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THIS is a comment from top tosser – oops, sorry, top copper – Det Chief Supt Rob Mason, regarding the vile Asian child rapists that his force effectively colluded with for years and years.

“Thames Valley Police and Oxfordshire county council social services deeply regret that this activity wasn’t identified sooner,” said DCS Mason.

Note that there is a clear absence of a deep grovelling apology in there. ‘Regret’ is all these tortured children are worth.

DCS Mason then effectively blames the children “...we were too reliant on victims supporting criminal proceedings,” he added.

Is it me, or is that a glib excuse for officers finding girls gang-raped and terrified for their lives, and whose cases they were all too happy to dump in the police station ‘out tray’.

He didn’t quite say that the raped children probably asked for it, but this anaesthetised PR cop-speak leaves that stench of suspicion lingering.

Joanna Simons, the chief executive of Oxfordshire county council, at least used the ‘S’ word.

She said: “We are incredibly sorry we were not able to stop it any sooner. We were up against a gang of devious criminals.”

No you weren’t love, they were just a ragtag collection of third-world perverts.

What you and the jobsworth copper were up against was the self-same problem – one you’ve created between you: You won’t deal with this criminal culture, because of ‘ethnic sensitivities’.

What’s a child’s raddled body when measured against stigmatising ‘the community’?

Actually, I take that back because there are times when the Social Services stasi-types are all too happy to dive in, boots first.

If the ‘suspects’ are a middle class white couple who chastised a child, and the little sweetheart then exaggerated it in front of teacher, they are all over families like the Sweeney.

But that good old Koran – that buys more chances than a lottery win.

Last month it was a Muslim gang from Shrop-shire who got over 50 years jail, and before that Rochdale.

Same crimes, same blind ignorance from police and social services. Coincidence?

Do you wonder if this is happening in Dewsbury and Batley? Don’t, because you know it is.

And as bad as those Shropshire, Oxford or Rochdale authorities were, they can’t hold a cover-up candle to our lot in Kirklees.

Over to Mohammed Shafiq, the chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation: “The majority of Asians from all backgrounds abhor these crimes.

“These criminals have brought shame on themselves and their families and the wider Asian communities.

“We have to use our faith to actually tell how horrific these crimes are and how forbidden they are in our faith.”

Read that again. Nothing about the victims, nothing about the culpability of the police – It’s all ‘poor us’ and how this reflects badly on their righteous, upstanding community.

I don’t buy that any more, if I ever did.

Mr Shafiq, you have a poisonous and substantial criminal underclass in your midst and nothing you say indicates any intention of doing anything about it. ‘Faith’ is the cure? I doubt even you believe that.

Let’s leave the last word to – hallelujah – a Muslim imam who was on the Jeremy Vine show on Wednesday, arguing with an NSPCC jobsworth who risibly claimed this was far less about being an Asian cultural issue than a problem of “the night-time economy” (he was referring to taxi drivers).

Honestly. How Jeremy Vine didn’t kick him in the nuts, I don’t know.

The imam tore the bloke to bits.

He said it was a specifically Muslim problem  – not the wishy-washy ‘Asian’ description – and the authorities were bottling it.

“But the abuse happens to other, non-white girls…” waffled Mr NSPCC.

“But not Muslim girls,” said our heroic imam, challenging the whole white establishment to wake up and do their jobs.

Thank God and Allah for these rare voices of common sense and hope.


AS I write this with a freezing gale blowing torrents of rain against the office window, and as people down south struggle to work through three-foot snow drifts, I suppose we should count our blessings – at least summer fell on a Bank Holiday this year.

Almost three whole days of warm(ish) sunshine. My how we frolicked outside from dawn til dusk, daubing liberal amounts of factor 50 on our pale legs, before drinking chilled white wine over the BBQ…

Oh, sorry. No. That was 2011. My shorts are still in the stored-away summer gear suitcase and I haven’t de-rusted the barbie yet.

Still, on the bright side, it’ll soon be Christmas…


THE grief of losing a child in circumstances as tragic as Tia Sharp’s murder by career criminal Stuart Hazell, eclipses all and any social circumstances.

But sorry, I look at the stark facts of a 47-year-old woman, already with a 12-year-old grandchild, who was having sex with her own daughter’s cast-off boyfriend, and it strikes me that the poor child never really had much of a chance in life.


SYRIAN rebel commander Abu Sakkar has posted a youtube video of himself standing over a dead government soldier, then cutting out his heart and liver and biting into the still-warm organs. Tut. And not a sign of salt and pepper anywhere...

These are the rebels that William Hague and David Cameron are chomping at the bit – pardon the pun – to send more arms and money to than they probably already are, by various circuitous means.

I trust they’ll include some knives and forks in the next aid package, but wish they’d just leave well alone. Like Blair they’ve proved incredibly adept at losing our own wars – Afghanistan – without screwing up other people’s.


UNLIKE the braying donkeys on the Labour backbenches, at least grassroots Tory MPs have the guts to tell their leader where to shove it, now and again.

Probably because, like Dewsbury’s part-time MP Simon Reevell, they’re not dependent on a Westmins-ter wage (and that’s the only positive I can find for Reevell’s continued milking of the public purse).

Still, at least he’ll be alright when he loses Dewsbury and Mirfield in two years’ time.

David Cameron could end up the first PM to be kicked out having never actually been the PM, because he’s been on traitor Nick Clegg’s leash for three years.

Cameron knows that a promise of a referendum in 2017 won’t cut it with his rank and file, because they know he won’t be around to deliver on the so-called promise. That’s why they need it enshrined in law now, before the entire EU project goes up in smoke.

And that isn’t just an explosive metaphor. I mean smoke, as in bullets and guns and civil insurrection. Couldn’t happen? Where did I hear that before...?

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