Web gurus Ascensor on the rise

BATLEYbased web gurus Ascensor are on the rise, taking on extra staff as their bid to help firms beat the recession really takes off.

The internet design and marketing company, based at Batley Business Park on Technology Drive, aims to give businesses an ecommerce boost with bespoke web pages and a push up the rankings of internet search sites.

Set up by Andrew Firth and Stuart Holdsworth – building on their own experience with a webbased business – Ascensor Ltd has bucked the economic trend and taken on more developers to help them expand further.

As many firms contract in the face of the current downturn Andrew and Stuart believe companies looking for new ways to make money should focus on the internet.

Andrew, 34, of Hanging Heaton, and Stuart, 30, of Honley, joined forces to launch a sparetime net business, rapidly pushing their website to the top of internet searches and bringing in new orders as a result.

That company continues to go from strength to strength, but they soon realised that the technology and skills they had employed could be applied to other businesses.

They developed their own specialist software which can be adapted and tailored to the individual needs of other firms, and Ascensor Ltd was born.

With clients across the country benefiting from their expertise, Andrew said the internet was still a big growth area and added: "The IT sector is responsible for major changes in business as we know it – 20 per cent of all business is now done online and a lot of firms don't think enough about it.

"Whether a company sells products or services, people are buying online. You need a representation on the internet of what you're about and what you do, it's a 24hour spokesman for you.

“We operate on a strategic level, helping to align and clients business model with an Internet strategy, combining our expertise with a customer's knowledge of their own business."

“We don't use offtheshelf software, everything is handcoded and bespoke. By convincing companies that their website should be working for them, not just online, but also through using our software development capability to provide stock control, despatch and other systems that can help businesses operate more efficiently.

"We can make them money, but just as importantly, we can save them money."

Ascensor specialises in working with retail clients but will build websites and strategies for any firm who requires their services.

"When the country emerges from this recession then the percentage of people using the internet for business and shopping will continue to increase," said Stuart. "And we'll be there to help businesses increase their turnover and improve their bottom line.

"For example, we represent a wedding photographer in York and we have helped our client to achieve a number 1 position on Google for the search term ‘wedding photographer York’, resulting in a huge increase of sales. We are also achieving very good generic results, and all work that we do is supported through our statistical approach to search engine marketing."

For more information call Ascensor on 01924 284390 or visit www.ascensor.co.uk.

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