Ed Lines – January 18, 2019

Ed Lines – January 18, 2019

I HAD a shave this morning. The face looking back at me was still pink-ish; a bit of residual colour from our pre-Chrimbo holiday. Too many lines for my liking, obviously.

It hadn’t turned a vibrant shade of navy, sky or electric though – surprisingly, I hadn’t gone blue in the face, through screaming my frustration at that chamber of snakes, liars and incompetents in Westminster.

The fix is in, folks. It always was. As I’ve said to the point of being blue in the face, there is no ‘deal’ that the EU would be happy with, short of the UK doing a u-turn and remaining. 

Germany almost unthinkably is wavering on recession and quite besides the violent protests shaking France, their 2019 budget will blow EU fiscal rules out of the water. When that happened in Greece, the Germans (aka EU) seized power. Their arm-wrestle with Italy is in deadlock. But France gets a free pass to break the rules.

Well, someone has to pay for the French to retire at 62, on pensions more than double ours. Someone has to fund the multi-million pension pots of the Kinnocks and Peter Mandelson, the lavish lifestyles of the unelected EU Commissioners and their vast army of Eurocrats. That’ll be the dumb Brits.

That’s why the EU offered Cameron nothing but insults; why they did the same repeatedly with May, plus liberal doses of humiliation on top. The more desperately she pleaded, the less she got.

So let’s be clear – it wouldn’t matter if the entire House of Commons united in its approach to Brussels ahead of March 29: there’s nothing on the table, no ‘better’ deal. It. Does. Not. Exist. 

It is British surrender or bust for the EU, as simple as. They could just about stomach the sunk Withdrawal Agreement because it left us in servitude to their jackbooted hegemony. We’d be castrated, impotent, yes, but deep down, they’re praying for May to extend Article 50 and for that to collapse into a Second Referendum. Because they need our money. Sorry – your money.

In three years, nothing has changed in the EU’s position and over the next 10 weeks it’s virtually impossible to see anything else changing. The Irish border? It’s an emotive ruse, nothing more.

So, if this impasse means violent civic strife on the streets of London and/or the collapse of our political establishment (and it’s a ‘yes please’ from me!) they could care less. Be in no doubt here, the UK is the EU’s sworn enemy. There is zero goodwill, just contempt and very short memories. 

This is the summer of 1940 revisited, with today’s Westminster overrun by weak Neville Chamberlains, all of them ignorant to the crumbling EU project and the dire straits of the failing Euro currency. Their banks are in crisis, even the Germans’ biggest, Deutsche Bank. But still, tragically, there is no EU insult the vast majority of MPs won’t gladly swallow to protect their establishment racket.

HERE’S an explanation how they dress up their betrayal, how they cloak their treachery: Arch-Remain MPs ‘promise’ to respect their Leave constituencies and the Brexit vote by ‘negotiating’  an acceptable deal – but under no circumstance will they countenance ‘no deal’. 

Why not? That’s what I voted for. That’s what all of Westminster promised I would get – a clean Brexit, not a dirty fix. But today’s deceit sees Labour and Tory alike screaming their black hysteria, no matter how many times it is sensibly ridiculed. No deal? Aaaargh! Therein lies the end of the world, planes falling out of the skies, starving babies, a collapsed NHS, financial Armageddon. WE CANNOT TAKE YOU OVER THAT CATASTROPHIC PRECIPICE – WE ARE SAVING YOU! they pledge.

It’s a lie. A diabolical attempt at terror-inducing blackmail. It’s Project Fear #99. And underpinning it is the desperate hope that they can somehow finagle a so-called People’s Vote and that next time they can properly terrify us, deceive us, into backing their treachery.

The EU has form – Denmark rejected Maastricht and was told to find a way to say yes. The same happened with Ireland over the Treaties of Nice and Lisbon – the treaty Gordon Brown shamefully agreed without consulting us. The coward didn’t even have the guts to show his face at the public ceremony, sneaking along later to sign away a huge chunk of our sovereignty.

Meanwhile Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron have restated unequivocally that the only way the EU can survive is for nation states to all submit to its federal rule.

If you don’t think your MPs listen to you now, imagine when you’re governed by an unelected, fascist elite that has, and continues, to show exactly how much it despises you – yes, you, English man and woman.

That’s the simple choice here folks. Sure, there will be hiccups with a Clean Brexit on March 30. There will be short term currency/market turbulence because those people love cashing in on a bit of uncertainty. 

But within weeks or months we will have a trade deal with Europe – because they need it more than us – and all will be bright and breezy for Britain’s future, while the EU continues headlong towards the precipice, with more and more of our good European cousins looking to call its bullying bluff.

And if Parliament manages to sabotage that, as it seems intent on? I fear what the future will hold, I really do.

WELL, who would have thought? Fifty-five Catholic priests in Dewsbury and Batley, carrying on sex abuses on an industrial scale for God – pun intended – knows how long. 

Because you know the cases investigated by the mob of National Crime Agency police who had a ‘secret’ dawn meeting at the fire station in Batley Carr have only scratched the surface.

What? It wasn’t Catholic priests? Well if they weren’t the abusers, who could the suspects possibly be? 

I know, the Freemasons – too secretive for my liking, dressing up in their pinnies, with funny handshakes – and stuffed full of cops. Maybe a few Rotary Club types bumped the numbers up, because an organised ring of 55 alleged child rapists – they would surely have to have some characteristic in common...

Naturally the police aren’t saying, while a legion of Kirklees functionaries don tin helmets, mutter ‘sh*t sh*t sh*t’ under their breath and wish those bloody girls could have kept their fat mouths shut. Damn, they thought they’d gotten away with it ... because of course, they all knew this was coming, deep down. We all did.

In fact the only surprise local men and women will have felt at this week’s news of the mass sex gang arrests, is that it took so long to surface.

The last time I saw a Kirklees Council report into potential Child Sexual Exploitation, they were all crowing, slapping each other on the back in congratulation at having escaped the scandal. Phew...

Except, oops, no – in Kirklees it was just buried deeper and ignored more resolutely than in some of the complicit authorities already exposed. And now that all of those little chickens are coming home to roost, they are in meltdown and denial. 

Unsurprisingly, politicians across the board refuse to address the issue, to trust themselves to open their mouths and utter so much as an ‘errr’ – because they are all complicit, at heart. Thankfully MPs Paula Sherriff and Tracy Brabin have stepped up and said the right things, which in fairness they could, being relatively new here.

No doubt many council and Social Services staff will have jumped ship or retired. Others will follow. No one will pay for 20 years of turning blind eyes .

The police who resolutely refused to investigate the makeshift den off Longcauseway in Thornhill Lees, to which car after car of ‘locals’ would turn up to take turns with young white girls?

The concerned resident who reported that eventually destroyed it himself, because the law wasn’t interested.

I heard a few years ago from a girl who suffered the same on Caulms Wood, plus houses in Ravensthorpe and Batley Carr. She wouldn’t give her name, changed her mind about speaking out, and hadn’t been to the police because “they won’t believe me, nobody does”. She hung up.

She knew the common characteristic those men shared, as of course we all do. But we can’t say it in the name of ‘community cohesion’ and because, as the apologists will eventually insist, this isn’t about a barbaric cultural attitude, it’s about human frailty. 

I can think of some pretty unkind motives and mindsets to ascribe to this apparent refusal to face uncomfortable truths. Suffice to say – for now – that those girls deserve far better, from the people who have systematically let them down, and continue to do so.

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