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THINGS look good for Dewsbury’s Labour candidate Paula Sherriff. For starters there have been no reported sightings of Shahid Malik ‘helping’ her campaign, so she should be in with a decent shout.

You wouldn’t want Malik throwing you a lifebelt if you were drowning. It would probably turn to concrete upon touching water.

The disgraced ex-Labour MP lost another ‘earner’ last week when corrupt Tower Hamlets mayor Lutfur Rahman was thrown out of office. Malik was on his books as a consultant.

Another Malik wheeze, ‘Tell Mama’, lost government funding after being accused of mischievously misrepresenting race-hate crimes. I wonder how Ed Miliband views that, given that he wants to make Islamophobia an aggravated race crime.

I asked Ed Mil about it  yesterday. I might as well have been talking to the wall.

Just what Malik consulted the Tower Hamlets dictator on is best not speculated on. Suffice to say that Rahman was found guilty of rank electoral fraud and corruption.

If there’s any justice in the world a prison cell will await Rahman who, when questioned about handing out lucrative contracts to his pals, would say that “answering the question would infringe my human rights”.

You really couldn’t make it up, could you?

I can’t imagine that being a spokesman for terrorists’ families, as Malik was with the Munshi crew in Savile Town, pays very well. Never mind Shahid, there’s always room for another burkha shop in Dewsbury if you fancy a change of direction!

I did wonder what Kirklees Council chief executive Adrian Lythgo made of the Lutfur Rahman verdict, which ruled the election illegal and ordered it to be re-run. Squirm a bit, Aidy? Feel just a tad uncomfortable about the way you have thrown fire blankets over the regular electoral fraud in Dewsbury?

And not to change the subject, but has Coun Abdul Patel paid back any of those tens of thousands of pounds his Muslim Burial Committee defrauded local taxpayers out of yet?

Yes? No? Cat got your tongue?

Thought so.

THE Electoral Commission are reputedly monitoring the upcoming elections in Dewsbury, not least because of Abdul Patel winning Dewsbury South for Labour with the assistance of postal votes which he, family and friends went door to door collecting.

Kirklees police chief Tim Kingsman wasn’t in situ when officers laughingly ‘investigated’ those complaints, resulting in just three criminal cautions being issued.

And because the criminal charges which should have been brought weren’t, the police didn’t have to divulge exactly which of Patel’s family/friends admitted the offences.

These people have no shame, do they? Not the police, nor the fraudsters.

I remember driving up to one ‘address’ in the shadows of the Markazi Mosque, where a large number of voters were registered. There was no building. It had been demolished.

Meanwhile in 2015 the usual complaints are being bandied about in playground he-said, she-said fashion, but with nothing – at least nothing that’s surfaced yet – on the scale of recent years.

Rival candidates of Lib Dem Shehzad Hussain in Dewsbury West complained about an emblazoned van he has parked outside the North Road polling station in Ravensthorpe, but both the council and police have given that the thumbs-up.

There’s word, as ever, that Muslim voters are being told it’s their Islamic duty to vote for a brother, whether by Ameen and Zaman in Batley, or the two Hussains in Dewsbury, but that’s neither illegal nor surprising.

Politics is partisan by nature.  Compared to the shenanigans we regularly see, it’s something and nothing.

I mean, we’re only talking about democracy here, that’s all. And as Adrian Lythgo has proven time and again, there’s one version of democracy for us, and a more flexible one for the Muslim community.

A FINAL word on Shehzad Hussain, who received a suspended jail sentence for selling counterfeit clothing online under the trading name ‘TwinTowers11’.

Hussain explained that as being a reference to his charity fundraising and his birthday – September 11.

It was unwise at best, crass at least. But what I didn’t like was Hussain rounding on his critics saying “Would the reaction have been the same if I hadn’t been a Muslim?”

Not that old hokum again. More importantly, the reaction wouldn’t have been the same if it hadn’t been Muslims who massacred those thousands of people – or if he hadn’t used such an inflammatory tag with which to break the law.

DEWSBURY Moor, Westborough, Ravensthorpe, West-town and Earlsheaton might not be die-hard Tory patches, but I’d have thought they’d merit the occasional Simon Reevell poster. 

I saw nary a single one this week. Not even on Bywell Road, which I would have thought potential Tory territory.

There were a few blue boards up Hanging Heaton and that was that. Mr Reevell likes his cash, so perhaps he’s already cutting his losses.

After the shortest so-called press interview with Ed Miliband in my long career (approx 3-4 minutes for three journalists) he nervously asked how Labour was doing in Dewsbury.

“You’ve got it all stitched up,” I replied.

He didn’t ask what I meant by “stitched up”.

Good job, really, all things considered.

I’LL be glued to the telly next Thursday night as the election results come in, but also on it – as part of a really important debating panel.

No, not talking political rubbish, but discussing a vastly more important subject on Rugby League Backchat (Premier Sports, Sky Channel 428 – it’s a subscription channel, but Backchat is free-to-view).

In honour of the election, I am musing whether or not to appear wearing a kilt, in ‘traditional’ style. Perhaps host Dave Woods could introduce me as Nickerless Sturgeon…

THE end is nigh at last for the promise-a-minute politics of Cameron, Clegg and Miliband.

It seems my prediction of Dave offering a portion of legover-and-chips with Sam if we’re good enough to vote him back in won’t come to pass. I didn’t have time to ask Ed Mil yesterday if he’d considered it, while in the Clegg household I suspect it would have been Mrs C renting Nick out. Just one more week then before the sandcastles of promises are washed away in the tide. That’s if we have a government to call one. I suspect we might not.

IT WILL be interesting to see if Batley Tory candidate Imtiaz Ameen turns up at a so-called ‘charity’ event allegedly being staged in his honour on Monday night at the Pakistan and Kashmir Welfare Association in Mount Pleasant.

Tickets are apparently being touted at £20 a head, although they were being handed out for free with gay abandon this week.

Why do I term it a ‘so-called’ charity event? Well, the ticket doesn’t name a charity, let alone a charity number.

Some people were told it’s to raise money for Nepal – but the tickets were going around before the earthquake struck.

Maybe it’s for the charity run by Imtiaz Ameen’s puppetmaster Terry Zaman, who is reputedly staging the event.

The tickets tell us food will be served – despite police apparently still interviewing Imtiaz, plus Sayeeda Warsi, Robert Light and others over the Al Hikmah Centre banquet a few weeks ago.

Terry Zaman created the Zaman Foundation more than three years ago but has never submitted any accounts.

The ones from 2012/13 are 455 days overdue. And counting.

Have you ‘given’ to Terry’s charity? Any idea where your money went?

Meanwhile I almost choked on my cornflakes when receiving an email from Coun Andrew Palfreeman of the Batley and Spen Conservatives, complaining loudly that Labour candidate Jo Cox actually lives on a houseboat in London, not at her parents’ in Roberttown.

Wakey, wakey Andrew! Not only is that not news, it’s a big so-what?

Terry Zaman is not only Dewsbury’s Labour fixer-in-chief conveniently using the ‘moral Muslim bribe’ strategy on behalf of a Tory candidate, but he’s a complete wrong ‘un.

He employs people in death trap buildings; he hires illegal immigrants; he’s a slum landlord and he whips up racial unrest with his mosque-building activities, as he did in Westborough.

And you’re happy with him effectively running the Tory candidate’s campaign?

Not much moral high ground there, Andrew.

PS: Imtiaz’s agent David Hall says he won’t be attending the PKWA affair.

We’ll see, we’ll see...

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