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I LIKE mottos. They say a lot about what an organisation thinks of itself. It might not always be accurate, but gives an idea where people are coming from.

The Los Angeles Police Dept motto of ‘To Protect and To Serve’ probably still applied when they were beating black motorist Rodney King to a pulp. Be fair – the motto says nothing about who the cops were protecting or serving.

‘Who Dares, Wins’ – the slogan of our very own SAS is a beauty. Cool. Courageous. To borrow an Americanism, it’s totally bad-ass.

We’ve always had the tag-line ‘The Intelligent Weekly’ on the masthead of The Press, because we it speaks of our refusal to swallow the corporate ‘BS’ increasingly pumped out by the establishment, and it proclaims our challenging, independent philosophy.

If we were going to swap it though, I wouldn’t mind borrowing Who Dares Wins – especially as The Reporter Group have thrown in the towel, with the recent closure of the Mirfield Reporter their latest capitulation.

Kirklees Council has a motto too. Any guesses, folks? How about ‘Extractus Urinus’ after their fondness for taking the wotsit out of everyone paying Council Tax or business rates in the downtrodden north end of the district?

And for sure everyone who has dealings with them could adopt the term ‘Illegitimus Non Carborundum’ – as in ‘Don’t Let The Bar Stewards Grind You Down’.

Kirklees actually lives up to its motto – Together We Serve. Quite who they serve however, as with the LAPD, is something else altogether.

I was reminded of that this week when a nasty whiff of Savile Town’s Labour councillor Abdul Patel and his business dealings wafted across my desk.

Abdul, if you recall, runs the Muslim Mosque Burial Committee that allegedly defrauded Kirklees Council out of tens of thousands of pounds in fees for the private cemetery it leases, but can’t be bothered paying for.

If we did the same, we’d be in court, pronto.

Even by Kirklees’s rank standards, that took some covering up, especially as Abdul was basically throwing bodies in the ground in contravention of the 1857 Burial Act, with little or no record of which poor schmuck was where.

I asked the council this week how much of that debt had been recovered, because famously Kirklees blamed itself for not chasing the debt owing to “cultural sensitivities” and relying on the goodwill of Abdul Patel to repay it.

I also asked KMC whether Abdul and his old pal and ex-Batley Labour councillor Ghulam Maniyar had got round to properly constituting themselves as a charity or company – they were sitting on a £300,000 cash pile.

Apparently a “settlement” has been reached but KMC refuses to reveal what.

I’ve challenged that under the Freedom of Information Act.

Abdul still hasn’t formalised his goldmine though, interestingly.

‘Together’ Kirklees and Abdul Patel really do ‘Serve’. Not me and you though.

The Savile Town tom-toms this week had Abdul the alleged vote-rigging councillor, sub-postmaster, funeral director, property magnate and part-time accountant to the valley’s taxi drivers, planning to step down from the council.

I would ordinarily wonder where a bloke gets the time to do all that, except that to me Abdul’s done sod all in three years as a councillor anyway. So why would he give that nice little earner up?

My sources suggest that he’s negotiating another parcel of land with Kirklees for a new burial ground and doesn’t want there to be a conflict of interests. Tut. As if anyone would ever suggest that…

AS a brief aside, and not straying too far from Abdul Patel and his Labour cronies, I worry about what’s happening with the Taleem Training and Community Centre in Savile Town, which appears to have fallen on hard times.

It was pulling in hundreds of thousands of pounds a year until we exposed everyone from Kirklees Council to the Big Lottery Fund as bankrolling its rackets.

The well appears to have dried up because accounts for recent years show a derisory turnover and annual losses.

As such it wouldn’t surprise me if Kirklees just gave the trustees the valuable building and land so they could sell to property developers for much-needed housing. Maybe someone like Terry Zaman? Ahem.

The developers would trouser a nice packet while the Taleem committee would have a handy sum to “invest in the local community”.

Like they do…

PS: Back when I was asking uncomfortable questions, the Taleem Centre manager Lubsir Latif couldn’t find any kind of answers.

Still, Lubsir’s magic touch is still working over at Ravensthorpe Community Centre which he runs. Income for the last five years – since the Savile Town well ran dry, funnily enough – has been: £480,000, £370,000, £462,000, a whopping £543,000 and £372,000.

Guess who’s pouring all the cash in? From what I can see it’s mostly Kirklees Council and the Big Lottery Fund.

Well, I never…

LOOKS like Batley councillor Shabir Pandor has bolted early in the race to succeed Heckmondwike’s own version of Jeremy Corbyn next May.

Old beardy, David Sheard, the leader of Kirklees Council since former chief Mehboob Khan bolted for greener pastures, is reputed to be quitting.

Coun Pandor’s ambitions are well known amongst local Labourites and with the red flag flying over both Dewsbury and Batley, the leadership remaining in North Kirklees wouldn’t be a surprise.

We get the posh titles, Huddersfield still gets the money. Their councillors must cry themselves to sleep laughing every night.

Coun Pandor has already mastered the risible rubbish we get after every terrorist arrest: Keep calm, he said this week.

Keep flaming calm?

Sorry Shabir, but I haven’t seen anyone keeping anything but calm, not since July 7 2005 and before.

Who are these appeals intended for?

You’ve never heard so much as a peep out of the white community. The BNP are long gone. So are you expecting Muslims to turn on the police for persecuting them? I hardly think so. Nope, it’s just another trite, meaningless platitude.

More worrying is Coun Pandor’s plea for Kirklees Council to be given responsibility for the anti-extremism Prevent strategy.

Good grief – that would be a recipe for open warfare, letting those fools near anything important.

Out of interest, I see that Kirklees spent £26,000 hiring a company called Scott Associates Europe Ltd to deliver ‘Prevent’ awareness training to 160 of its staff.

Scott Associates Europe? I wondered if it was ex-Dewsbury South Tory councillor Jonathan Scott. That would be a voice of local experience at least.

But no, turns out it’s a one-man band from Preston, a bloke called Sohail Nawaz – so why the grandiose ‘Scott Associates’ business subterfuge, I’ve no idea.

I do note that one of the Muslim clerics he uses to train senior counter-terrorism police  and Kirklees managers decrees that women who use false eyelashes or hair extensions are cursed. Very moderate. I hope Nawaz’s wife doesn’t use them…

STILL with the subject of mottos (see above) and almost unbelievably, Kirklees Police don’t have one. Guys, gals, you’re missing a trick!

I assume the police are all undercover now and don’t wear uniforms, because it’s been years since I saw one walking the beat in Batley or Dewsbury. But they could still have one on the side of their Panda cars – unless they’ve traded up recently – can’t say I’ve seen a patrol vehicle either.

And as you’d expect, I have a suggestion for a Kirklees Police slogan. Real catchy too – ‘Hear No Evil, See No Evil’.

Works a treat don’t you think? Unless they’ve caught them red-handed, or they have a CCTV picture so that the public can do the job for them, the crime never happened.

Remember last summer when it appeared that terrorist sympathisers were flooding the area, stopping traffic on main roads and town centres, demanding money almost with menaces, to ‘help’ poor refugees in Syria.

We all suspected they were up to no good. The police simply said they required ‘advice’ about appropriately collecting for charity.

I see a Batley couple were arrested this week. What was it for again? Oh yes, raising money to support terrorism, allegedly.

Well slap my thigh and go to the foot of our stairs…

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