Ed Lines – June 1, 2018

Ed Lines – June 1, 2018

SHE’S the gift that can’t stop giving, is our Sayeeda. If she actually did joined-up thinking she’d be dangerous, that lady.

On the back of a laughable letter from the Muslim Council of Britain calling for the Conservative Party to “stamp out Islamophobia” she had her plain-speaking Yorkshire gob in gear and on full throttle before the MCB envelope had been thrown in the bin.

She was ahead of the game, we were told, already having demanded that Prime Minister Theresa May hold a full-blown inquiry.

Inquiry into what, pray tell? The fact that some individuals up and down our once great land might hold a view that you and your kin don’t approve of?

Because that is the bottom line for Warsi, the Muslim Council of Britain and basically the entire left wing establishment – the eradication of free speech. And they’re well on the way folks.

But can we just rewind a bit here, Baroness? You got a cabinet post, the party chairmanship and a life peerage why exactly? 

Your sparkling wit and repartee?

Your experience as an immigration lawyer, specialising in the importation of spouses from Pakistan (and that didn’t work out too well in your case, did it, despite singing the praises of arranged marriages for long enough)?

Or perhaps, just maybe, the Tory grandees were swung by that alluring combination of a thick Yorkshire accent, a couple of gender-specific frontal appendages and the all important, solid gold attribute of being Muslim.

Not so Islamophobic in your case, then. No vociferous condemnation of that prime example of racially and religiously motivated patronage? Some might even call that an act of bigotry, but I doubt that you would. Clearly that was all about Michael Howard and David Cameron recognising a brilliant political talent.

In fairness the Muslim Council of Britain has swayed ever so slightly towards a more moderate, mainstream position in recent years, certainly from its early firebrand days when it was the mouthpiece of the country’s more radical Islamist groups.

That’s to be welcomed and at this point I’d like to praise the work of groups like the Savile Town youth organisation Kumon Y’all, whose charity work is featured in today’s pages. Good stuff.

But just as they can’t be said to be completely representative of every single member of their faith community, neither is, nor should, the Conservative party be accountable for a councillor or MP criticising violent Islamic extremism or Pakistani grooming gangs.

Or is this actually more about that – the uncomfortable truth that of all the extremist blights besetting not just this country but large tracts of the planet, Islam is the single biggest common denominator?

Because from where I sit, that’s the only point of this demand – that the Conservative Party silence or sack anyone who offends Muslim sensibilities.

Among the “almost daily” instances of Islamophobia the MCB cited, were such grievous acts as a tweet calling for a halt to Muslim immigration and someonce describing Islam as a “violent political philosophy”.

You might disagree with the first, but I’m not sure how you’d even argue with the second, given the Islamist conflagration across entire swathes of the globe.

Either way, neither comment constitutes anything other than someone’s opinion. It seems we’re not even allowed them, these days.

The Tory reply that “we take all such instances very seriously” was expectedly diplomatic, sadly. They should have told the MCB – and Warsi – to shove their prissy sensibilities where the sun doesn’t shine. 

But only once Ramadan has ended obviously. We don’t want to rock the boat too much.

IT’S somewhat ironic that the MCB/Warsi broadside came the same day that a Muslim would-be terrorist changed his plea to guilty on charges, among other things, of encouraging the murder of Prince George, the young son of William and Kate.

Husnain Rashid had also suggested likely football stadia for his fellow maniacs to bomb.

A bit of unfortunate timing that, MCB/Warsi, eh? Clearly he isn’t a ‘proper’ Muslim.

Rashid will go away for a very long time and if the British authorities are true to form, he could even be sharing a cell with street activist and self-styled social media journalist Tommy Robinson.

Robinson, you may have seen, was jailed for 13 months last Friday for doing a live Facebook stream outside Leeds Crown Court where the latest batch of alleged child rapists, groomers and sex traffickers were being tried.

Hundreds of his supporters descended on Downing Street and an online petition calling for him to be freed raced past half a million signatures. That is some significant public anger, right there.

Robinson thought he was safe just reading out the names and charges the accused faced, but was in contempt of court because the trial was subject to reporting restrictions.

Until we know what and why those reporting restrictions were put in place, it’s impossible to make any comment about free speech being suppressed.

There wasn’t the slightest chance that Robinson’s ill-informed stunt could prejudice the trial, but as he’s found to his great cost, you mess with a judge at your absolute peril.

The British state has tried for years to silence Tommy Robinson through fair means and foul, including locking him in a prison waiting room with three Muslim convicts who nearly kicked him to death – the CCTV wasn’t working, fancy that – and the police blackmailing him into going back to lead the EDL (he left in 2013) on their behalf. 

He refused and in returned they reneged on a plea bargain pledge not to pursue him under proceeds of crime legislation (in 2014 he admitted overstating his brother-in-law’s earnings on a mortgage application in 2006). 

It cost him 18 months jail and nearly £120,000 when he refused to turn snitch.

If you want to disabuse yourself of the naïve notion that Britain is a haven of transparent democracy and free speech, or that sections of the police, prison and political establishment are not criminally corrupt, read his book Enemy of the State.

You won’t believe it, I promise you. 

But you will understand why he’s been banged up for longer than some sex offenders and killers.

Who knows, they might even finish him off this time.

I LIKE the sound of Labour member David Lewis, who applied to be the local party’s Woman’s Officer (on an all-female shortlist) saying that he ‘self-identifies as a woman on Wednesdays’. 

Predictably, he’s been suspended from the party for extracting the Michael. It does beg the question what would have happened in reverse, if a woman said she stands up to pee on Mondays or Fridays. I reckon she’d get the job.

And the Bank of England got a kicking this week for selecting a bloke for its top economic panel ‘because women are under-represented’. This is the flaming economy you idiots – why not go the whole hog and put Diane Abbott on it? Conveniently, it wasn’t mentioned that the three-person interview panel included two women...

I LIKE modern music, I really do, despite the fact that I went to see the Rolling Stones last Friday (and they were brilliant).

That Ned Sherrin bloke is a great singer and it was terrible what happened to that poor lass, Amy Alehouse.

True, I struggle to listen to anything Chris Evans is concerned with on the wireless these days – that boy has real ‘me-me, look-at-me’ issues – but on a wider point, I’m falling out of love with Radio 2. 

Every other song these days seems to be by a young woman who’s trying to sing with a gum shield in. The noise comes in a guttural (if occasionally tuneful) back-of-the-throat noise with no apparent attempt to enunciate the actual lyrics. That’s assuming they are lyrics and not just noises. 

Some woman called Sia is the worst, but that Rihanna is just as bad and there are plenty more like Ariana Grande and Jess Glynne. And yes, I know I’m turning into a grumpy old sod, but just about the only faculty that’s something like intact is my hearing. Well, for now at least.

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