Ravensthorpe firm helps speed record bid

ENGINEERS at a Ravensthorpe firm are involved in a project to smash the world land speed record.

Chem Resist are making pumps for a hydrogen peroxide fuel that could propel the £10m Bloodhound supersonic car to more than 1,000mph.

The Britishbuilt vehicle, named after a Cold War air defence missle, could attempt to break the current 763mph land speed record later this year.

Chem Resist, based at Ravensthorpe Industrial Estate, was founded nearly 50 years ago and employs around 40 people.

They specialise in designing and building chemical storage tanks and installations for many leading companies.

Clients include Glaxosmithkline, Kodak, Corus and Thames Water. They are also the UK’s only manufacturer of spiral wound thermoplastic tanks.

Neil Williams, director of Chem Resist, said: “Our considerable experience in reactive chemicals enabled us to provide pump and safety valve solutions.

“We provided a solution that includes both the pump itself and the electric pump drive with a remote operation facility.”

Tony Parraman, of the Bloodhound Programme, said: “We were able to make use of Chem Resist’s long experience in working with hazardous chemicals.

“The magnetic coupling selfpriming pumps allow the transfer of the hydrogen peroxide from its storage containers to the rocket test rigs oxidiser tank in a quick, efficient and, most importantly, safe way.”

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