Ed Lines – August 17, 2018

Ed Lines – August 17, 2018

WE GENERALLY print letters and emails taking issue with the stuff I write in this column. One from a certain Karl Stone, from Ossett, got the ‘delete’ button on Monday though.

Mr Stone was basically suggesting that Boris Johnson and I were encouraging “right-wing nutters” to beat up Muslim women. 

One plus one equals 11 for some people I suppose. 

All I can say is that if I saw anyone haranguing a woman in public – whether wearing a face veil or even something so objectionable as a Leeds United shirt – I would step in to defend her. 

But that’s the thing – you rarely, if ever, hear of such instances and given how keenly zealous West Yorkshire Police are when highlighting hate crimes against Muslims, I think we would.

It seems that for all the left-wing rhetoric, actually, we white, old fashioned Brits are quite tolerant, civil and even polite with pretty much everyone we encounter.

Who’d have thought we can disagree with something without staging a violent rally, as the far left is so fond of doing, eh? Remember the brutal murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich?

In the wake of that, the group Tell Mama (Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks) of which our old friend Shahid Malik is chairman, was swift to portray ordinary British Muslims as the real victims of that horrendous crime.

I’d say that cynically manipulating the virtual beheading of a young British soldier on the capital’s streets is a crime in itself.

But when it then emerged that of Tell Mama’s reported 212 ‘attacks’ on Muslims in the week after of Lee Rigby’s murder, 120 were social media rubbish, 35 were unverified and there was no evidence – zero – of anyone at all suffering physical injury, then I’d call it malicious. 

I’d go so far as to describe it as race hate even, because the group’s founder and chief trough-snouter, Fiyaz Mughal, was deliberately, maliciously, exaggerating and manipulating a delicate national situation to create further division.

There was also Mughal’s financial agenda of attracting more publicity and funds in order to further promote division, suspicion and hatred – which is what I would say Tell Mama’s goal is. No doubt they would disagree.

Tell Mama hit the jackpot thanks to ex-Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg buying Mughal’s BS and handing him £214,000 while he was in coalition with David Cameron.

After the scandalous post-Lee Rigby claims the government said it was ending their funding. Yet as recently as 2016 they got a £182,000 handout from the government.

Maybe I should set up my own charity – ‘Tell Locky’ (Look Out, Corbynmania’ll Kill You) to monitor hate crimes by far-left fanatics, who denigrate and defame any patriotic, white citizen who dares to raise reasonable concerns about our troubled society.

Where do I go collect my £200,000...?

MENTION of Jeremy Corbyn there. He’s a boy, isn’t he, where telling the truth is concerned? Donald Trump but with a moderately better hairstyle.

By the day, photos emerge of Jezza laying a wreath to Palestinian terrorists, giving a Muslim Brotherhood salute … you can barely find a picture of IRA godfather Gerry Adams without noticing Corbyn lurking in the background. 

He hero worships any and every extremist group dedicated to the downfall of the west – and specifically the country he wants to run.  Run into the ground more like.

Corbyn always has done though, and the one honourable thing about this traitor is that at least he doesn’t claim to have changed his mind since getting Labour’s top job – unlike the vast majority of Labour MPs who considered him a total laughing stock, but are now happily clinging to his coattails in the hope of personal advancement.

When Jezza’s called out on his lies it evokes a classic Trump-like ‘I missspoke’ excuse, without batting an eyelid. What chutzpah (if I can use a Jewish term in this context).

I loved Jezza’s coded quote “Labour’s anti-semites don’t speak for me”. Indeed they don’t. His own words and deeds suffice.

SO, ENGLAND cricketer Ben Stokes – guilty, except not as charged.

Guilty of being a rude idiot. Guilty of associating with craven liars (teammate Alex Hales).

Guilty of breach of the peace, guilty of being drunk and disorderly, guilty of threatening behaviour and probably guilty of common assault – at least under standards that would apertain to members of the general public.

But not guilty of affray, much as I suspected. There are a couple of reasons, the first being the charge itself.

Sure, Stokes and the other men involved in the fracas, but particularly Ryan Ali (who Stokes floored eventually) behaved in a manner contrary to public order laws. 

But affray? In its strict legal definition, apart from the fighting element amongst a group of people, affray means that it would “cause a person of reasonable firmness present at the scene to fear for his personal safety”.

I’m not sure how you prove that, but watching Stokes and the rest falling about drunk and throwing wild haymakers might have had me in stitches laughing, but I doubt I’d be in the required state of terror of requiring actual stitches.

Self defence is the ‘go-to’ excuse in such matters and it worked for Stokes just as it had for ex-Liverpool superstar Steven Gerrard – again for affray – when CCTV showed him flattening a bloke in a bar in a completely unprovoked attack. 

Almost unbelievably, Gerrard said he mistakenly thought the other man was going to punch him – so he got his retaliation in first. It’s a wonder a jury of Scousers managed to keep a straight face, but they did and promptly cleared him.

Given that a jury also contrived to find OJ Simpson not guilty of murder, clearly the burden of proof is much higher for sports heroes – not that it will be much solace to serial moron and soon-to-be ex-England RU star Danny Cipriani, who as I write is still in a Jersey police cell.

What is it with these pampered athletes and a complete inability to hold their beer? 

Then there’s the second reason for the Stokes verdict. Juries aren’t as sensitive – or as vindictive – as the Crown Prosecution Service is when trying to nail a ‘star’.

The only hurt in this case was to the idiots involved, while the supposed gay ‘victims’ that Stokes claimed to be defending were so far off their heads that neither prosecution nor defence trusted them as witnesses.

And which juror wants to go back to work or the pub and tell everyone he’s had one of England’s top sporting heroes sent down? That’s a recipe for Nobby No Mates right there.

With no complaint from either of the parties involved, and given how the police routinely get rid of cases with a caution, you have to wonder why common sense wasn’t applied here.

Well, no you don’t. Somebody in the police/CPS wanted to make a name for themselves, be the one who brought that bloke Stokes down a peg or two.

But having said all of that and given what appeared clear video evidence of Hales’s violent involvement, why wasn’t he dealt with at all?

Maybe it’s as simple as somebody in the CPS having a thing against gingers. Or maybe Hales went to their old school.

It wouldn’t surprise me.

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