Ed Lines – March 1, 2019

Ed Lines – March 1, 2019

WHEN Conservative defector Anna Soubry was harassed outside the Houses of Parliament by Brexit campaigners, the horrific murder of poor Jo Cox was predictably bandied about. 

The implicit establishment slander was that any dissenters from the neo-liberal doctrine are hateful, racist bigots to be compared to Thomas Mair … and given the Brexit tensions, the next political murder is imminent.

It was a narrative that took shape rapidly after the EU referendum went the ‘wrong’ way for the control freaks in the metropolitan-dominated elite and it’s only hardened and been increasingly weaponised by the mainstream media and political classes. 

It would verge on boring, the way these self-imagined ‘liberal thinkers’ have divided the nation with their betrayal of democracy, if it wasn’t so deadly dangerous.

Deadly? I think so. As hapless Theresa May is backed further up into the corner of betraying Brexit (because to delay is to effectively abandon) that is today’s elephant in the room – civil war, or at least civil strife. 

No-one’s talking about it, but I’ll bet that a lot of people in authority are seriously considering the very real and present threat of violence.

It would be an ultra-optimist to say it isn’t possible.

The Anna Soubry aggravation was a storm in a teacup, comparatively. She didn’t even look unduly flustered by the mouthfuls of unseemly abuse, as well she needn’t with some very burly police officers between her and her taunters.

But another ‘Jo Cox’? 

The first was unthinkable that it could happen, unbelievable that it did, unimaginable that it might again – but that is precisely what I believe the militant Remain lobby risk bringing about with their ongoing attempts to subvert Brexit. 

I can’t imagine when this country was as divided as it is now without going back to the 17th century. The General Strike of 1926, or the Miners’ Strike in more recent times? I’m not sure even they compare with the social schism we see today because within a few short weeks, democracy could be rendered well and truly dead.

If the Remain lobby are victorious in thwarting Brexit – and complicit will be the ‘no to no deal’ MPs like Batley & Spen’s Tracy Brabin, arch-Remainers taking cover behind a cowardly subterfuge – then the turmoil and the blowback should be on all of their heads. 

But it won’t be and that’s where the graver danger lies, because if and when the betrayal succeeds and a sizeable number of those 17.4m Leave voters show their righteous anger – and especially if some lunatic does go beyond the pale – then we’ll all be tarred with the Soubry and Co brush. 

The first innocent to be hurt will become a martyr to the Remain/establishment conspirators’ cause. 

It will play beautifully into their hands and this will be their logic: ‘See, we told you they were all racist, idiot, bigots, those Leave morons. Turning nasty, they can’t respect Parliament and democracy, they shouldn’t be allowed the vote…’

I fear this tragic social chasm that widens by the day and which the Remain establishment has deliberately, malignly, divided British society with, could render civil strife inevitable. 

The Parliamentary fix to kill Brexit appears to be in and if it is, London will witness a sea of angry British men and women like never seen before.

People who show relatively restrained dissent are already being demonised as enemies of the state, banned from social media platforms and scandalously libelled with lies the mainstream media will not let them challenge. 

In those circumstances I believe it could be argued that the people who fight back will have the moral right to insurrection – because democracy will be dead and it will be time to invoke the spirit of Oliver Cromwell when he dismissed Parliament: “It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place, which you have dishonored by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice. 

“Ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government … in the name of God, go.”

I’M NOT sure at what point simple fact transforms into hilarious farce, but I can promise you that it happened, in glorious, vivid technicolour, at the British Muslim Awards in Bradford last week.

Either the organisers have a wicked sense of irony or a vile disposition towards mockery – or perhaps even both – judging by them giving West Yorkshire Police their Diversity Champions award. They must have been taking the proverbial.

My invitation must have got lost in the post, but I really would have struggled to keep a straight face if I’d been asked to present hapless Chief Constable Dee Collins with that bauble, which is by all accounts a premature retirement present and just about the only ‘achievement’ of any significance in her disastrous tenure.

A condition of Collins’s upcoming handsome pay-off package should be a requirement to sit in the gallery at Leeds Crown Court as the next lot of 30 Huddersfield rapists are tried – and following them to sit and bear witness to however many of the 55 Dewsbury and Batley sex abusers are eventually charged. I suspect there are more arrests to come there, too.

But back to this award, ‘won’ despite the internal West Yorkshire force rumblings about high-flying Muslim officer Maboob Hussain, who was shunted off into a gift-wrapped senior role as Assistant Chief Constable at the equally troubled and equally politically correct Greater Manchester Police.

I’m sure ‘Mabs’ (as he is known) will feel right at home because the fact is these two police forces have presided over industrial-scale grooming and raping of thousands of white British girls by overwhelmingly Muslim gangs for decades.

Describing the police’s approach to this evil scandal as turning a blind eye, is to insult the visually impaired. It was tacit collusion, but instead of public humiliation and criminal charges, the guilty will all be handsomely pensioned off long before a public inquiry delivers tut-tut admonishments years hence. 

The only shame is that instead of a trophy or a plaque, Dee Collins wasn’t presented with a few dozen Labrador guide dogs. They would have been handy for not just helping witless West Yorkshire detectives cross the road, but would come in handy for sniffing out the drugs flooding the county’s streets. 

Maybe they could even be trained to sense the fearful tremors of vulnerable young girls about to be plied with vodka or injected with heroin and passed round a room full of men.

The added bonus is that each dog could be presented to Collins, or better still individual detectives from Bradford or Kirklees, by one of the young female victims. The awards ceremony might have to be extended a few hours though, given the numbers of raped children there were.

West Yorkshire Police were unsurprisingly crowing their delight at their ‘Diversity’ win. They have no shame.

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