Ed Lines June 30, 2017

Ed Lines June 30, 2017

THERE are some uncomfortable truths, hanging like a stinking shroud over the crucified skeleton of Grenfell Tower in London. 

No-one seems willing to acknowledge them. Not the fire investigators, wondering why no-one’s asking how many tens or dozens more cremated remains are strewn about the place, and certainly not the cynical politicians still doing their damnedest to score cheap points off this tragedy.

It’s like being at the funeral of a complete bastard, where people don’t look each other in the eye for fear of giving away their real feelings about the deceased.

The official death toll is stuck on 79, like the hand of a millennium clock that can’t quite tick through to midnight in case it heralds doom and destruction.

But no-one can bring themselves to be honest about the truth of what Grenfell really represents. Instead we get black Labour MP David Lammy predictably playing the race card saying the death toll is being covered up to prevent riots – unrest which he tacitly says he would support. You cheap and nasty man, Lammy.

Still, he was only taking a lead from John McDonnell, the Labour shadow chancellor who described the Grenfell victims as having been murdered.

No-one took him up on it, obviously. It’s the funeral analogy again. Not a time or place for arguing over the ashes, literally, of the recent deceased.

We should. McDonnell’s clear implication, as he supported ‘a Day of Rage’ (only a few of his loyal communist foot soldiers turned up), is that Tory austerity caused this needless disaster.

He just about stopped short of accusing Theresa May and George Osborne of nailing shut the fire exits and throwing a lighted torch inside, but his implication was clear.

If McDonnell wants to insist on culpability, he could at least do the dead and missing the service of pinpointing all of the suspects – which includes himself.

So, how many are dead? Unless forensic science is even more remarkable than that dizzy actress Emilia Fox magics up in Silent Witness, we’ll never know. There could be a hundred or more cremated bodies.

But surely, you say, they’d have been reported missing?

Not if no-one knew they were there. Not if they were entire families, here illegally, crammed into rooms by gangster landlords.

Racketeering within social housing is rife in every city (and most industrial towns) in Britain. 

Remember the 50-to-a-terraced house scandal of the Kozee Sleep slavemasters in Ravensthorpe?

In that respect London is a huge, open sewer of criminality and exploitation – and it’s largely thanks to the open-door attempts by Labour politicians from Gordon Brown onwards keen to create an immigrant client state.

For 13 years under Labour all and sundry were welcomed whether there were sufficient hospitable beds, GP capacity, classrooms or – importantly in this instance – housing for them, or not.

Illegal immigrants? We go through the motions then turn a blind eye as they melt away into Britain’s Grenfell Towers of anonymity.

A cash, black-market economy at best, a drugs, slave and prostitution industry at worst – that is what migration under Labour created.

And true, it is NOT what started that horrible fire. But local authorities aren’t skint  just because of Tory cuts – it’s also because they are weighed down by the burden of trying to provide public services for a sea of immigrants that no-one seems inclined to halt – trying to provide for the victims of Grenfell, ironically.

Couldn’t that be one of the reasons that corners are cut when councils are trying to get value for money? 

But when something goes horribly wrong, you can expect the bleeding hearts to blame anyone, blame everyone, except themselves.

It’s the rich wot did it.

SO WHO is to blame, because clearly no-one will rest until someone takes a fall? 

Everyone except the poor souls who perished and the courageous men and women who tried to save them can and probably will get a kicking, from the faulty fridge manufacturers to the idiot designer of these social monstrosities.

Tory cuts? Already getting it, notwithstanding that public spending as a proportion of GDP has been higher than all but two of 13 years under Labour. Corbyn, McDonnell and Co won’t mention that.

Councillors and officers will get a ration, but a token resignation apart they’ll survive intact. These organisations specialise in backside covering.

The contractors will hide behind rules that were blatantly unsatisfactory, but it’s a bit late for those lost souls to re-write them now.

Lessons will be learned, steps taken, blah blah blah. There will be an inquiry or inquiries .... move along folks, nothing left to see ...

But no-one will address the underlying issues of unfettered mass migration, the underground economy that runs entire swathes of cities like London.

That’s too difficult for the police to acknowledge, and too complicated for the politicians for whom no corpse is ever too cold to take advantage of. Shameful.

And what no-one will ever do, is accept that creating unlicensed Towers of Babel full of often uneducated, non-English speaking fugitives from authority, is a disaster waiting to happen.

Grenfell Tower was a 24-storey ghetto that everyone at all levels of authority turned a blind eye to – and was a disaster waiting to happen. 

It should be left standing as a permanent memorial to the country we’ve created.

IN LIGHT of the sensitive subject above, I find myself in a difficult situation. 

I’ve been tipped off to a story yet to unfold – a crime to be committed (or rather an ‘accident’ yet to happen) for which plans are already in place.

I have to be somewhat cryptic, for obvious reasons, but if in the coming weeks or months a significant Batley landmark burns down then I guess my source will have known what they were talking about.

I’ll push things about as far as I can, the implication being that while listed buildings can’t be knocked down for housing, if they sadly go up in flames ... “Well heck, Mr Planning Officer, we might as well build some new homes on that plum site, because it’s no good for anything else now...”

It might be complete, fabricated baloney. But it might not. Watch this space. 

ALL OF those bleeding-heart, do-gooding, save-the-world liberal luvvies at Glastonbury, cheering out ‘Jez We Can!’ when Labour leader Corbyn appeared. 

Christ, you’d have thought it was the Second Coming (pun intended – notice the initials?)

I wonder how many of the adoring thousands (nay, millions!) are aware or even care that his election campaign manager only joined Labour last year – after long, proud years of devotion to the Communist Party. The snowflakes probably don’t even know there’s a difference (which in John McDonnell and Corbyn’s case, actually there isn’t.)

Like Josef Stalin, Mao, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez, the Glastonistas will only waken to the reality of extremist rule when they’re the ones being dragged kicking and screaming into the night. Couldn’t happen? I don’t think those starry-eyed youngsters who swept Adolf to power thought it could, either.

For now, however, it’s all good clean fun, bringing down the establishment and leaving someone else to clean up the mess – which is a perfect metaphor for Glastonbury.

Air-brained hypocrites, paying over the odds to listen to false prophets, all of it in a sh*t hole of their own making, and which will all be someone else’s fault. That’s Socialism for you!

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