Ed Lines – April 19, 2019

Ed Lines – April 19, 2019

SILLY old me. All these years I thought we sent our children to school to learn their times-tables and their ABCs; that the Amazon and Nile are long rivers and Henry VIII had six wives. It worked.

My generation emerged from that rudimentary system reasonably equipped to take on the big, wide world. 

Look at little old Locky, an asthmatic runt from a back-to-back Ravensthorpe terrace with an outside lavvy, sitting here with his own publishing company, living in a posh village in York. 

True, Roman Catholic school had a religious hue, but the three Rs came first. In my final year at St Paulinus, 36 out of 39 of us (and they complain about class sizes?) passed our 11+ exam.

And Jeremy Corbyn says testing kids is ruining them? Sorry, I think 40 years of your socialist undermining of discipline and parental responsibility is the root of today’s problems, matey.

Heaven knows what today’s infants will be equipped to cope with. As soon as they can count their fingers and toes, the screaming Equalisers of the Far Left want to show the boys how to apply lube and make-up, and the girls to insert batteries correctly. 

And that’s when they’re not being given another day off to parade with their climate change placards for the TV cameras. 

For once, I stand shoulder to shoulder with those Muslim parents furious at the agenda of those who want to fill innocent children’s minds with their sexual propaganda.

But this is about so much more than informing children about the birds and the bees – which even we got in 1969. This is about surreptitiously nudging them towards the ‘superior’ world of Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer (I’m not sure about the difference there) Intersex (whatever that is) and on and on, ad infinitum. At its root, this is an ideological recruitment campaign for the Far Left and the anti-society zealots.

They may have more sexual peccadilloes than a Soho dungeon and scream louder than its occupants, but the Equalisers really aren’t about equality at all – theirs is just a frenzied attack on moral virtue and on ‘normality’ as an acceptable state of being. No debate allowed, no dissent unpunished – it’s a de facto hijacking of any semblance of free speech or traditional virtues.

It must be resisted, but right now the only signs are of total capitulation.

(At this point, I can picture fingers angrily stabbing keyboards and phone screens as the heavy guns of the LGBT artillery are cranked to aim at Lockwood. That’s how they roll … attack attack attack …. bully into silence).

I ask you – are there any well-rounded adults in 2019 who don’t know gay people, have gay friends and who don’t wish them well at difficult times in their journey? I’m sure there are some, but for grown-up people it’s a big ‘so what’? 

The world has recalibrated – well, the western democratic part of it – and for the better too. Some people will take longer to get there and some belief systems never will. But isn’t that free speech, thought, belief and expression?

But no, instead we have this attack dog, zero tolerance, with the biggest threat being less the LGBT fanatics than our submissive authorities. And you thought the chairman or chief executive was the boss? Try the diversity-mad HR director.

Last week, the brilliant Sir Roger Scruton was criminally, deliberately misquoted by disgraceful Far Left ‘journalist’ George Eaton and within hours the government had fallen over itself in the rush to sack Sir Roger. 

No seeking of clarity or explanation, just the herd-charge to condemn and punish. It’s scary, it’s Orwellian and it’s endemic.

MANY sportsmen of south Pacific origin are devout Christians. Australian rugby star Israel Folau is one such and has had his career summarily terminated by the appeasers for homophobic comments. 

‘Folau says Hell awaits gays’ screamed the string-him-up headlines. But that’s not what Folau said. In terms lifted from his Old Testament doctrine, he wrote “Warning: Drunks, homosexuals, adulterers, liars, fornicators, thieves, atheists, idolaters. Hell awaits you.”

That’s me and most people I know booked in with Old Nick. But why isn’t the world in uproar? He’s stigmatising burglars, non-believers, habitual tipplers and anyone who’s ever indulged in a spot of extra-curricular slap and tickle. 

Most of the adult population will burn according to his strict beliefs. But no, it’s just the gay reference that is seized upon to nail him to his own symbolic cross. It’s the cause celebre-du-jour that trumps all others.

I disagree with Israel Folau. I think we have a more forgiving God. But I respect his right to believe and speak it just as I respect followers of Islam, despite some of its stricter adherents believing that homosexuals not only belong in hell, but should be despatched forthwith – from the top of the nearest building, or by being stoned. 

But do you hear the LGBT fanatics going after them? Nope. In fact the only thing remotely quietening the LGBT lobby is Islam protesting – as in the current schools row – because that puts them in a very uncomfortable place. 

Conservative Islam doesn’t just recite ancient scripture like Israel Folau, it practises it, often horrifically. It is tacitly allowed to be taught in religious schools across England, and right here on our doorsteps.

But a fascinating contradiction arises when ‘Islamophobia’ finds itself sharing the victimhood stage with ‘homophobia’. They are implacably, ideologically opposed, but are both championed by the subversive Far Left. 

Both are intent on silencing orthodox secular or Christian voices and bringing down traditional British society, but both are careful not to tread on each other’s toes. So much for conviction, eh?

In their respective efforts to suppress our traditional moral freedoms (which paradoxically empower these haters) an old proverb applies: ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend.’ 

And that’s us folks. Ordinary, tolerant, peaceful, but free-speech-loving people. The enemy in our own homes.

I disagree with Israel Folau’s statement, but as a symbol of the bigger battle and to borrow another well-worn expression, I will defend to the death his right to express it.

THERE’S a significant religious festival looming, an important period for around one third of the planet’s population. It’s a time of peace and reflection, of thanksgiving and sacrifice, of prayer and love.

Or, if you’re one of the diversity bigots belonging to the appeasers of Kirklees Police, Easter is a time for knocking off and putting your feet up, letting the scrotes of Dewsbury, Batley and Birstall run riot, and preparing for “the big gig” – Ramadan!

If I was to write a headline for Wednesday’s PR announcement from the Kirklees branch of the Boys in Blue, it would read thus: ‘Scaremongering Cops Alarm Citizens Over Non-Existent Racial Threats’.

Let me explain. 

Over the Easter weekend, local revellers unwise enough to walk home in the early hours, through the wrong neighbourhoods, will be as prey to roaming cars of ‘fun-loving’ youths of a different ethnic persuasion, as they have for the past 20 years. It’s not likely, because local people know the no-go areas. The lines have long been drawn, with full police complicity.

They don’t walk from Dewsbury town centre to Thornhill Lees as I did several times a week back in the 80s. They’d be sick and tired of getting their teeth kicked out, knowing there won’t be a police car to be seen. Ever. 

Well, except at Ramadan it seems.

Ramadan, the Muslim religious festival, begins on May 5th – still more than two weeks away. But Kirklees Police, who couldn’t find a hole in their own string vest, and who are swamped by crimes which they ‘resolve’ mainly by ignoring them, are all over it like a full-face burkha. Zorro, shove your sword up the nearest Black Hole (astronomically speaking of course), because we’re on the case!

The Kirklees Keystones are increasing “high visibility patrols” around mosques to “offer reassurance to the local community”. They stress there’s no threat but still advise pious celebrants going to early morning prayers to “keep to well lit streets”. 

Well, I mean, come on folks – you can’t walk through Savile Town without being jumped by a gang of skinheads these days (and actually, John Wayne and the 7th Cavalry wouldn’t go there without an invite).

Oh and you’ll love this Keystones ‘advice’ to worshippers: “Park safely, lawfully and in well-lit areas”. Well slap my thigh – that will be a first, 3am or not! Please, readers, send me a photo the next time you see a Kirklees traffic warden slapping tickets out for the ‘ad hoc’ parking outside local mosques at Friday prayers!

I give up. This insulting directive, highlighting a problem where one hasn’t existed the past 40 years, is clearly the work of some wet-eared senior officer trying to massage his/hers/its diversity credentials for an arse-crawling step up the promotion ladder.

It both patronises Muslim communities who literally control their own streets, and it explicitly insults everyone else who is automatically painted as a violent, extremist threat. Once again the police are all of the problem, not even part of the cure.

PS: On second thoughts, we do have recent experience of attacks on a mosque – in Staincliffe, where the new Ahmadiyya mosque was victimised. Oops, except that was allegedly by other local Muslims who consider Ahmadis as apostates. I expect that doesn’t count for the Kirklees Keystones...

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