Ed Lines – December 7, 2018

Ed Lines – December 7, 2018

WITH the next ‘big one’ looming ever closer, I confess that I remember very little about my many birthdays. However one in particular stands out – December 15, 1970. A Tuesday, I seem to recall.

School was Cardinal Hinsley RC Grammar in Bradford and I recall spending lunchtime of my 12th birthday being chased off the playground and across the fields of Tong. I could shift a bit. I got away – for then.

I couldn’t get away when cornered in the boys’ toilets though, where I was given the traditional birthday bumps – with a difference. I wasn’t caught after being thrown in the air, I was left to hit the tiled floor, whereupon a few half-hearted boots were put in – my, the joy and laughter of those fun-loving Catholic schoolboys! And instead of ending with a chorus of ‘happy birthday’ my head was shoved down the toilet.

It’s a shame there wasn’t social media and iPhones back then, and that I wasn’t a refugee from a far flung land – the Lockies might have been quids-in, judging by the fall-out from a bullying incident at a Huddersfield school last week. (As a point of interest, that was my final week at Hinsley’s because those birthday events were not a one-off. Dewsbury Technical School was a life saver.)

Bullying usually has a root cause, absolutely none of them acceptable, from allegedly being a Syrian refugee as in last week’s £150,000 jackpot case, to being a fat kid, a speccy four-eyes, or not being able to afford trendy clothes.

I remember my mum scrimping to buy me a parka coat – remember parkas? – except mine was a cheaper, imitation version, because it was all she could afford. It didn’t last long, because those fun-loving pupils used its drawstrings to tie me to an upstairs seat on the school bus. I was eventually found and cut loose by a bus station employee. The coat was ruined and I probably cried – well, I was just a kid (and in case you’re looking for a box of tissues, don’t bother, because I got a few of those lads back over the years).

Anyway, as the Fascist Left prepare for their rally in Batley town centre on Saturday morning to protest the rise of the ‘far right’ and ‘media bias’ (that’ll be me I suppose, given this is Coun Fazila Loonat’s cronies at work) I should explain what seemed to be behind my woes.

There was name-calling attached back then too, because apparently I was a ‘Paki lover’. Yes really. I expect that throws a bit of a metaphorical spanner in the works of the extremists who will be gathering in Batley market place under their peace-loving Momentum banner. Lockwood the ‘Paki lover’? Who’d have thought?

Being asthmatic from a very young age, and before it was as medically well-managed as today, I was often laid up. With no television to speak of, I read a lot. Prodigiously in fact.

So when in history lessons at Hinsley’s we were discussing the British Empire and the booming south Asian migration into places like Dewsbury and Bradford, I argued the economic case for post-war migration in industries like textiles, plus the responsibilities of the UK to residents of Commonwealth nations like Pakistan, India and the West Indies. In the eyes of a handful of pupils that equalled ‘Paki lover’. 

IT’S A lousy fact of life – kids can be cruel and bullying is something no school can ever completely eradicate. 

But I’m not sure bullying was what that Almondbury school viral video was about – let alone racist bullying. Kids of all colours and creeds fall out and have fights every day, but none of us know the full context of that incident. 

However when the generally reticent council leader Shabir Pandor starts sending Whatsapp statements to journalists talking tough on Almondbury and his brother Mufti Mohammed Amin Pandor turns up outside the school leading protests, you begin to see the agenda here.

Social media is a dangerous and often misleading place and it is weaponised far more insidiously and militantly by the left than any wild-eyed idiots on the mad margins of the right.

Whatever the truths, rights or wrongs of that incident, a bigger question burns for me: Why weren’t the Pandor brothers outside Leeds Crown Court when a couple of dozen of their religious/cultural brethren were being locked up for gang raping children?

Where are they when lone white kids are being routinely beaten up on the streets of Batley and Dewsbury by predatory gangs of Asian youths? Despite the police’s best attempts to pretend it doesn’t happen, it does.

Why aren’t there crowd funding pages set-up by the Fascist Left rabble for the dozens, hundreds, nay thousands of non-Muslim girls subject to years, decades of systemic rape and trafficking, with the implicit nod and a wink of police forces and local authorities?

I noticed a particularly odious Momentum devotee named Alexander Ascough – who got gobby at Tracy Brabin’s Batley Nash Q&A and promptly babbed himself when confronted – prominent at the charging of the latest 30 alleged child rapists in Huddersfield.

Was Ascough standing in solidarity with those betrayed kids? No, he was implicitly defending the accused by trying to pin the pathetic ‘Islamophobe’ label on righteously furious citizens. 

Ascough will likely be front and centre in Batley on Saturday, spouting his tripe.

Meanwhile in the halls of Kirklees, Coun Pandor and friends continue being terrified of an independent inquiry into their appeasement of the district’s rape gangs – and as a not coincidental aside, I can tell you that police raids continue apace in Batley and Dewsbury. 

The longer politicians and the Fascist Left apologists maintain a sullen silence and refuse to acknowledge the real horrors on our doorsteps, the more they stand very fairly condemned of being part of the problem. 

The more they try to silence any opposing or alternative views with their thuggish behaviour and name-calling, the more they show themselves for what they really are – plain and simple bullies.

THE Brexit panto season continues unabated – will we leave? “Oh yes we will ... Oh no we won’t!” And wherever you look “she’s behind you!” – the deluded Wicked Witch of Downing Street, Theresa the Appeaser.

I don’t think anyone’s going to be applauding and demanding an encore when this performance finally grinds to its interminable end though.

I’ve tried to give up being infuriated by it all because it’s really not good for you. Suffice to say May is not the only blathering idiot in all of this, because the entire Houses of Parliament are twisting their knickers in a bizarre display of self immolation. The people will make a lot of them pay with their jobs at the next opportunity, I don’t doubt.

But we are where we are – which is exactly where we were on June 24th 2016, then when Article 50 was invoked and the first time May and her traitors sat down opposite Michel Barnier.

The EU has offered us nothing except bullying (topical!) and blackmail, not at any point of this charade. 

They made clear they wouldn’t negotiate or concede an inch, and never will. May’s moronic ‘deal’ is a lifelong noose around the UK’s neck. Why on earth would they ever reliquish that mortal power?

If you think surrendering to these people is good for us in any possible way, then you know something I don’t.

NEWS from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation that 20% of all Brits and typically nine out of a class of 30 children are living in ‘poverty’ would be earth-shattering but for two things. 

Firstly, it’s the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, which in general terms is a massive waste of money that could be far better used to take people out of poverty – or indeed, to just pay for as many ordinary folk as possible a free Christmas booze-up. 

Secondly, this ‘poverty’ they mention is nothing of the sort they’d like the gullible public to believe. You can be grossly obese, have your satellite telly, smoke 20 a day and have a nice smartphone and still be living in so-called ‘poverty’ according to these cossetted fools. 

It’s a report that needs considering in conjunction with the one that reveals teachers are having to change nappies on four-year-olds because their bone-idle, feckless parents never got round to potty training them.

That’ll be poverty as well – which indeed it is; poverty of responsibility, poverty of work ethic, poverty of most of the human qualities that have been bred-and-benefited out of large swatches of society by two generations of Politically Correct neo-liberal idiots like the Rowntree Foundation.

Oh, there is a third reason too – the poverty report was also another thinly disguised Project Fear attack on Brexit, because if we do leave, then there will be skeletal remains on every street  probably having a last gasp on a fag.

It’s a problem, isn’t it – allowing these poverty-stricken proletarians such a dangerous thing as a vote on such vital matters...? 

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