Ed Lines – February 28, 2020

Ed Lines – February 28, 2020

BRAVO to the women who broke decades of silence to finally bring the despicable pervert Harvey Weinstein to justice. 

Let’s hope he has plenty of time to stew over his guilt, although knowing the unpredictable US. justice system, he could either be out in 12 months or locked up for 150 years.

Killing someone can get you anything from a lethal injection to a home curfew in the States, depending on all kinds of things, from celebrity and skin colour, to whether you committed the crime in the liberal north-east or the hang-em-high deep south.

Nothing then, like the good old righteous British justice system – or so it would like us to think – but which this week showed that when it comes to Political Correctness and backside covering, the UK leads the way.

Those dozens, possibly hundreds of women assaulted by Weinstein were at the very least adults of consensual age during the years when so many of them deemed his mauling hands a terrible price worth paying for a leading role in one of his movies.

The 19,000 mostly English children suspected to have been sexually exploited – in just one year mind – had no such career incentive, let alone lifestyle choice.

That figure was uncovered by The Independent newspaper, who further forced the Home Office to admit that, yes, it had a detailed report into the decades of grooming and rape gangs, overwhelmingly of Pakistani Muslim heritage. 

When he was Home Secretary, Sajid Javid had admirably promised the inquiry would have “No no-go areas of inquiry.” He would “not let cultural or political sensitivities get in the way” he insisted. 

Saj is yesterday’s man, but it wouldn’t have mattered. The report is being kept under wraps. The lame excuse offered is that the report’s findings are being used to “formulate government policy” and that – get this – it would not be in the public interest.

Public interest, eh?

That’s one way of saying that people would be so incensed they might actually go drag social services chiefs and comfortably retired ex-detective inspectors out into the street, and hang them from lampposts next to the thousands of vile child rapists still walking the streets today. 

You might even have got a taxi ride from one this week, or bought your morning paper. 

Remember the 55 arrested in Dewsbury and Batley over a year ago? 

The other 40-odd in the next sweep of arrests a few months later? When we asked West Yorkshire Police a few weeks ago – again – what was happening, we got the old “continuing enquiries as part of this highly complex investigation” nutmeg. Blah, blah de blah.

Meanwhile another seven of these animals from Huddersfield were jailed last week, in the case of young girls one of whom thinks – thinks – she might have been used by up to 300 men. That brings the town’s total jailed from a single police operation to 34 although don’t worry, there will be more. The reason some of the rapists can’t be named at the moment is that it might prejudice other ongoing prosecutions. 

In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if Dewsbury and Batley are just waiting their turn for there to be sufficient court capacity.

On hearing of the report cover up, one of the thousands of Rotherham victims said: “The government’s repeated failure to acknowledge the role of racism and religious bigotry in grooming gang crime has led to inadequate investigation, protection and prosecution.”

Someone give that woman a medal, because that one sentence amounts to a more insightful, incisive condemnation of this generation of state-authorised rape, than any single politician of the past 10 years has contributed.

A government spokesperson said they were “pursuing a number of fronts to understand the characteristics of group-based offending” with a view to “giving the public confidence in the criminal justice system.”

Lordy, lordy. And with that, you have the codified admission that the authorities are scared stiff of what they’ve discovered, and it’s all hands to the pump in efforts to cover one another’s backsides and wish this would all go away.

Politicians, police chiefs and local authority chiefs – ladies and gentlemen, I give you Britain’s cabal of Harvey Weinsteins, except with more victims. And they’ll all get away with it.

STILL on a legal theme this week and the much anticipated into the Metropolitan Police’s eye-wateringly expensive (austerity, what austerity?) investigation into fantastical allegations of an organised Westminster paedophile network.

It didn’t exist, in anything but the wild imaginations of accuser Carl Beech, overly exciteable  ex-Labour deputy leader Tom Watson, and hordes of senior coppers who prefer playing CSI Miami than keeping London’s streets safe.

The report did however, throw into the daylight decades of corrupt politicians and police chiefs who watched each other’s backs, in terms of their various sexual predilections. 

Well slap my thigh and go to the foot of our stairs – you don’t say!

Lord David Steel (pictured) threw himself on the spikes of his admission that he knew fellow Liberal bedmate – pun intended – Cyril Smith was a child abuser, but still nominated him for a knighthood.

Steel ‘retired from public life’ this week with much ill grace. Reading between the lines he seemed to be inferring that ‘those were different times. It was okay to be a kiddy fiddler – people didn’t make the almighty public fuss they do now!’ Aw diddums. What they call the ‘good old days’ eh, David?

I’m not one to re-write history as the rabid Left continuously do, especially if it bad mouths the country that tolerates their madness, but at what point does the blind-eye of people like Steel, qualify as being an accomplice?

I suspect too many high profile individuals guilty by association of knowing the sins of people like Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith, remain too close to the sins of the recent past, to invest in rooting more of the evil out. 

IF HOWEVER, you served as a member of the armed forces in Northern Ireland during the troubles, you have a football-sized bulls-eye pinned to your chest. You are fair game.

In what was a de facto war zone, where only one side had to ‘fight fair’, the British establishment is now throwing to the wolves old and infirm ex-servicemen who have previously been cleared of wrongdoing.

More than that, they are subjecting them to effective kangaroo courts, without benefit of a jury, while blithely clearing of mass murders, hundreds of loyalist and republican terrorists.

In Northern Ireland, it isn’t just Catholics who can be absolved of all their sins – and not by a priest, but the British state.

Come on Boris – get your teeth into these rank injustices and clear the judiciary out.

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