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RAVENSTHORPE has been ‘eating fresh’ for the last three years, thanks to a young entrepreneur.
The popular Subway store at Ravensthorpe Shopping Park was celebrating earlier this month, with staff and customers marking three years of successful trading.
Store owner David Cameron is one of the youngest Subway franchisees in the region, having started his career as a ‘sandwich artist’ at another store in central Huddersfield when he was 22.
Just two years later he decided to branch out and buy his own franchise when the nowbustling Ravensthorpe Shopping Park was built off Huddersfield Road.
Originally from Oxfordshire, David moved to the district to study at Huddersfield University and stayed local after he graduated.
“I’ve always eaten Subway since it first arrived in the country and I genuinely love the food,” he said.
“I really enjoyed the experience of working at the store when I began down in Huddersfield and gradually took on more and more responsibility.
“Eventually I decided that ‘if they can do it, so can I’ and I took the plunge and started up myself here in Ravensthorpe.”
Sales at the store have grown year on year and David’s 20seat restaurant posted some of the highest growth figures in the northern region last year.
Based in unit seven of the shopping park, his sevenstrong team serves scores of hungry customers seven days a week and Subway has become the natural destination for shoppers, commuters and locals because of its superb location and easy parking.
The store’s main draw is of course its famous ‘sub’ sandwiches, sold either as “sixinch” (15cm) or “footlong” (30cm).
Customers choose from a huge range of sandwich fillings and then add as many ‘extras’ such as lettuce, tomato, onions, peppers, cucumbers and olives, as they want.
There are different sauces and combinations to try, meaning you can experiment again and again to find your perfect sandwich, then couple it with cookies, muffins, hot and cold drinks and snacks.
“I’m thrilled to be celebrating three years as part of the Subway chain,” David continued.
“It’s been great to be able to invest in the area and to see the business – and the shopping park around it – grow so positively. The local community has been incredibly supportive and really welcomed us to the area, and I hope to welcome many more of them to the store in the future.”
Subway is open from 7.30am to 9pm Monday to Saturday and 9am to 8pm on Sundays.
For more information call 01924 488024.

Left: Subway Ravensthorpe’s David Cameron outside his
thriving store

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