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IF I TOLD you that I was born in Sackville Street, Ravensthorpe and later lived in Lees Hall Road, Lees Holm and Parker Road in Thornhill Lees, plus St John’s Walk in Westtown and William Street in Staincliffe, you might be moved to ponder a number of things.

Chief among them might be a decision not to buy a house next door to Locky, if that’s what happens to the neighbourhood.

You might think it a wonder that I can even read and write, but don’t rush so hastily to judgment. Working class parents used to pride themselves on pushing their children through the classless trapdoor of education.

Today in those very working (and benefit) class neighbourhoods, I’m sure many parents still do. Very few would be related to me however, and when I lived there someone invariably was.

But that’s the thing with families. They stick together. Always have and always will, especially in immigrant communities.

Think of the Italians in New York. Think of the Irish in Boston. But you also then unfortunately think about the two areas of public life they went on to dominate – politics and crime. And who wasn’t in their ‘family’ they bought off. But that couldn’t happen here, surely…?

I’ve explained in this column previously how the power brokers in Savile Town who run the mosques and the Labour Party, come mostly from Gujerat in India.

Today I want to touch on the Gujerati city of Bharuch, ‘home’ to the families who run the Zakaria mosque in Savile Town. The mosque’s business name is the Indian Muslim Patel Society.

If you’ve read our story on page one, you’ll see that beside slumlord Terry Zaman having a financial fairy godmother at Kirklees, his pals who’ve also cornered the regeneration funds have done so via a body called Bharuchi Developments, named after the homeland.

Coincidence? Well, let’s just follow the trail…

The Zakaria mosque’s Patels include Labour councillor Abdul Patel, his friend and nominally ‘Tory’ councillor Salim Patel, while Abdul’s Labour party electoral agent Yunus Gajra is not only the key man in the Kirklees moneypit that’s the Savile Town/Taleem Centre, but also a trustee of the Zakaria mosque, aka Indian Muslim Patel Society.

There’s also a Munshi among the mosque trustees   – I presume the same Munshi family of Shariah court godfather Yakub Munshi, schoolboy terrorist Hamaad Munshi and failed Labour Party council candidate Abdul Hai Munshi, who’s also prominent at the Taleem. All very cosy, eh?

But back to the Patels…

Terry Zaman’s former co-director in TMC Food & Leisure, Yunus Patel, lives at the house in Caledonian Road where Bharuchi Developments is based. He’s on the title deeds for the Nelson Street scheme.

Although Bharuchi Developments hasn’t a trading history that I can uncover, Kirklees have chosen them to benefit from a small fortune in taxpayers’ money to create 15 flats.

I’ve asked what due diligence Kirklees did on Bharuchi Developments – and by the way, I am not inferring they have done anything wrong whatsoever. They’ve just been ‘lucky’ to enjoy Kirklees’ largesse, while others are left empty-handed.

By way of declaring an interest, I applied to that Empty Clusters scheme to no avail. Just unlucky, eh?

Maybe Zaman and Patel get better business advice – a good accountant perhaps?

Well, Yunus Patel of Bharuchi Developments, also owns YMG Constructions, whose registered address Companies House states is 62 Bradford Road. However, the only firm I could find at 62 Bradford Road was the accountancy firm of Daawie and Mitha.

But listen to this – slap my thigh and go to the foot of our stairs! – Haroon Mitha of Daawie and Mitha was a co-director of Yunus Patel and Terry Zaman in TMC Foods!

Well I never – small world, eh?

Back to Savile Town, the Zakaria mosque and the Indian Muslim Patel Society.

According to the Charities Commission they have assets of nearly £1m, although their 2007, 2008 and 2009 accounts were all filed woefully late in January 2012. Their 2010 and 2011 accounts were also filed late – just a few weeks ago.

It couldn’t possibly be because they never see their auditors can it? After all Daawie and Mitha are only down at 62 Bradford Road...


I’M NOT sure exactly what all of that means, except to shine a brief light on the organisation, influence and network of this ‘family-based’ society, which wields huge sway over not just their own cowed communities, but the political system in both Dewsbury and Kirklees.

Someone I spoke to said the man I’ve described here as Yunus Patel was known to him as Yunus Mitha and that he’s Haroon Mitha’s brother. Even I started getting a headache. Nothing illegal with that, I suppose.

Yunus Patel/Mitha is reportedly incredibly busy on construction jobs, even though YMG Constructions appears to neither earn/own or owe any brass according to Companies House.

I’m told that Yunus and Terry Zaman looked at buying land on The Common in Thornhill last year to start a new Muslim cemetery, but it was never a goer.

The burial market is still cornered by Coun Abdul ‘untouchable’ Patel then, who apart from knowing the secrets of every benefit claimant in Savile Town by dint of his position as sub-postmaster, can also play fast and loose with the postal vote system with impunity.

Patel still hasn’t paid a penny to the HMRC or in back rent to Kirklees from his £850,000 cemetery racket. And he won’t, for the same reason Terry Zaman can break laws and still pocket your money by the barrowload, thanks to friends in high places at Kirklees Council.

But I’m sure no-one’s doing anything wrong … they just got lucky and we were unlucky.

We’ll put it down to my sour grapes and not the fact that Kirklees Council and the Labour Party are in thrall to the ‘Muslim Mafia’.


ON the subject of state-sponsored corruption (above) the fabulously expensive HS2 rail project almost certainly won’t happen, or if it does, might bankrupt the nation.

Its failure doesn’t matter however. What’s important is that the politicians and civil servants in Whitehall are rubber stamping contracts for lawyers and architects and consultants, looking after their pals before the house of cards fall down.

Take the disastrous NHS computer programme that started in 2002 – billions for a system that doesn’t work. No one accountable. This week the Departure of Work and Pensions IT programme was revealed as already wasting £33 million, on its way towards £300m. It’s only money! And with only a slight twist, sacked BBC execs walked away with the riches of Croesus, all because a friend in high places was doing them favours – favours they hoped they’d receive in turn.

If you think Britain is any less corrupt than a tinpot African state, you’re a fool.

I flagged up corruption to Kirklees by a specific contract-awarding employee years ago and the investigation went absolutely nowhere. Why? Because they’re all in on it.

Backhanders? In some cases, certainly. Favours in kind. And more commonly, looking after friends and friends of the boss.

From London to Huddersfield to Savile Town, the fix is in.


I HAVE yet to hear a single person backing western intervention in Syria except for politicians. Ex-Dewsbury Tory councillor Imtiaz Ameen is among them, claiming British Muslims want the USA/UK to bomb Damascus.

I’ve read his comments dressed up in humanitarian logic, but I couldn’t resist the suspicion that the religious affiliations of the combatants might just be an influence too. More on this later.


AND so to Educating Thornhill, due on telly last night. ‘Dewsbury needs some good PR’ said headteacher Jonny Mitchell beforehand. I’ll watch nervously, hoping it isn’t just good PR for Mr Mitchell and ‘sod Dewsbury’ once again. Fingers crossed.

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