Ed Lines – January 24, 2020

Ed Lines – January 24, 2020

BRITISH so-called ‘justice’ hasn’t been a fitting description for a long time, much as we like to kid ourselves otherwise.

When it comes to bent cops, prejudiced judges and murderous miscarriages of justice, we’re as bad as most and worse than many.

Back when Derek Bentley, a young fellow with ‘learning difficulties’, was hanged for being an accomplice of petty criminal Christopher Craig – who shot dead a policeman – it ticked every legal box.  

Bentley was judged equally guilty and executed while actual killer Craig, just 16, was spared. Oh that the UK exercised such moral and legal diligence in 2020. You’d have to build a raft of prisons to house every police officer and social services manager ‘guilty’ of turning blind eyes to the rape gangs of Rochdale and Rotherham, Bradford, Huddersfield, Dewsbury, Batley and plenty English towns and cities beyond.

So what if those public servants didn’t personally abuse a generation of young white English children? They just chose not to act on it, tacitly subjecting innocent children to bestial horrors that even resulted in deaths. In itself that screams of making them accessories after the fact. 

Why hasn’t a single one of these people been held to legal account? 

I like to think few people could stand by and watch an elderly lady being mugged in the street without intervening, whatever their limited physical abilities. We have a sense of ‘right’ and ‘justice’.

But an experienced police officer? Someone with a deep grasp of the law, the full weight of its power behind them and a simple remit – to protect the weak, to prevent evil, to uphold the law.

Do we really accept their ‘excuse’ that the criminals were just raping some ‘common slags’ with only themselves to blame for getting hooked on heroin? That their abuse is less important than upsetting their rapists? 

Apparently we do – or did. White children sacrificed to save upsetting a minority ideology. Unbelievable.

LET’S call this as it is, can we? I’m sick and tired of all this ‘Asian’ rape gang BS. Vietnamese rape gangs, were they? Thai or Chinese, maybe? 

As much as the mainstream media dare risk stepping on sensitive toes, they qualify the rapists as “mostly of Pakistani origin”. But this is an ideological, not geographical issue, this regard of ‘kuffar’ women as objects not even considered human.

So yes, the men are mostly Pakistani, but they are overwhelmingly Muslim. Not Sikh or Hindu, certainly not Buddhist. But our feeble authorities are still terrified of using that common link.

I doubt there’s anything holy about these creatures anyway, which makes this religious protectionism even more absurd. But the reason the establishment persists with the ‘Asian’ label, speaks to exactly why the problem existed in the first place.

The race riots of Oldham, Bradford and beyond were all labelled as involving  ‘south Asian’ youths. It’s even used to describe the riots over Salman Rushdie’s book Satanic Verses. Ridiculous. 

That was the British Muslim community flexing its muscles for the first time but combined with the rampant Political Correctness already infecting every element of British public life before and since, it created a toxic get-out-of-jail-free card.

No number of children’s lives were worth causing offence to Muslim communities. When their Imams and community leaders should have been called on to tackle the root causes, it was more convenient for everyone to put their heads in the sand.

And the result, as we’ve seen, was police officers rubber stamping rape gangs. 

Let me be clear – I’m not ‘blaming’ the religion here. But whether those predators’ self-justification is cultural misogyny or a perverted interpretation of their holy book, the evil remains. 

It’s a shame that British Islamic scholars offer comforting words after a terrorist atrocity, yet on this subject the cat seems to have all their tongues. 

So I’d like to call on the wisdom of Mufti Mohammed Amin Pandor, the brother of Kirklees Council leader Shabir Pandor. Mufti Pandor is a faith counsellor at the universities of Huddersfield and Bradford, both areas beset by this epidemic. He must have some insight into why this issue is besetting his specific community.

Dozens of Huddersfield men have been through the rape trial process; over 100 suspects from Dewsbury and Batley remain on bail, under investigation. 

By propagating this generic ‘Asian’ label, the state simply reinforces its pathetic fear of upsetting the community on whose doorsteps the guilt falls.

But while it’s belatedly reassuring that the victims are finally being taken seriously, it doesn’t right the grievous wrongs of police officers who are as guilty now as Derek Bentley was judged then. 

IT’S ironic, the police appetite for witchhunts of celebrities and public servants over the most tenuous historic sex ‘crimes’, when they’ve presided over systemic abuse of children themselves. I doubt they see the irony.

But where the identities of individual officers are known, it is indefensible that they are given effective absolution from justice. 

Civil cases are being prepared, I understand. Good – but not enough. If the police want to earn back our trust, then they should be leading the hunt for the guilty. 

It’s like letting a child steal sweets because you don’t want to upset it. All you’re in fact doing is incubating a bigger problem – which when you look at so many issues from electoral fraud to industrial scale criminality and no-go police areas, is what has been bred.

This story cannot end here.

GOD bless Det Sgt Hathaway! What, Locky hailing a copper? Well, not a real one. Just the excellent Laurence Fox from the TV show Lewis.

Firstly, I’m not a Ricky Gervais fan, but wow, did you see him dish out a serving to the pimped and preened Hollywooders at the Golden Globe Awards? Bravo! Ricky shot the lights out of their virtue-signalling pomposity. 

But Laurence Fox (pictured) didn’t just rumble the PC-brigade during the ever up-itself Question Time, he shoved their weasel words down their throats. They called him a ‘privileged white male’ – and he whacked their brazen racism, sexism and general bigotry right back at them. 

Better still, when the predictable Twitter/social media trolls began their banshee wails, he gave them a serving too. Buy that man a drink on me because it’s time someone called out these proto-fascists for what they are.

PS: Whether either Gervais or Fox ever gets to work in television/film again is another matter. Directors and producers are probably blocking their agents’ calls as we speak. I for one will happily contribute to a crowdfunding page for you to put a play on, Laurence. Viva la revolution!

I WAS invited on to BBC2’s Newsnight (again) on Monday night, to discuss the resignation of Beeb Director General Tony Hall (they know what I think of the Beeb). I declined.

But it strikes me that the BBC is much like the police who threw untold resources at persecuting upstanding members of the establishment, based on the flimsiest fantasies of damaged creatures like Carl Beech. The BBC couldn’t get helicopters in the air fast enough when Sir Cliff Richard was a target of their giddy fixation with historic sex crimes – the vast majority of which have proven to be expensive wastes of everyone’s time. You can’t give back the years of agonies those innocent souls have had taken from them. And again, no-one is made to pay.

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