The biggest commitment you'll make

What is conveyancing? We ask our expert, Lee Gaddes of Hellewell Pasley & Brewer Solicitors

Purchasing a house is likely to be one of the biggest financial commitments that most people will make in their lives, and it can be a stressful process.
Deciding to put a property on the market can be equally nervewracking. Combine buying a property with selling a property and you've got a real rollercoaster of emotions.
Whether you are buying, or selling, or perhaps thinking of buying a property to rent out, the chances are you will need some help from a conveyancing professional.
Our solicitors will take you through the conveyancing process in a step by step, personal way making things easier for you and hassle free whilst keeping you in control and informed.
Conveyancing is the legal term given to the process of buying and selling a house or transferring ownership of a property. A good conveyancing solicitor can be one of your biggest assets in ensuring that the sale or purchase of a house or property goes without a hitch.

The role of a conveyancing solicitor
A conveyancing solicitor will not only deal with relevant paperwork, in connection with buying a house or selling a house but will also provide informed advice as to how the sale or purchase of the property is progressing and flagging up potential problems such as flying freeholds, shared boundaries and missing paperwork etc.
Depending on the type of property you are buying or selling may influence the type of conveyancing solicitor you choose to instruct to handle the legalities of the property sale or purchase – if a property comprises more complex aspects such as flying freeholds, leasehold elements, shared boundaries etc the more information you can provide at the outset, the better – it could save you weeks in the long run as questions will inevitably be posed by the other party’s solicitor.
We have seen positive signs in the property market recently and looking at our statistics, our instructions for conveyancing are up considerably comparing to our statistics from the last year.
We are encouraged by our clients choosing to buy a new property as a home but also as an investment.

• Lee Gaddes is an experienced property solicitor. Lee personally oversees a small and dedicated team of conveyancing professionals.
You will have a personal contact who you can call at any time if you have any queries, keeping you informed and in control.
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