Ed Lines – January 4, 2019

Ed Lines – January 4, 2019

HAPPY New Year folks, and excuse me if I don’t issue the traditional ‘peace on earth and goodwill to all men’ tidings for 2019, because that’s about as much use as blowing kisses at totty on the telly. 

You won’t be getting a kiss blown back (and if you did, knowing my luck I’d be watching Carry on Nurse and get the come on from Peggy Mount instead of Shirley Eaton). Google ‘em, kids.

I have bothered with a couple of New Year resolutions though. 

It was a toss-up between a dry January (stay healthy and energised) or a wet Ginuary (drown out Trump, May and the Brexit madness), and my liver is squealing its thanks at getting a month off. 

That’s a good job because from now to April promises to be my busiest period since we launched The Press nearly 17 years ago. And I’ll be ready for a drink by then.

Funerals outnumber parties and knees-ups in my social diary these days and I already have a couple scribbled in, which is why I’m wishing all and sundry a healthy 2019. 

Beyond that folks, get stuck in, be your best and don’t die wondering ‘what if?’ If you’re reading the first Ed Lines of January 2020 a year hence then it’s a thumbs up for both of us, I reckon.

It’s ironic that one of my major projects has a deadline of the end of March, which should coincide with Westminster’s finest standing upright and discovering, wow, we really can walk unaided without needing our hands held by Brussels bureaucrats. 

With every day that passes I become more and more convinced that a simple, straight-forward departure from the EU will be the salvation of the United Kingdom – will put the ‘Great’ back in Great Britain.

I thought when Treason May abandoned her pre-Christmas vote on a craven surrender to the EU, she’d at least try to arm-twist concessions out of Bernier, Merkel and Macron – but no, they just slapped her down again. 

I can’t wish enough evils on that woman, but I must confess she drags herself up off the canvas more gamely than a bareknuckle bruiser (and you don’t think her idea of ‘fun’ is to have hubby Philip suspend her from the ceiling and apply 30 lashes, do you?)

Did May call their desperate bluff – which is what it is, an ‘all in’ bet on keeping us within the EU? Of course not, she just bought a few more weeks to try bribe and blackmail sufficient MPs into betraying their country.

Pray God she fails. We’ll know soon enough.

Do you remember the pre-Xmas Project Fear warning not to book European holidays after March 29th? It didn’t take long for the howls of outraged European interests to rattle cages and force assurances from Brussels that of course flights and holidays would continue as normal. 

From George Osborne and cowardly Cameron, through  the federalist Bank of England boss Mark Carney, the CBI, May, Philip Hammond and on and on, has a single scare story yet held true? 

No. Not one. And meanwhile more and more of Europe is on the streets, rising against the failing Union – not that you’ll see that on the BBC.

France, Italy, Spain and Germany’s core industries are hugely dependent on UK customers and when push comes to shove deals will be done, accommodations made, business – and life – will go on. 

Heaven knows what the teary-eyed Remoaners will find to wail about then.

In no time at all, everyone will wonder what on earth the fuss was all about.

Or – and this is what the country should really fear – May and her poisonous establishment will find another way, another means, to dither, to delay, to subvert the will of the British people. 

And if they cling to the wreckage of the sinking Brussels boat in a desperate attempt to abandon Brexit altogether, or at least to cultivate a second referendum, then they risk setting the streets aflame.

‘Reasoned’ arguments I see for overturning the referendum are actually nothing but either self-interest or brainless liberal bigotry. It cannot be allowed to succeed.

That’s why I need to get so much done by the end of March – I could well be on the streets joining the masses trying to bring down the government by summer.

It’s going to be some year!

SO, WHEN is a race attack not a race attack? When it happens in Dewsbury or Batley and is investigated – no, seriously, don’t laugh – by the Kirklees Keystones or their Big Brother affiliates in the West Yorkshire force.

The incident outside the TBC club in Bradford Road in the early hours of New Year’s Day is eerily reminiscent of Ravensthorpe in 2003 and not just because on that occasion Lee Massey was deliberately run down after a racial gang attack by armed Iraqi Kurds. 

As I write the circumstances of off-duty soldier Josh Adams-Mitchell being run down on Tuesday is still being looked into. 

One hopes detectives will be as swift and diligent in bringing his attackers to justice, as they were in rushing out a ‘nothing to see here’ press release, stating it was nothing to do with him being a soldier, or a racist attack.

Really? How do they know? Mind-readers perhaps? Because people who were there think it was and my understanding of the definition of a ‘hate’ crime is that if someone – not even the victim – believes it to be so, then it is.

I guess with today’s police it depends on the colour of the attackers and the victims. White person flips a finger at a reckless driver of ‘a certain ethnicity’ and it’s dutifully logged as a hate crime. Four or five – or 10 or 15 Asian males – give a white kid a kicking and it’s a common or garden assault. Move along.

At least on this occasion the police have someone in custody, because after a weekend of violence in Ravensthorpe in the Lee Massey case, and despite a member of the public alerting them to the pending mayhem, Poirot, Miss Marple and Sherlock combined couldn’t have found a copper in the neighbourhood, not for love nor money.

After Lee was left in a brain-damaged heap, while Darren and Danny Lee were having their knife wounds stitched and the gang had fled to all points of the compass, the police issued a lame statement that makes this week’s look like the main bulletin on News at Ten. 

“Men treated in hospital after minor incident” … no mention that Lee was on life support and judged to be brain dead. 

I suppose we should mainly be thankful that Private Adams-Mitchell survived. 

Social media was afire with rumour, gossip and speculation within minutes, which might be misleading or rash but is sadly symptomatic of the fact that if we waited for police and politicians to tell us the truth, we’d never know.

Kirklees leader Shabir Pandor was all over the recent alleged bullying incident in Almondbury involving a white and Muslim boy. Where was he this week?

We’re at a point where people are resigned to a mealy-mouthed police force mortally contaminated by Political Correctness, plus MPs and councillors who conveniently go missing in action when it’s all a bit too near the knuckle. 

Predictably, when people point fingers of blame at the causes of division in our communities, it’s usually at people with every right to be angry because they’ve been so badly let down, or people like me for even raising it.

But we’re not the reason the social chasm on our streets is getting ever wider, despite all the pink and squishy propaganda. 

The establishment is the problem every bit as much as the opportunist thugs who believe they own the streets. 

Because the fact is, they’ve had years of being given every reason to believe they do.

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