EU Commission is quite literally a law unto itself – it’s the Mafia, all dressed up in expensive suits and ties.

But is it representative of the people? Well yes, after a fashion, because every member state has a commissioner – that’s why you’ve had the disgraced Lord Peter Mandelson on it, plus the high chieftain of political nepotism Lord Neil Kinnock, who filled his entire family’s boots despite being a democratically abject failure.

See where I’m going here, folks?

You see, as unrepresentative and unaccountable as the EU is, it’s a veritable paragon compared to our House of Lords.

Theresa May wrote an article at the weekend asking us to trust her to deliver a workable Brexit. I wouldn’t trust that woman to put my bins out, but at least she’s where she is by democratic right.

Were you aware that former Commissioners like Mandelson and Kinnock are forbidden from criticising the EU, at risk of forfeiting their gold plated pensions?

Are you starting to see where the Lords are coming from?

Lord Michael Heseltine is under no such constrict, adittedly; no, for him, it’s more about the estimated £90,000 a year in agricultural subsidies his land receives from the EU under its Common Agricultural Policy.

The actual House of Lords chamber couldn’t fit all of its leeching members on its benches, not if they sat on each other’s knees. There’s about 800 at the moment, meaning that among world governments, only China’s National People’s Congress has more. 

What is happening right now in Westminster has nothing to do with the so-called scrutinising role of a second chamber, one filled with intellectual worthies and independent bright minds. We wish. 

As you read this, self-entitled, self-righteous and self-serving members of the House of Lords are  protecting their own interests using the deceit of Parliamentary sovereignty.

By pretending the Brexit vote was essentially ‘advisory’ and that Parliament must make any final decision, they hope to thwart the referendum result.

What they are really saying is that the thick, bigoted men and women upon whose blood and toil their fortunes and favours were built, need putting in their place; that we can’t be trusted to have an opinion.

They weren’t saying that in 1914 or 1939, were they? Or if they were, it was to each other over a dry gin as the bombs and shells wrought havoc in the safe distance.

An online petition calling for a referendum on the future of the Lords garnered more than 164,000 votes which means that it will be debated in the Commons on June 18.

It will go nowhere of course, because the Lords – like the EU – remains the favoured champagne-filled watering hole for the sons and daughters of undemocratic privilege and patronage; ie, of  the MPs asked to bring it to heel, but all quietly hopeful of getting their snout in that trough one day.

But notice has been served. Their time is coming.

STILL with the Lords, after a fashion, and a prime example of everything that’s wrong with that system was busy showing herself up again recently.

I’m sure that having Baroness Warsi on the BBC’s arch-satire show Have I Got News For You seemed a good idea at the time. 

And fair play to Sayeeda, she entered gamely into the spirit of things.

Unfortunately, it was just a little too gamely. Her coquettish innuendo and ‘slap my thigh’ Yorkshire lass act was as flat as a badl-pulled pint.

It went about as well as her modestly-titled charity, the Baroness Warsi Foundation, which raised £61,200 in 2017 but made grants to worthy causes of only £3,000. 

No trustees get paid, but fundraising management and communications cost a whopping £47,000. 

Nothing to see here, move smartly along please…

PROUD of yourselves, are you? Managing to sleep with the blood of those 50-odd Palestinian innocents, murdered at the Israeli wall, staining your tawdry hands?

Yes, you – I’m talking to you, Mr or Mrs Press reader, currently stuck on page 6 reading that nutter Lockwood’s piece. Feeling the blame and shame are we?

Well you should be. Let me explain. 

The Sunni Muslim terrorist organisation Hamas, which runs the West Bank, made a caculated decision to throw thousands of its gullible and fanatical public into the equivalent of a minefield, in an orchestrated protest not so much at TIT (The Idiot Trump) moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, but the 70th anniversary of the creation of the Israeli state.

With Ramadan looming, the fundamentalist sacrificial stars were aligned. So what’s 58 bodies – make sure some children get shot and filmed, Mohammed! – apart from terrific PR, with the BBC leading the banshee wailing? 

And where does your blame – ‘our’ blame – come in, exactly?

The UK currently pours around £20m of aid a year into Palestinian schools, funding the salaries of 33,000 teachers. Let’s not get sidetracked with where that money should be spent for now.

But in those very schools, those British-paid teachers preach a syllabus promoting violence and martyrdom against the Israeli state.

To illustrate Newton’s second law of motion, the graphic is of a boy with a slingshot firing at soldiers. Clever. The maths textbook? Forget ‘if Johnny has two apples and Mary has five apples’ ... how about asking the kids to calculate the number of martyrs killed in Palestinian uprisings? Yes, really.

It gets better – a social science textbook has an empty desk with the sign ‘martyr’. And another for 10-year-old pupils calls martyrdom and jihad “the most important meanings of life”.

This is our government – Labour and Tory alike – using our money to take innocent children and cultivate medieval martyrs and terrorists. 

If you think we can with any conscience wash our hands of that, if you can’t join the dots between that brainwashing and the bodies on the ground in Gaza, then please, tell me where I’ve got it wrong.

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