Ed Lines

Ed Lines

IT’S A good job we didn’t have Facebook and Twitter back in 1939. We’d all be speaking German and Prime Minister Angela Merkel would be using Britain as an offshore dumping ground for the millions of refugees that have so infuriated her own countrymen of late.

Today’s bleeding-heart Britons would have bowed meekly to the Nazi yoke, just as they’re now inviting radical Islam to destroy our once-great nation.

I think it was David Cameron who once suggested we all hug-a-hoodie by way of solving the problem of street crime. Now our political elite and the idiot FaceTweet generation has adopted something similar – hug-a-Muslim, and show the world we’re all in this together.

Except, erm, if you hadn’t noticed – we’re not. 

I almost choked on my anger when the leader of Salman Abedi and his family’s Didsbury Mosque prayed for the world on Wednesday, dressed up to the nines in his best bib and tucker, traditional suit and tie.

That’s how Manchester Muslims go to Friday prayers, in a suit and tie? Really?

Of course not, but that was England this week, from our pathetic, nonplussed Prime Minister-in-Waiting, all the way down to the new generation of snowflakes – all looking for a way to avoid the unavoidable reality.

We. Are. At. War.

It’s ironic that the same social media that allowed Jihadi John to saw off innocent men’s heads in front of his demonic black flag, serves also as the platform of the white flag waving liberals, signalling Britain’s craven capitulation.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you the hashtag #Pray4Manchester generation. 

I cursed out loud at the news broadcasts full of illiterate media-mourners, moronic millennials who probably haven’t said a prayer since either infant school or their last wedding/funeral, when I don’t doubt they had to half-mime the words.

Which God were these X Factor weepers ‘praying’ to? But boy did they all #Pray4Manchester this week.

There’s no atrocity so depraved that a carpet of cheap supermarket flowers, a candlelit vigil and a logo on your Facebook profile picture can’t salve.

There there now petal, feeling better? These monsters will never divide us, will they? We are all one community, aren’t we? 

I know, let’s all recite a slushy poem and proclaim ‘love will conquer all’. 

Throw in some global messages of glib condolence, light up the Eiffel Tower, stage a minute’s silence at every public event and then, most importantly, continue propagating the bullshit myth that #ThisIsNotIslam and #IslamIsPeace.

Yes it is and no it’s not. 

Some devotees of one particular brand of Islam, the Sunni tradition, are at war with western ideology, both violently and intellectually. 

I’d say we need to educate the hashtag snowflakes and cowardly politicians about the relationship between the murderous conflict of Salman Abedi and ISIS, and the stealth revolution of the Sunni mosques. The problem is, you can’t educate people who will not open their eyes, ears, or more dangerously, their minds.

I’m not sure if the email condemning the Manchester massacre in today’s paper from Kaushar Tai, on behalf of the Kirklees Imams and Mosques Advisory Board, was word for word the one we got a few weeks back after the Westminster attack. 

The platitudes were the same. 

Kaushar, a pleasant chap, has made a career out of being the PR face of local Muslims, a long time chairman of the Interfaith Council, a voice of multi-cultural reason. 

Less comfortably, Kaushar helped found a Savile Town mosque which excludes women and practices Deobandi Islam, rooted in the seventh century and intolerant of any dissenting religion or culture.

I hope you can thus understand why I wouldn’t wipe my backside on Kaushar’s sympathetic email.

Offended, Kaushar? Then try this – we don’t want crocodile tears. Why don’t you get every one of those dozens of mosque leaders you claim to represent to openly proclaim the evil of Salman Abedi and his fellow terrorists. 

Out loud. In person. On camera. Get them to lead their communities en masse in protest and solidarity. Do that and even I might lay a wreath and tweet a hashtag.

SALMAN ABEDI destroyed so many innocent young lives and ruined hundreds, thousands more. The public platitudes apart and however much the mosques may demur, he carried out that atrocity in the name of the very same brand of Islam. 

If those imams try to convince you otherwise, I would refer you to the Koran’s teachings on their concept of taqiyya (more on which below) something which I don’t think exists in western thinking. More simply, just ask them why they won’t stand up and lead the moderate Muslim revolution against the fanatics.

If they are sincere, if they do care for our murdered children, for a one-nation Britain, they should act. And if they won’t, then they’re not. 

It is time to take sides, Kaushar and friends. I challenge you, even though our police and politicians won’t.

I should add that none of this is to detract from the acts of individual charity and compassion that cross all faith lines, or the sincere messages of support from ordinary British Muslims, of which I happily proclaim there are a great many. The last thing this country needs now is hate and mindless recrimination by yobs and thugs.

Not that we should worry about that however – the police are worried more about acts of petty vengeance than where the next suicide bomber is. It’s typical of the symptoms of the disastrous state this country is in.

The wider problem is that those friendly Muslim neighbours and colleagues don’t run the mosques. They don’t preach the message of separatism and conquest on a daily basis. 

When push comes to shove they retreat behind the walls of a closed ideology which the British state will only ever politely knock on the door of, despite every evidence that it needs kicking down and clearing out.

And so on we blithely wander, our main response to these hellish horrors being the social media outpouring of the hashtag snowflakes, when it should be mass anger and fury at our elected leaders for failing to look the enemy in the face.

They prefer instead to gaze into the bright blue yonder of their ‘one community together’ mirage and pretend that group hugs will make this go away.

They should sit down with the parents and children of the people brutally murdered on Monday night and try telling them that.

THERE was wide praise for the world’s biggest village idiot this week when he chided the Middle East’s assembled financiers of terror about their responsibility to tackle Islamist extremism.

Way to go Donald! ISIS and al Qaeda crushed with just one speech – easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy! What was that Obama character playing at, eh?

If you’ve had enough dealings with the Muslim community you will be painfully aware of a common problem concerning the truth. The fact is, facts are a fluid thing, and today’s truth is not necessarily yesterday’s or tomorrow’s.

It’s a cultural curiousity, nothing personal – polite agreement to your face which lasts about as long as you have sight of each other. 

What people don’t get, and what someone of Trump’s intellectual incontinence could never get, is that in Islam it is not only acceptable to lie to we non-believers but the Prophet actively encourages it.

The Koran is littered with instructions to apply ‘taqiyya’ in dealing with non-believers – to lie for the sake of simple expedience. 

A good Muslim can lie to the kuffar under virtually any auspices, because he and his faith are so superior as to make honesty irrelevant. I’ll quote you chapter and verse some time.

So while hob-nobbing with kings and princes, sheikhs and emirs, Donald told the very men who subjugate women, murder homosexuals, support both sides of an armed conflict, who fund terror and mosque-building across Europe, America and the west, that they need to get a grip.

It was down to them to tackle ISIS, cried Donald. Go geddem guys!

So they nodded sagely and politely, with the world’s TV cameras carrying the message far and wide – just as they would if it was the Jolly Green Giant telling them to eat more sweetcorn. The message meant about as much.

And then, because money is nothing to the Saudi demi-gods, they signed an armaments contract with the USA worth an immediate $110bn and $350bn over 10 years. Then they waved the village idiot back aboard Air Force One.

Can you imagine how they laughed, once the fool had strutted out of sight? They’re paying him to supply them the means to end him. It’s beyond parody. And it’s way, way beyond the village idiot.

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