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Welcome to my monthly column, helping Kirklees businesses to achieve more from websites, by attracting more visitors, selling more products and
communicating more effectively.

Last month I discussed shopping on Facebook, dubbed Fcommerce, and question whether Fcommerce and other social shopping is here to stay?
This month I have a very general article about whether your website works for you and your business the way you should expect it to.

Does your website work for you?
Why did you choose to have a website built? Was it because you needed to find new customers?
Was it because you wanted to showcase your services? Was it just because everyone else was doing it, so you thought you’d better had?
Whatever the reason, how often do you ask yourself, does my website work for me?
If you bought your website to sell, is it delivering a return? Do you see sales growth? Are your analytics going in the right direction?
If you bought your website to showcase your services, is it up to date? Do you generate new enquiries? Are your visitor levels and page loads increasing?
If your website isn’t giving you a direct business benefit or you are not sure what it is doing for your business, then it’s time to take a review.

A member of your sales team!
Seeing your website more as a member of your team, than a piece of literature is a good place to start.
Just like a colleague, a website communicates for you, but it never makes a mistake on its own and you can control its message perfectly.
Unlike literature it can evolve as regularly as you like, it is living media, capable of ongoing development; your website should have a pulse, whatever it is designed to do.
Never taking holiday and representing the business 24/7, your website is an opening to the world.
If someone walked into your premises you would want to know who they are, whether you can help them and how you can contact them in the future.
How well do you know the people that visit your website?
Uptodate, modern, representative websites are worth their weight in gold. Outofdate, ageing, letdown websites cause irreparable damage.
Where time is precious and first impressions count more than ever, a business’s reputation often rests on their website quality.
Does your website make a good impression?
Regardless of purpose, irrespective of sector, a website can achieve so many things.
Take the time to review your website, ask yourself whether it achieves what you want it to, and then invest the time to get more out of it, just like you would one of the team.
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Web realities: As of December 2010 there were 255 million websites online, a growth of 21.4 million during the year. (source: Pingdom)

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