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THE Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn should be worried. Very worried. Cast your eyes north to the humble borough of Kirklees, Jezza, and see what happens when old, unreconstructed Marxists – and especially ones with raggedy-arsed beards – let power go to their heads.

Heckmondwike councillor David Sheard was ousted in a Labour coup this week that was sublime in execution and left the perennially bitter left-wing loony spewing like a Glasgow drunk.

His raving tweet about new leader Shabir Pandor wanting to create a cabinet based on ethnicity was outrageous.

In different circumstances, Sheard would have screamed ‘racist’ and gone for the throat of anyone making such an inflammatory comment. It is sweetly symbolic of the barking-mad far left that they don’t even recognise their hypocrisy at these times.

I suspect that a lot of Labour councillors wondered what they’d let themselves in for when they allowed the elder statesman and deputy leader to take the helm when Mehboob Khan sought richer pastures.

Sheard immediately surrounded himself by mostly friends and brown-nosers including, quite disgracefully, both of his Heckmondwike buddies. One small ward, a third of the council executive.

Democracy, eh? A soaring brains trust, this cabinet certainly was not – much like Corbyn’s Westminster cabal.

Shabir Pandor was probably Sheard’s own nod towards ethnic tokenism on the cabinet, so how sweet it is that he has been the Brutus to Sheard’s Caesar.

It would have appealed to the class hatred that runs through Sheard like a stick of Blackpool rock, to rubber-stamp the concreting over of the fabulous Bradley Park municipal golf course to build 2,500 homes, and to extend the Savile Town caliphate with 4,000 more on the green belt behind Thornhill Lees and Ravensthorpe.

It seems old beardy Sheardy got a little too carried away with all that authority though, much to the annoyance of colleagues, some of whom have even shown signs over the years of actually listening to the people who vote for them.

David Sheard always knew best however. Until now.

So, how the mighty are fallen and, as the McDonald’s jingle would have it …. Do-do, do-do-dooo! I’m lovin’ it!

I just hope Shabir Pandor, an experienced local representative, steps up to the plate with a little more intelligence and reason than his predecessor.

And as for Jeremy Corbyn, he might well heed the wise words of Michael Corleone from The Godfather II: “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.”

Or maybe don’t even bother Jez. They’ll get you in the end anyway. Always do.

DIDN’T you love the titillating indiscretions of the Prime Minister and even a snippet from HRH Queen Bess, at the palace this week?

Why shouldn’t the Queen say she found the Chinese rude? Good on her. But when Cameron said that Nigeria and Afghanistan are ‘fantastically corrupt’ I wondered – was it just me, or did he sound jealous?

There wasn’t a hint of regret that we continue to pour hundreds of millions of pounds each and every year into those corrupt black holes.

ONE or two of you will have my mobile number – close friends, family members. However, I wasn’t surprised while driving round the M25 to get a call from the publisher of a new Bradford newspaper.

He wouldn’t tell me how he got my number, but he didn’t need to. Since we exposed Terry Zaman’s most recent schemes, I’ve been receiving vaguely sinister messages and calls from withheld numbers. You see, in order to give a right of reply, I had to give my number to Zaman’s people.

I’m sure they’d be surprised to learn how many ways there are to trace abusive calls and messages. Some emanated from Savile Town, slap my thigh. Anyway. Water, back, off a duck’s and all that.

This young Muslim publisher wanted to meet me because he’d had “calls from lots of concerned people in Dewsbury, 15 or so,” wanting him to expose this madman Lockwood. Apparently I’m creating racial tensions and division. He sounded surprised to hear me laughing my backside off. I tried to explain politely that I’m too busy to meet people I like, let alone people I don’t know from Adam. Still, we chatted for half an hour and he sounded a nice kid.

It hadn’t occurred to him why these ‘concerned’ citizens would try to get him to fight their battle. I explained that I have a problem with crime and corruption, not the colour or faith of the people behind it.

When I asked what faction of Islam he was – Sufi, Barelvi, Deobandi – he hadn’t a clue.

He also said he was a Muslim who likes a pint, which I advised him might not be thought of as compatible in most mosques. He’ll write what he sees fit.

I had a glimpse on his website which interestingly was sponsored by Black’s Solicitors in Leeds. Black’s are Terry Zaman’s lawyers…

OFFICIALLY, the population of the UK is 64.5 million people. Got that? Okay, want to explain why there are 68.4 million patients registered with British doctors?

Hmmm. Might it be the same reason official figures show 990,000 EU migrants to the UK in the past five years ... but the Inland Revenue issued over 2.2 million NI numbers to EU nationals? As in, someone’s got something to hide?

IT’S NOT surprising, the desperate depths people are plumbing in the increasingly acrimonious EU debate.

But when your Prime Minister wades into the sewers, invoking the memories of the brave fallen of two world wars in order to frighten people into capitulation, it’s beyond the pale.

David Cameron made his thinly-veiled prediction of another great continental war should the UK vote ‘Leave’ at the British Museum on Monday. I wish he’d given that speech alongside me a few days earlier, at the Menin Gate memorial in the pretty Belgian town of Ypres.

Do you believe Cameron could swallow his shame and deliver such a filthy piece of self-serving rhetoric while facing the engraved names of almost 55,000 British and Commonwealth soldiers who died to save this country from tyranny?

I don’t doubt that he could. Nothing is beyond this awful, selfish man. And while I’d love to think the ghosts of those soldiers would promptly rise up and claim Cameron, I’d have been delighted with the opportunity just to smack him in his treasonous teeth on their behalf. How dare he.

I defy anyone to walk around the Menin Gate and not be moved to tears. Its scale is breathtaking – even before you realise these men didn’t constitute the entire casualty list. Great Britain alone lost 325,000 men in the Ypres campaigns. Those 55,000 on the memorial are simply some of the fallen whose bodies were never found, who were never given a final resting place.

David Cameron tried to finesse his apocalyptic scaremongering by saying that our troops sacrificed their lives in 1914-18 and 1939-45 to “restore peace and order in Europe”.

Really? I always thought we were fighting for our island nation’s survival, especially through those perilous summer months of 1940 when the Luftwaffe tried to bomb Britain to its knees and pave the way for invasion.

Do you think those ‘Pals’ regiments of the old Ridings of Yorkshire marched off to perish in the mud of Flanders because they cared about Franco-Prussian squabbles over ownership of Alsace-Lorraine? I don’t. I think that if they knew their sacrifice of 100 years ago would be betrayed, handed meekly over in subservience to a self-appointed German-Franco dictatorship – which is what the EU is – then they’d have turned their guns on traitors like David Cameron.

When Cameron strode into Brussels with his ‘demands’ Angela Merkel simply laughed and told him where to shove them. So he blushed, and he did. He went to get a pig, came back with a bag of pork scratchings and is still trying to pass it off as a hog roast.

Having threatened World War III this week, I don’t doubt he’ll invoke the spectres of bubonic plague and alien invasion in the days ahead. Oops. Maybe not alien invasion – we’re already experiencing one of them, aren’t we?

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