Ed Lines – December 28, 2018

Ed Lines – December 28, 2018

I’VE not actually met new Batley and Spen Neighbourhood Police Inspector Dorian James, but he seemed an earnest and committed enough chap when he appeared on the panel at MP Tracy Brabin’s public Q&A evening.

I’m not nailing my first impressions to the mast just yet though, because he couldn’t find time to attend a pow-wow of beleaguered Birstall traders, instead sending a couple of junior staff plus a well meaning letter explaining exactly how committed he and his colleagues are.

But it was a line in Insp James’s ‘reassuring’ letter that hit home like a size 12 in the goolies: “… police funding has been significantly reduced due to austerity and we have lost around £140million.”

I guess that’s how you pass your Inspector’s exam these days:

Q: ‘So, candidate, you are faced with an anti-social crime wave. What is your solution?’

A: ‘Blame the Tory cuts. Unless the suspects are Transgender, in which case we throw them a party and all dress up like Kylie.’

Congratulations, go to the top of the class!

The timing of Insp James crying the poor tale was unfortunate, given my recent police experience and the laughable ‘inquiry’ into its circumstances, the nuts and bolts of which are on page 3.

In the greater scheme of things my armed arrest was no big deal. No-one got successfully stitched up, beaten up, sent down, put down, bribed, blackmailed, or any of the other colourful criminal activities that are the bread and butter of British police forces up and down the land.

And by the way folks, if you really want to get inside the Politically Correct-driven, often corrupt machinations of your police force, follow a fellow journalist called Neil Wilby on Twitter (@Neil_Wilby) or visit his website at neilwilby.com.

But what Chief Supt Julie Sykes and her chief backside-coverer DI Mark Atkinson did was petty, vindictive and  in my opinion it was wrong. 

So I’ll stick at it like a dog with a bone, because that’s my job.

I’m sure hapless PC James Atherton will get his Detective Constable’s stripe soon enough, based on taking the fall for Atkinson. 

You have to ask, why would a Chief Superintendent, another Superintendent (Marianne Huison) and a Detective Inspector all sit in on a phone call to a bloke they really want to make into a suspect, but actually isn’t?

I’ll restate this – when police get a decent CCTV image of a suspect it’s about the only time they actively cooperate with the press, because we help do a job they clearly aren’t up to for the most part (cue ‘bloody Tory cuts’ waffle again).

But no. Sykes and her pet poodle Atkinson wanted to smear me with a ‘race hate’ crime that was and is frankly absurd. That’s how petty these snivelling pen pushers are – we’ll throw sh*t at Lockwood and some of it will stick, even though we know he’s actually got nothing to do with it. Fingers crossed...

As for the much-lauded money shortages?

According to the internal inquiry by another Det Insp, this one a certain Matthew Hawker, DI Atkinson had North Yorks Police visit my home “on several occasions” in an effort to arrest me. In fact I was home from the Thursday conversation with Atherton until heading into the office on Monday. 

I might have walked the dog for an hour but that’s all. None of the neighbours saw any police cars up our drive, Mrs L didn’t get a knock.

Mind you, short of huge signpost, what would you expect from the Keystones? When they arrested me in 2013, a giddy Dewsbury inspector and sergeant took my keys and jollied off to York to have a nosy. They should have asked – the keys were for a different house. I’m sure they picked up some great bargains at the McArthur Glen Designer Outlet on the way back though (assuming they could find it).

So, several hours of wasted time for two officers in this latest incident, just for starters.

Then, eight armed police for the best part of a morning sat waiting at vantage points along the A64 until my car triggered the Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras, before their dramatic ‘swoop’. And I’ll bet that got the juices flowing – very ‘Sweeney’ boys. You heroes.

Another officer to bring a police van from Selby and transport me to York (can’t really count the custody staff) but then two more Kirklees Plods to pick me up in another van to get to Dewsbury. All so that PC Atherton, accompanied by a sullen, po-faced colleague, could sit and make a complete tit of himself.

What do you reckon? Thousands of pounds I’d say, just to inconvenience a journalist. I’m sure cuts have hurt – so it’s a shame they’re busier wasting money pursuing petty grudges than proper criminals.

I’m sure Sykes has insulated herself on this, while Atkinson is either a stooge or simply thick. He can choose.

I DON’T know where the transgender madness ends, except quite possibly with the end of the world – in the seemingly likely scenario that everyone ultimately has to identify as gender neutral, because it’s only a matter of time (possibly weeks or days) that making a flirtatious pass at anyone, a he, a she or a they, will be outlawed.

Clearly the only suitable punishment for a self-designating male suggesting someone occupying an alternative spot on the human spectrum is a tad attractive, will be castration. 

Presumably all our bits will be harvested and transplanted onto short-haired, foul-tempered things that want the full meat and two veg, for when they ‘marry’ their realigning partner who has had a nice set of top wotsits grafted on, but can’t quite stomach having the lower half removed just yet.

I mean, let’s be honest – as we all know, it’s a ‘woman’s’ prerogative to change its mind! Who knows when the gender madness might turn full circle and it will be suddenly de rigeur to actually be a fully functioning, red blooded male? Best hedge the bets, chapesses.

Nah, it’ll never happen so good luck maintaining a surviveable human birth rate in all those warped circumstances.

And it certainly won’t happen if virtue signalling numpties like actor Dominic West get their way. West was in The Sunday Times calling for the next James Bond to be a serving TS army officer, Capt Hannah Graf.

I suppose it’s besides the point that Graf is a soldier not an actor – West probably thinks James Bond is real – but why didn’t he suggest Capt Graf’s husband Jake, who IS an actor, and happens to be a man who was born a woman.

Confused yet? I sure am and can I stress, I am entirely happy to leave these people to their own fun and games without any judgment whatsoever, because what goes on behind closed doors is their business alone. Apparently this pair are planning on starting a family and the Lord alone knows how that’s going to work. Good luck to them and I await Eddie Izzard (left) being cast as the next Marvel superhero.

However. If only it was so simple. I haven’t done the National Lottery since it explicitly covered up the multiple funding rackets operating out of the Taleem Community Centre in Savile Town.

Now we hear that the Big Lottery Fund has thrown nearly £500,000 at a militant trans activist for ‘PR and leadership empowerment’ (ie bullying ‘ordinary’ people including homosexuals into accepting the ‘new normal’). 

This on top of another half-million to a group of activists who promote sex change surgery for children – and all of it as grants are cut to charities serving the elderly, victims of domestic abuse and one called Abused Men in Scotland (presumably Nicola Sturgeon’s husband has his own charity).

Please, someone find me a political party that will stand up for common sense – and put a much-needed brake on this sexual extremism and unregulated quangoes like the Big Lottery Fund that are a perversion all to themselves.

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