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HERE we go folks, it’s make your mind up time. As 80s rockers The Clash famously sang, ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?’ It’s a big call, no doubt.

The past couple of months have been intellectually disappointing, if madly entertaining at times.

Cameron, Osborne and the Remainers got hooked on Project Fear, resorting to increasingly frantic  threats, bullying and blackmail.
If they lose they will have only themselves to blame – they never even tried to paint a picture of a bright EU future (although there may be good reason for that).

But similarly the Leavers tied themselves in knots with their ‘Save £350 million’ a week claim when it isn’t really. Why not settle for the net £200 million it actually costs? It’s big enough to wow me.

The immigration argument is what it is, but I worry less about ‘how many’ as ‘who’. If we can’t turn the tap on and off, then it’s not our house any longer. And we can’t.

Next Thursday, when all the bluster and hype is stripped away, you have a simple choice to make: to revert to a sovereign, self-governing nation, admittedly with possible short-term costs attached, or to sign up to a Federal States of Europe.

As Yorkshire is to Great Britain, so GB will inexorably be to Brussels, Paris and Frankfurt – a province.

That’s the unashamed vision of Jean Claude Juncker and his all-powerful EU Commission. There is no plan B, just increasingly total state subservience to their unelected ruling class.

Don’t believe me? Well vote Remain then and find out soon enough, because they’ve been sitting on their plans to save the crumbling Eurozone until the awkward squad across the Channel settle their argument. They don’t for a minute think we’ll go.

So, to my mind it boils down to this: Seven days to save our sovereignty – and quite possibly Europe too.

Save Europe? By leaving? Yes actually. Across the continent more and more frustrated Germans, French, Dutch  Danish and Swedish citizens are as infuriated as most of us about a tyrannical federal project that’s as doomed as Hitler’s reich or Napoleon’s empire.

No guns and cannon this time. Instead of rousing rhetoric, we’re blinded by broadsides of legislation and bound by minefields of red tape.

So – I’m voting Leave to save Europe? Don’t talk soft. I want my country back first and foremost. But it is a fatally flawed project, absolutely, and it will end in certain tears and possible bloodshed. It will fall apart. This is our chance not to be mired in that costly disintegration.

And if the unruly UK plebs stir the continental masses next week? Good grief, we could see the guillotine back on the Place de la Concorde! I wish. Knock up a spare for the Grand Place in Brussels.

IT’S ironic that the Remainers have placed all their eggs in the economic basket, with their predictions of financial doom and gloom.

(And as an aside you know what George Osborne is doing, don’t you? He has already lost control of the nation’s finances. Our national debt is a wildfire. Guess what he’ll blame it on if he loses both his face and his job next week…)

But the eurozone is an economic basket case and not even the EU bothers contesting that any longer. The EU been the most stagnant trading bloc on the planet for years. Funny how the IMF, ECB, BoE, IoFS, UK Treasury etc etc, never mention that.

But of course all of those FTSE 100 companies urging their employees to vote remain, like the big financial institutions, are merrily milking the status quo. It is pure and simple self-interest.

Outside the EU, global economies are growing rapidly – yet we must pay billions in membership fees to belong to a club that resents everything except our chequebook and prevents us from trading with them.

Do you remember that £1.7 billion bill the EU hit us with, because our economy was doing so much better? The one that David Cameron swore never to pay (before last year’s election)? He paid of course. It was a lie. He has no say in it. We have no say.

The Eurocrats must laugh themselves to sleep at us every night.

WHICH way will the nation decide? The signs are much better for Leave than they were, yet the bookies still have Remain odds-on to win.

Most people I speak to seem committed Leavers – even friends who own property in France and Spain.

Like me, they sense that very little will change. Germany still wants to sell us cars, the French wine, and Spain actually needs our young drunks staggering up and down the promenades of Benidorm and Magaluf.

I suspect, perhaps unfairly, that many Remain voters are a touch embarrassed because they’ve bought into the scare stories about economic meltdown – or simple self-interest in the case of people like my good friend Nick, whose company trades far more across Europe than here. I understand his motive. People will do what’s right for them.

But I will say this. If it is ‘Leave’ then the campaign owes a huge debt of gratitude to the soon-to-be ex-Prime Minister David Cameron. His hysterical Project Fear has been one of the Leavers’ greatest gifts.

Brits don’t like being bullied at the best of times, and coming from a spoiled and snotty toff like Cameron and his stooge Osborne adds insult to injury.

Having delivered the referendum, and come back with whatever concessions he could from Brussels, Cameron should then have stood above the fray in a far more presidential fashion, leaving it to his Remain and Leave ministers to debate.

In choosing to lead from the front he came over not as the heroic Henry V figure at Agincourt that I fancy he imagined, but as a desperate 2008 recession-style banker.

Cameron is neither the statesman he believes, nor the PM the country deserves. He has lied, betrayed and acted out of disgraceful self-interest and it is by his lead that the democratic process has been sullied. Win or lose, he is a busted flush.

So from all the Leavers Dave, thanks for the help!

And it’s entirely fitting that he share a platform with war criminal Blair, economic vandal Brown, halfwit Miliband and old greyface himself, John Major.

It’s actually funny. Blair jumped before he could be pushed, but the nation roundly rejected all the others.

Brown, who sold our gold reserves for peanuts, decimated our pensions and infested our schools and hospitals with the fiscal nightmares of PFI, giving us economic advice? Good grief.

With friends like that little lot, the Remain camp doesn’t need enemies.

SO YES, I’m a definite ‘Leave’, not surprisingly. If it costs a few quid in the short term I’m comfy with that. People have paid the price of democracy with their lives, so what’s a few bob if it means securing our nationhood for future generations?

We’re not quite having to stand at the mast beside Nelson, or go over the top at the Somme, are we? This is a European war that can be won with a simple X in a box. Let the kids decide in 20 years’ time if they want to rejoin whatever the EU is then (not that I think there will be one).

Will there be a stock market wobble? Possibly. That’s what traders and speculators do – cash in on change and uncertainty. Then cash in again when balance returns. Plus ça change!

But the ability to put a brake on uncontrolled migration, to bring stability to our under-pressure health and education services – I’m happy to pay extra taxes if it delivers what we need. And ultimately the UK will thrive, I have no doubt at all.

I’m voting for Hope, not Fear. And I think that in years to come, the country will thank us for it – and quite possibly the people of Europe too.

DID YOU see Bob Geldof abusing British fishermen on the Thames, with his hooray-Henry ‘Remain’ friends? Hey, you thick Irish shit (I can say that – I’ve plenty of Irish blood) I thought your gig was Africa. You know, Live Aid?

Poor African farmers can’t trade with us because of protectionist EU tariffs that pamper the French. The EU are starving your poster babies, you moron!

The brightest minds of the past century – and hypocrite Bob sure isn’t one of those – would never sit down and create what this EU monster has morphed into, but this is no project or product of brilliant minds.

It’s a construct of self-entitled schemers like ‘socialist’ Lords Kinnock, Mandelson and their bedfellows, creating an autocratic bulkhead between their corrupt regime and the people.

“It is the most bureaucratic, terrifying system in the world,” said a certain independent thinker and true socialist, the late Tony Benn.

The secretive EU powermongers have been described as the most unaccountable and dangerous room full of men seen outside of the Kremlin.

“I think this system will lead to the break-up of the European Union, like Yugoslavia,” Benn added.

Hear, hear. And we all saw the body count in Srebrenica, ironically as Dutch ‘peacekeepers’ watched on and did nothing.

So much for the EU as the military power it would become and which would have the British armed forces subservient to it.

Does that get your vote? No? Well it’s in the plan, I can promise you that.

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