Ed Lines – February 22, 2019

SHAMIMA BEGUM, the ISIS bride who “wasn’t fazed” at the sight of her first sawn-off head, and who thinks the slaughtered Manchester Arena children had it coming, is a very silly girl.

Of the many mistakes she will hopefully come to regret, the cardinal sin of opening her gob to bigwig British journalists will probably plague her most. Her naïve hope of winning a sympathetic audience was as stupid as it was doomed – especially when the doe-eyed terrorist was foolishly honest about her beliefs. What was she thinking?

Far smarter would have been for Shamima and sprog to find a way back to the UK and surrender to the authorities without a single media headline. I’d wager she’d be quietly ushered back into the bosom of her extremist family with the minimum of fuss. 

As it is, I am all in favour of reuniting Shamima with her family – indeed if someone wants to start a crowdfunding page to ship the lot of them to a refugee camp in Syria, my tenner’s ready and waiting. Oh go on, make it £20 – it’d be worth it.

I would like to think that every British citizen who fled to join Islamic State with eyes wide open, perished in its vile cause. I’m not a vindictive man, so I wouldn’t necessarily wish it in the barbaric manner of the deaths they inflicted on other innocents – throwing suspected gay men off buildings, beheading hostages or burning captured soldiers alive. A swift and simple drone strike from a silent sky would suffice. Goodbye. Enjoy paradise.

Failing that, melting away into desert hell holes with the ragged remnants of their brothers and sisters in arms would be fine. Leave them to suffer their fates.

But there’s an elephant in the Shamima Begum room, which is the sizeable number of ISIS fighters and their women – the estimate is in the hundreds – already back on the streets of Britain. They’ve quietly leaked back into society with a tolerant nod and a wink from the authorities, who hope they’ve learned sufficiently from the horrors they witnessed to appreciate a quiet life back amongst the hated kuffar.

It’s like rolling bombs down random streets, not letting local residents know, and just hoping they don’t go off. 

And I can assure you of this – asking the Home Office how many IS fighters are home is pointless. Don’t even bother inquiring after specific individuals like Dewsbury’s Hassan Munshi, whose pal Talha Asmal blew himself up. You will be met with a stone wall of silence. It’s ‘security’ you know, we can’t divulge such sensitive information. Maybe throw in a ‘Data Protection’ excuse for good measure. 

Now, we can argue over whether this is a clever government/security strategy, or a desperately blind hope that the defeated terrorists are all reformed characters. I know my guess.

Still, I admire Home Secretary Savid Javid’s decision to strip the young woman of UK citizenship – but I suspect that’s as much a declaration of his hardline credentials in the battle to replace Theresa May as anything else.

Indeed one side-effect of Javid’s decision has been to encourage the confected outrage on behalf of Shamima Begum. We see it time and again – any punitive remedy is hyped up by the usual suspects into an attack on all British Muslims. 

Begum’s tub-thumping solicitor is Tasnime Akunjee, the man who was drafted in to ramp up the hysteria in the case of a bullied Huddersfield schoolboy whose family pocketed £150,000 of crowdfunding. That was the Almondbury case where Kirklees Council leader Shabir Pandor’s brother, the Batley cleric Mohammed Amin Pandor, was prominent amongst the howling throng. They don’t miss a chance.

The war against ISIS in Iraq and Syria may have been won, but the browbeating campaign of the Far Left and the Muslim Brotherhood to subdue and silence indigenous Britons is as strident as ever. And if you dare to question these people and their motives, you’re immediately and increasingly painted into a ‘far right’ corner.  I know all about that.

The ideological battle to conquer Britain and the west is being continuously fought on our streets, not just the sands of Syria. That’s the flag of war that Shamima Begum’s cause has been transformed into – with the implicit narrative that the next Islamic terror attack on British streets will be all our own fault for victimising ‘poor’ Shamima and her misunderstood cohorts. That’s how they roll, folks.

I hope Sajid Javid stands by his line in the sand on this. I don’t hold out much hope.

PITY the bewildered group of Dutch politicians who visited London to get their heads round our MPs’ stance on Brexit. They’re probably all laid on psychiatrists’ couches. 

To compare our political establishment with feral cats fighting in a sack, is to insult the cats. Westminster is in mad turmoil and the only constant is the frit visage of our disastrous Prime Minister Theresa May.

Theresa the Appeaser was back in Brussels on Wednesday trying to get some sense out of EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. I trust the meeting was before noon, otherwise Juncker the Drunkard would probably have been three sheets to the wind. Either way, she’d have got nothing from the old goat except maybe a boozy kiss and a squeezed buttock.

Meanwhile, back home chaos was running amok with spoiled, smug MPs gathering in a far corner of the Westminster playground shouting “who wants to be in our gang?” Children, children! It was wonderful to see.

Jeremy Corbyn and his inner circle had the bottom lip out over anti-semitic accusations, but there’s a reason those charges stick – because it’s written through Corbyn and his Stalinist cohorts like Blackpool rock. Watching them ‘deny’ is like watching a Leeds Utd fan in the middle of Man Utd’s Stretford End as he ‘cheers’ the home side. You can feel the pain in every breath.

But the anti-semitic bickering of the Labour deserters was a distraction, because this was purely and simply about trying to sabotage Brexit. That was proven by arch-Tory remainers joining them – they have no common ground other than their puerile, foot-stomping demand for a second referendum. They want to try kick the March 29th Article 50 deadline down the road, cause enough chaos that May’s fragile government collapses, with their risible ‘People’s Vote’ being a hopeful by-product. That’s their be-all and end-all. A shorter description of it might be treason.

Their refusal to do the honourable thing and resign to fight a by-election – as Tories Mark Reckless and Douglas Carswell did when they joined UKIP – lays bare their rank hypocrisy. They only trust the people when they can guarantee the outcome. They truly believe they know better than us.

The madness now gripping Westminster will only become coherent when reflected on from a year or two hence, but I will make one prediction – that we will have witnessed a seismic shift in British society and politics, one which will hopefully have consigned people like Anna Soubry to deserved anonymity. And if a meaningful Brexit isn’t delivered, more than her will pay a hefty price.

IT’S been many years since I won anything at golf except an occasional pint, but in the unlikely event I join a club in the near future, I’m going to borrow a skirt from the missus and enter every Ladies Veterans comp I can find.

Playing off forward tees and hitting the ball 100 yards further than them? Have it! And if anyone complains, they can take their pick of a three-wood round the noggin, or a lawsuit under transphobia legislation. 

See the bloke on this photo? The one with no boobs, the full meat and two veg (we’re assured) who towers over the two women he beat to a cycling World Championship? His name is Rachel McKinnon and are you really telling me that is anything like a level playing field?

I truly don’t care about anyone’s choice of sexual partner, pronoun, or party frock, so long as they’re not whipping their schlong out in a bathroom with young girls in it, or otherwise frightening the horses. Each to their equal opportunity own.

But when a brave gay rights campaigner like Martina Navratilova is demonised for holding an entirely fair view that people like McKinnon should not be competing against biological women, we’re losing the plot.

These trans-maniacs are the haters, not the reasonable people who are genuinely raising serious issues. They must be resisted.

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