Ed Lines – April 26, 2019

Ed Lines – April 26, 2019

ANOTHER week, more massacres and murders, and thousands more on the streets bringing London to a standstill in the name of one cause or another. 

It’s as if the world is in the grip of some zombie-like mass hysteria. Wherever you look, societies are falling apart.

I doubt you’d get many of the unwashed and seemingly unemployed Extinction Rebellion rabble who wreaked havoc in our capital standing shoulder to shoulder with the masses of ex-soldiers and bikers protesting the prosecution of troops from the Bloody Sunday tragedy in 1972. 

At least those rallies met, made their point and left, unlike the climate change crew who would have been water-cannoned off Waterloo Bridge if they’d been Brexit protesters.

I assume the climate change activists all walked to London, although if they are serious about tackling carbon emissions, they’ll need to board a plane for Beijing. You could turn the UK into one big prehistoric camp-fire commune and it wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference, but China?

If they want to carry the fight to the big global polluters I’ll happily chip in a few quid – I hear Tiananmen Square is perfect for glueing yourselves to the railings … best of luck, but be sure to get back in time to protest Donald Trump’s summer state visit!

At least the public will have seen plenty of coverage of the Extinction Rebellion civil disobedience on the BBC, because their cause fits the BBC’s Politically Correct narrative perfectly. But the thousands of bikers, parading peacefully,, outraged at the prosecution of ‘Soldier F’ after almost 50 years? The thousands of beret-wearing army veterans marching in the same cause? Where the BBC is concerned, they are probably now categorised as ‘Far Right’ and thus non-causes, non-newsworthy.

And speaking of Northern Ireland, cue some idiot spraying bullets towards police and taking the life of journalist Lyra McKee. Tragic, but I did wonder if Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn stopped off for a comradely Guinness with his old IRA sidekicks when he obeyed the three-line whip to attend her funeral. I imagine it made for an uncomfortable few hours for the Republican diehard, who is more used to mourning IRA terrorists than their victims.

Desperate not to miss out on stirring up the civil strife, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon threw her own tuppenny hand grenade into the chaos, demanding another Scottish independence referendum if we leave the EU. Oh yes, Brexit – that’s about to get lively again, following the MPs all swanning off on their Easter holidays. (And someone please educate me here: Wee Krankie is not happy to be in a political partnership with Westminster, but would gladly be ruled by Brussels? Is this really less about Scottish independence than hating, the English?)

ALL OF that before we even get to the big news, the massacre of 359 innocent souls in Sri Lanka, a country that has lived in relative peace – at least since the Tamil rebels and thousands of Tamil-supporting citizens were killed in the civil war the government won in 2009. 

Strange, isn’t it, how you can legitimise murder by calling it ‘war’? And this in a country 75% Buddhist, which I always thought was the religion of peace. Hey ho.

It’s noticeable that when a maniac ran amok in New Zealand, the world screeched to a sudden halt with everyone in public life looking for the nearest Muslim to hug. I wonder if Kiwi Prime Minister Jacinta Ardern has taken off her virtue-signalling hijab yet?

Cue a horde of Islamist lunatics to blow hundreds of innocents to kingdom come and political leaders the world over were offering condolences to the murdered ‘Easter worshippers’. They really are terrified of speaking the truth, aren’t they? You mean more Christians murdered by Muslims? No? Cat got your tongue?

Last year 4,136 Christians were killed for faith-related reasons. That’s 11 a day. Most were in strict Islamic states, but even in majority Hindu  India, Christians increasingly face extreme persecution. In addition to those 11 killed, six Christian women a day are raped, sexually assaulted or forced to marry a Muslim man under threat of death.

You don’t see or hear that on the BBC, do you? But, perversely, you undoubtedly would if the situation was in reverse.

The Islamic State-inspired suicide bombers were reportedly avenging the New Zealand Muslims killed by Brenton Tarrant. I can’t find it said anywhere that Tarrant was Christian, just an unhinged Aussie white supremacist. If only we could put all the nutcases on an island together to sort themselves out.

It is also true that many Muslims continue to die for their faith, but the reason that isn’t shouted from the rooftops is because they are killed by fellow Muslims. It’s far more soothing – even if it’s incontrovertibly wrong – to just keep repeating the mantra, ‘Islam is a religion of peace … Islam is a religion of peace’.

Tell that to the 37 people beheaded by our western-friendly allies in Saudi Arabia this week. Apparently their collective sin was promoting extremism, because of course lopping heads off and hacking journalist Jamal Khasoggi to death isn’t extreme at all. No comment on that Mrs May? Mr Trump? Didn’t think so.

The fact that – thank God – most Muslims are peaceful people who abhor these hateful acts is a different point altogether. But until society is mature enough to confront the truth of what many of their fanatical brethren believe, we’ll continue walking blindly towards the precipice.

I’d like to recommend the words of the eminently sensible Imam Mohamad Tahwidi: “If suicide bombing is a shortcut to paradise, whoever told you would have blown himself up before you.”

Indeed, although I should add that Sunni Muslims have been instructed to kill Imam Tawhidi on sight. Wrong kind of Muslim you see. Shia. 

I don’t suppose those climate change zealots would take much solace in me agreeing that mankind is under threat – but it won’t be the planet waving us bye-bye. We’re well set for wiping ourselves out, long before planet earth burps and decides to start all over.

Stop the world please, I want to get off.

IT’S ONLY taken six months, but I’ve finally got the result of the IOPC ‘investigation’ (no, don’t laugh, this is serious) into my armed arrest last September.

Nothing to see here, move right along, you asked for it Lockwood.

I expected nothing else because the police force exists firstly to look after its own, secondly to enforce Politically Correct doctrines, thirdly to dress up in Robocop gear, and lastly, as time allows, to occasionally bag a baddie. And boy do we have plenty of those round here.

Reading the detailed IOPC response, I half-felt I’d wasted valuable police time because this was always going to be the outcome. In cleaning three or four malignly motivated Kirklees officers’ backsides, the IOPC left no sheet of bog roll unbrowned.

Meanwhile, our streets are increasingly lawless. I relocated our businesses from Dewsbury town centre because it was a dangerous, no-go area after dark, especially for female employees. Batley felt safer but now the casual theft, vandalism and anti-social behaviour is rocketing. Shop break-ins are nightly – all three businesses in our building have had windows put through – and the police neither deter nor care. 

The main response is another hi-vis platitude from officers adept at PR-speak but useless at dealing with criminal behaviour.

As I ‘filed’ the IOPC whitewash in the bin, I pondered over what my reaction would be if I saw a copper getting a kicking in the street. Would I pile in to help him as I would any other citizen of whatever colour, creed or persuasion? The fact that I even have to think about it tells you how far in public estimation these pretenders have fallen. Because I very much doubt that if the situation was reversed, that officer would be inclined to assist me. Health and safety, don’t you know…

I’VE no idea who I’ll vote for at the local elections next Thursday.

I’ve had one Lib Dem leaflet with not a word from anyone else. If stick comes to lift and it’s just the three main parties plus the away-with-the-fairies Greens, I’ll have to spoil my ballot paper with a ‘None of the above’, which is a shame.

For those of you lucky enough to have the opportunity to send a message to the mainstream parties, be it the Tories for their Brexit betrayal, Labour for their cynical infection of Kirklees Council, or the Lib Dems just for being the feeble Lib Dems, I hope you use it. 

Even if it is just to actively refuse to endorse the trough-snouting usual suspects, please get out and make your voice heard.

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